Year-Round School Is a Bad Idea and Needs to Be Abolished: Argumentative Essay

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After almost 50 years, year-round school is starting to fade away but needs to go away faster. In my opinion, we need to abolish year around school as year-round school is obviously a bad idea.

One reason why year-round school is a bad idea that needs to be abolished is the teacher problems. According to an interview I had with Mrs. Groom, my 8th grade ELA teacher, who has been a teacher for 20 years, she thinks that having a year-round break would be nice, but she also thinks that having one big break is better. She also thinks that teachers do not have enough time to spend with family after school is over. When I asked her about having to prepare for students to come back from break, she had to get to school early, maybe even come a day before, to prepare the classroom. But one more thing she has to do is prepare her mind, because when students come back from break, they aren't good at following the rules, so if there were a whole bunch of breaks, she would have to prepare a lot of things.

The second problem associated with year-round school is wasted money. According to William White, schools will save money if year-round schooling will be eliminated. You may be asking how not doing year-round school saves money. Well, not doing year-round school saves money in multiple ways. The first way they save money is with food when the kids are constantly needing to be fed at school because they are there all year. They will have to buy more food to feed the kids. The second way year-round school costs more money is the payments. When the kids are at school all year the payments of the Internet bill and the eclectic bill are high. This is because they are always on their computers and the school has to keep air conditioning and lights on more than they have to if they do normal school. So, all the payments are higher doing year-round school than just a normal schedule.

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And the third reason why year-round school is a bad idea and should be abolished is that it does not succeed with the plan to improve the achievement in the classroom. According to William White from the SIRS research program, time after time again schools have switched to year-round school hoping to improve achievement, but they seem to never get their hope fulfilled. There has been a study from 7 schools in Colorado that started year-round school to see if there was any improvement, but there wasn't much if anything the scores got worse than they were doing a normal schedule. So, these schedules seem to not succeed with the plan to improve test scores.

Some people may say that year-round school increases test scores. But according to Jennifer Graves from the SIRS research program, they really don’t increase. If you are wondering why, it is because time in the classroom is not actually increased. An average normal school year is around 180 days. But with year-round school, the average school year is around 185 days. So, it is hard to make you learn more in 5 more days of school. Something else some people might say is that students will not have summer learning loss if schools switch to year-round learning. But research shows that students' minds need a break to remember what they actually learned. So even with the summer break, students will have a break to remember and go over what they had just learned that school year.

In conclusion, year-round schooling should be abolished because it costs more money. The teachers need a longer break off to spend time with family. And the biggest reason why academic achievement does not improve. So, this is why year-round school needs to be abolished and is starting to fade away.

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