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The History And Origin Of Hinduism

INTRODUCTION Hinduism refers as a religious designation to the sacred philosophy of peoples living in contemporary India and Southeast Asia. It is a combination of many spiritual customs in the region and does not have a set of clearly defined beliefs. It is accepted by the scholars that Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world, but no known historical figure is due to its origin. Hindu roots are diverse and are likely to be a combination of...
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The Concept Of Israel In Judaism

In the religion of Judaism, the concept of Israel is known as someone who struggles in relation to god. This is said in the Torah to be very common, and that all people go through this. In the Jewish Bible, there are different examples of this struggle that shows how god shows up during times of despair. There are also different times in the history of Judaism where we can find the God comes in during a time of pain...
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Anti-semitic Beliefs And Judaism

Theological anti-semitism is a dislike or intolerence of Jewish people based on their religious thought and beliefs. That is today's definition of anti-Sematism. If you look at the Ancient Origins power point it gives a list of semetic speaking languages. Anti-Sematism actually means a dislike of the semetic speaking languages, including: Arabic, Maltese, and Hebrew (Morisson-Santana, 14). When the word was first created it meant disliking people that speak semetic languages but the connotations it gives today is a dislike...
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Big Mouth And Judaism

“Big mouth” is an adult animation sitcom which is about the Jewish teenager daily life story in Westchester county, New York. The drawing style was very similar with “The Simpsons.” It was not my personal taste but number of my friends told me that the “Big Mouth” has similar laughing code and it was quite fun to watch. It looked like the author is trying to make fun some of the factors to reduce antisemitism. Anyway, the show does include...
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Shinto: History, The Key Concepts And Principles

Origin Shino is an animistic religion that originated from Japan. It has been practiced and passed down by generations of Japanses people since ancient times. Shintoism does not have a proper scripture nor does it have a founder, it is rooted in the Japanese way of life. Before the introduction of Buddhism to the shinto religion, shinto comprised of many local cults grouped together known as shinto. Around the 6th century CE, Buddhism was introduced to the shinto religion from...
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A Transcendent State: How The Traditional Japanese Understood Time

Throughout time, civilizations formed ideas to explain why things are the way they are, and they participated in life according to their conceptions. Over ages and across lands, people have come to a range of conclusions surrounding the existential questions of the universe; sometimes conclusions are gleaned through religious doctrine, and other times they are derived through philosophical reasoning. If one looks through history, major civilizations and religions offer a colorful web of schemas surrounding the world and how it...
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The Role Of Veda, Upanishads, Mahabharata, And Ramayana In Hinduism

They are all most of ancient Hindu texts which define truth for Hindus religion, and they are also helping giving spiritual advise and wisdom to the Hinduism believers. All consisting of hymns, prayers, praises, spiritual guiding, meditations and mystical and philosophical teaching. So they have a huge benefit in Hinduism. For instance, Vedas are a huge body of Hindu texts, stands for the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. Considers to be apauruṣeya, it means...
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The Divergence Of Eastern And Western European Jews

Though Europe stands as one continent, the extreme variance in the way Jews were treated, lived, and worshipped up to the 1870’s casts a division between the East and the West. Western Jews ultimately were acculturated into society, rising from poverty into the middle class and pursuing more rational thought through the Haskalah, while Eastern Jews remained steadfast in placing the importance on their Jewish identity above all else. However, Jews in Eastern Europe suffered economically and legally to a...
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The Interpretation Of Judaism In The Book From The Maccabees To The Mishnah

From the Maccabees to the Mishnah is a book by Shaye J. D. Cohen, Professor of Hebrew Literature and Philosophy at Harvard University. The third edition of this book contains a shortened version of In Between: Jewish-Christians and the curse of the Heretics which is the eleventh chapter in Partings: How Judaism and Christianity Became Two. As the Name suggests, the book discusses Ancient Judaism between the Maccabean revolution to the Mishnah while also discussing Ancient Judaism in the Second...
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The Groups And Streams In Judaism Religion

Intro Certain patterns congregated in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth during the late 17th century that led to the emergence of Hasidic Judaism. Including the spread of mysticism in Jewish belief, such as Kabbalah, and the decline of authority figures in mainstream Judaism, with noblemen having such a sway over the power of a rabbi that many mainstream Jews lost trust in their ability to act unbiased in acts of arbitration, so turning to Hasidic charismatic leaders filled the gap left from...
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The Context And Significance Of The Principle Of Non-harm In Early Jainism And Brahmanism

