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Covenant And Judaism

For Jewish people, the Covenant is an ever present and main belief that helps guide them into a harmonious life with God. It involves an agreement between God’s promise and human’s commitment. Deuteronomy 6:4-5 contains a daily prayer called the ‘Shema,’ which calls adherents to answer to God’s love with faithfulness, through human love and effort. It states for Jews to love God, “alone… with all your heart… soul and with all your might.” It can be used to interpret...
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A Holistic Approach To Hinduism And Vedas Simplified For The Modern World

Introduction To begin with, when we think about Hinduism, we think about the holy scriptures like The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana, Mahabharata, when we read this we get lots of confusion, so many superficials things which do not make any sense and then most of us lose interest. The sole reason for this is because we are reading a book of Shakespeare without knowing the basic English language or Alphabets. So due to our own ignorance of the basics we...
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The Hindu Culture Of India

Hinduism is a culture that is rich in history and tradition. There are almost one billion followers of Hinduism around the world and the majority reside in India (Roots, 2020). Not only is Hinduism one of the largest world religions, it is also one the oldest. It is believed that Hinduism dates back 4,000 years (Hinduism, 2020). To those that practice Hinduism, they consider it much more than just a religion. For them, it is a culture, way of life...
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Church Of Scientology, Cults, And Even Pyramid Schemes

When you think about Scientology, what first comes to mind? They present it as a religion, but over the years, there has been controversy over whether it is a cult or a possible pyramid scheme. My goal is to come to an understanding and a possible conclusion to the truth. I will explore the Church of Scientology to accomplish two primary goals. The first goal is to determine what defines a ‘cult’ in terms of persuasive techniques and characteristics. This...
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Judaism: Festivals & Celebrations

Introduction Whenever I think of Festivals and Celebrations, I always think of happiness, laughter and most importantly food! After all, what is a celebration without food? My Aunt is Jewish and lives in a suburb of Johannesburg called Sydenham. It’s a Jewish community and when I get the opportunity to visit her I get to learn more about the Jewish cultures and beliefs especially when it comes to their “Festivals & Celebrations”. Like my aunt always says: “you cannot practice...
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What Is Peculiar About Hinduism?

Hinduism is one of the top religions of the world, ranking number three, with 900 million followers and 15% of the world’s population behind it (Prothero, 133). The Hindu religion is considered one of the oldest and most versatile religions found in the world today. Hindus practitioners have over a million gods to choose from and worship. One of the central beliefs of Hindu practitioners is karma and how it affects the cycle of reincarnation over many lifetimes as a...
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The Peculiarities Of Judaism As Religion

Judaism is the religion of the Jews and essentially is full of aspects that the Jews see as definitely essential in their beliefs. History for the most part is one of the many aspects important to Judaism pretty due to the fact that the historical events that have really happened in Jewish history determined the development of the religion and the identity of the Jews themselves and God in a big way. Jews also basically find it important to be...
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Jewish Ethics Investigation Response

Religion forms the foundation of morality for many societies and individuals and continues to inform the ethical views of adherents within a contemporary society. The relevance of world religions in modern society is undeniable as it plays a predominant role in shaping responses to complex ethical questions that have been raised in recent years due to modern scientific developments. According to esteemed professor of religious studies, Peta Goldburg (2009) the term ethics can be defined as a “a major branch...
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Vivekananda’s Ideas On Reconstruction Of Hinduism

Swami Vivekananda was a great political thinker. His social, political, religious and philosophical ideas are catered in many of his letters written to his disciples, his friends, his donors and his followers. Vivekananda was a many sided genius, a many sided personality is rather a poor description of his life and contribution to the Indian renaissance. Indeed, he was so great that one could talk about him endlessly that would fill the pages of a huge encyclopedia. He was a...
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The Elements And Effects Of Judaism

The transcendence of the reason for which it was decided to deepen the understanding of the congruent events with the Jews is to be called the first monotheistic religion, which has had too many difficulties over time and over the years. It is also essential to determine that the co-participant Judaism with its follow-up throughout prehistory, from the beginning of human civilization, including the follow-up of the Nazi party, in which they were exploited with forced labor without mercy, tortured...
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The Struggle For Women’s Ordination In Judaism

In Judaism, ​rabbis​ possess one of the most critical roles within their communities. They are scholars, teachers, and leaders. They resolve disputes about religious law and lead prayers at synagogues. Despite having no proper authority over any other member of the community, rabbis are well respected as the people closest to God. Being a rabbi is a full-time profession, and therefore all rabbis must complete degrees at ​rabbinical universities. For centuries these universities were for men only because women were...
2 Pages 984 Words

To What Extent Was Jesus Responsible For The Division Between Messianic And Orthodox Judaism?

Introduction Throughout history, Jewish citizens have gone through a great deal of turmoil. From being able to identify with a nationality completely different to their race or ethnicity to have the ability to claim a unique culture and religion, Jews have always played an essential role in international affairs. Judaism, the world’s oldest monotheistic religion, is rooted in a promise that Jehova made with Abraham declaring Israelites as his chosen people. They believe that God will send his son, the...
6 Pages 2691 Words

History Of Judaism And Its Emergence Into Its Modern Religious Denominations

In the text, “Judaism and Modernity,” by authors; Esposito, Lewis and Fasching gave a thorough insight into the history of Judaism and its emergence into its modern religious denominations, as well as the many obstacles that Jews have faced throughout history. According to the text, the Jewish people as a religious community were rejected by European society until the late 1700s when the French Revolution took place and Europe was ruled by the Holy Roman Empire, and even after, the...
2 Pages 1110 Words

Mughal Art And Indo-Islamic Hybridity: Embroidery Showing A Combination Of Indo-Islamic Culture

Abstract Explicitly, the essay depicts how the history of art and cultural aspects practiced by the Mughal’s during the Mughal Empire portrays a degree of hybridity between Indian and Islamic art and culture. Precisely, the essay will offer a comprehensive introduction of the indo-Islamic period, discuss how Mughal Embroidery designs depicts infused indo-Islamic techniques, and pinpoint the specific characteristics which depict Indian and Islamic cultural fusion. The essay will draw evidence from the works of Bose and Jalal (2011), Shamar...
2 Pages 1102 Words

Judaism Vs. Orthodox

“Judaism was not a religion but a law.” – Moses Mendelssohn. In this project I will focus on the religion of Judaism and more importantly those who follow it. I shall do this by effectively exploring and analysing topics such as: The origins of the religion, what their beliefs include, what practices they incorporate as well as what festivals they celebrate. I shall do this by researching and evaluating some of the holy scriptures they study, interviews with leaders of...
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