This essay will look at the concept of ahiṃsā within early Jainism and Brahmanism. It will reflect on the etymology, history and references to ahiṃsā within ancient texts including the Ṛgveda, Upaniṣads, Mahābārata, Bhagavadgītā, Pātañjalayogaśāstra and the Ācārāṅga Sutra. It will consider the nature of hiṃsā in contrast to ahiṃsā looking at moral and social values and viewpoints surrounding the principles of violent and non-violent action and how practicing ahiṃsā is a rudimentary requirement within early Indian religious life. The...
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Rituals and Symbols of Judaism

Exploring new areas outside of one’s personal experiences or level of knowledge can be intimidating. I found this to be true when asked to attend a religious service outside of my own religious traditions. Religion is a sensitive subject for most people. In the United States, it is common to hear people say not to discuss two things; religion and politics because people tend to end up arguing over these subjects. Thus, the reason religion is usually kept private and...
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Evidence And Challenges Of Judaism

Claim Judaism is a religion that fits into the third model of ultimate reality, Transcendence. Those of the faith believe that the perfect being, God, exists and transcends the universe. People are not God but will one day be resurrected after death to stand trial in front of Him. Like all religions in the third model, it claims a person’s body is who they really are and indicates if you’re male or female. It also claims that what you do...
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Traditional Vs. Reform Judaism

Traditional and Reformed Judaism was becoming a definite battle in the 19th century. Both sides fighting over who is right. Many Jews started converting to Protestantism and many assimilated men and women considered conversion. As was the case for Weininger. “The conflicting pressures on sensitive young men and women invariably caused much bitterness. Among some of the most privileged or gifted it produced a reaction later known as “Jewish self-hatred”.4 This was a direct response to the times; as things...
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Marriage And Sexual Ethics In Judaism

Sacred texts such as the Tenach, Talmud and Torah give guidance for all jews as to what they should be doing to live right and just with God. Judaism supports its adherents through these texts to ensure that they live their lives as good jews and have a fulfilling future and hope. Key correspondents to ensuring that the Jewish faith is followed right are the teachings of Rabbi Soloman Isaac (Rashi), Marriage and sexual ethics. All correlating back to the...
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The Contribution Of People, Schools Of Thought And Ethical Teaching To Judaism

Judaism, as a living religion has grown and developed over time and influences the lives of its adherents through aspects of their principal beliefs and core ethical teachings. This is due to significant people such as Moses Maimonides and core ethical teachings such as sexual ethics, which heavily contribute greatly to making Judaism a living religion as it allows adherents of Judaism to deeply interact with these characteristics of the Jewish religious tradition Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) significantly contributed to the...
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Principles And Beliefs Of Shinto

Would you believe if I said there is no absolute right or wrong and that nobody is perfect and that all humans are thought to be fundamentally good? Well, in fact, Shinto is not a religion of the westerly but rather a characteristic of Japanese life, but to completely understand this I have detected and evaluated Shintoism and its search for its significance. Shinto or Shintoism is an immanent ancient Japanese polytheistic religion with over three million followers. The word...
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The Peculiarities Of Jewish Marriage

Marriage within the religion of Judaism is not thought to be a secular legal partnership. Instead, it is closer to a union sanctified by God. This is known as a ‘kiddushin’. From this, it can be said that marriage obligations are not so much personal, but have in fact more implications for universal harmony. It is important to note that both the concept and processes of marriage within the Jewish frame do not only have an impact on the lives...
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Abortion And Jewish Adherence

Introduction As Technology develops, People must make more advanced life choices, which can be difficult. Many people consult one of the world religions to influence their decisions, often looking to religious figureheads and sacred texts to guide them. However sometimes this can be a difficult process as most religious sacred texts were written thousands of years ago, when most of the life choices we make today were not relevant. This means people will need to look at their religions core...
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The Peculiarities Of Bioethics In Judaism

Judaism ethics pervade into the everyday lives of Jewish adherents. They stem from the legal system that has developed alongside Halachah, meaning ‘a going with God’ and prescribes how a Jewish person should behave. The basics of ethics originated from the decalogue given to Moses, determining that ethical life requires a spirit of mishpat (justice), tzedakah (righteousness), chesed (kindness) and rachamin (compassion). Rabbi Hillel summed up how to live an ethical life for Jewish adherents, “what is hateful to yourself...
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The Understanding Of Hinduism Religion

What is hinduism? Hinduism is one of the world's major religions, originating in india. The religion revolves around several different philosophies, beliefs and rituals. Hinduism is almost like a collage of philosophies and traditions, having many gods for many different things. Because of this it is often thought of as a way of life or a family of religions rather than one focused religion, something like christianity. Hinduism, originating in india is closely related to other popular rieligions in india,...
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Divorce And Remarriage In Islam And Judaism

Within some religions there are a range of procedures and traditions regarding marriage that are set in place for adherents to uphold as well as follow. Both Jewish and Islamic traditions celebrate marriage as a special union in which procreation derives. Judaism along with Islam are greatly concerned with the upbringing of children to be of high religious involvement and advocates for their faith. Thus, Abrahamic belief systems are shown to be sensitive to issues revolving around divorce and re-marriage,...
4 Pages 2014 Words

Marriage And Wedding In Catholicism And Hinduism

Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, and can be celebrated uniquely in different religions. The culture of Catholics and Hindus are significantly different causing their rituals and ceremonies to differ as well. Marriage is a way for two people to come together and make the divine present in their faiths. These religions face similar and different elements throughout the sacrament of Marriage including time, place, participants, leader, pattern, community, symbols and transforming power. These 8 elements enhance the...
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The Aspects Of Jewish Shabbat In Australia

In Judaism, Shabbat or Sabbath is a weekly religious ritual that Jews observe and keep holy as to immerse themselves in the spiritual environment and heighten their perception and closeness to God. Shabbat remains one of the only rituals that is laid out in the Ten Commandments, and it is for this reason that specifically observant Jews consider it the most holy of rituals. In a religiously plural society such as Australia, elements of the ritual can become difficult to...
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Jain’s Theory Of Languages

Introduction Jainism customarily famed as Jain Dharma as well who was the former Indian religion and the believers or the Supporters of Jainism are designated as 'Jains', that is got from a Sanskrit word jina (victor) who hints the way of triumph in traverse life's flood of resurrections by crushing the aura by a moral and otherworldly life. The Jainism is the trans theistic religion, and the Jains follow their otherworldly thoughts and the past through a progression of 24...
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Judaism: History, Key Variations And Intersection

Judaism The symbol for this religion is the “Star of David”. It is a symbol of the Jewish religion and all the Jewish people as a whole, it is thought that this symbol was the emblem on the shield of King David. The Torah links this symbol to the “Seal of Solomon”, a magic ring used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. The origins of Judaism are explained in the Torah. It is said that God came to...
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Significance Of Marriage In Hinduism

Introduction Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, where the two become “one” through a great or sometimes divine bond. Regardless of culture and religion, marriages are significant to individuals as they usually mark a turning point in one’s life. Due to religion and culture, marriages are celebrated in various ways but usually include the performance of religious rituals, dancing, music, feasting, oath taking, and gift exchange. Hypothesis Vivaha (Hindu Marriage) communicates many teachings of Hinduism through...
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Paradigm Beliefs And Teachings Of Judaism

Judaism is identified as a monotheistic religion with the belief of only one God. Judaism was established during the time of Abraham the prophet, where the initial covenant, or promise, of God was given to the people of Judaism. It is the religion of the ancient Hebrews and their descendants, where their teachings also influenced those of Christianity and Islam. Abraham and Moses are patriarchs of the Jewish faith, as well as, Isaac the son of Abraham and Jacob the...
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Traditional Values Of Shinto

Shinto religion is at the core of Japanese culture and history and is frequently a theme in Japanese film, manga, anime, and video games. In my essay I will focus on the portrayal of the theme Shinto in relation to Japanese Fantastic Fiction based on analysis of the anime Noragami: Stray God. This topic approaches to assert notions of Japanese Fantastic Fiction where the ‘other’ comes from the self, reflected through characters’ development. I will also explore on the subversive...
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Why Didn’t All Jews Resist The Holocaust?

The total Jewish population was not capable to rise above and fight the substantial subjugation of Nazi Germany, as their Jewish faith psyche were destroyed by the Nazi’s violent acts. Additionally, average Jews lacked the training and resources, which was further fuelled by an inability to counter such oppression after a peaceful life in the Middle East, followed by a mass migration to Europe in the 1800’s. The Jewish doctrine strictly upheld the traditional values of the Ten Commandments and...
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