Analytical Essay on WW2 In The Pacific Ocean: the Pearl Harbor Attack

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Japan started most of the pacific world war but Japan lost the war because of many reasons. 3 of the main reasons that ww2 in the pacific started was due to japan having no resources, japan wanting to expand their country, and the Pearl Harbor attack.

One of the reason ww2 started in the pacific was due to having no resources. Back then 90% oil and ¾ trade stayed in America. So that Japan couldn’t get it and use it which would of given japan a massive push in World War 2, Japan was also getting bigger and they had less and less resources such as food and places to live Meaning that they were going to struggle to survive and could have starved. Also, U.S.A’s response to japans use of Indochina was to use Indochina to move there fleet a little closer to pearl harbour and to freeze all assets that belonged to Japan. Japan had imperial designs on many areas of economics and strategic importance but they didn’t have the money or resources to build anything anymore or go get food and eat meaning it was hard to survive. Japan saw China’s growing economy as a treat. So japan started growing appliances. This clearly states why ww2 started in the pacific partly to the lack of resources in japan

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Japan was wanting to expand their country so that they could run the whole world but People tried to force Japan to withdraw from their conquered territories. They were still seeking power and control of South East Asia there were many, Politicians and military leaders in the world war, they all had important jobs. Japan had already entered Manchuria in 1937 Japan saw the war in Europe as an opportunity because the colonies in South East Asian couldn’t be defended. Japan lost the war primarily because they did not have enough resources to keep them going. Their warfare was going down they didn’t have enough food and fresh water supplies and they couldn’t ship or get it from anywhere that’s why japan lost world war two. Japan found it hard to keep fighting in the war and keep taking over land because them having to fight was killing all the plants and crops in the area of the places they were trying to conquer, Japan moved and attacked the Philippines, Malaya, and the pacific islands.

The attack that japan had on Singapore was smart because they thought japan would come through the sea but they came through the jungle and U.S.A surrendered they left the Philippines and then they went to Australia so japans plan worked well. Japan kept wanting more and more space around the world that’s another reason why the war started in the pacific and that is a main reason that they lost the War.

The effects of japans attack on Pearl Harbor were very significant.

America was fearing japan and was scared they were going to attack them.

On six o’clock Sunday morning 7 December 1941 353 Japanese planes attacked pearl harbour just 3400 miles from Tokyo with 400 aircraft destroyed America was not expecting this to happen and a lot of ship and aircraft were destroyed. Australia was valuable to the U.S.A because it was a land base for supplies from Hawaii to Australia, the battle of the Coral Sea was from 7th-8th of May 1942, Japanese advance stopped, diversion attack. The lead up to pearl harbour was to take as much area in South East Asia and pacific in hope that allies negotiate and they didn’t want to push them west. In the bombing of pearl harbour it took 2 hours there was 18 ships dead, 2300 Americans dead but there were 4 aircraft carriers away so there was conspiracy theories about America knowing the attack was going to happen. Pearl Harbor is a main reason that America joined the war and why japan started most of the war, Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was really significant not just in the pacific World War but it is very significant in the worlds history.

Japan started ww2 in the pacific was due to many reason like wanting to expand their country, the Pearl Harbor attack and them having no resources. Japan also lost the war and these reasons are why. Japan was a really big contributor to the whole war but they were the biggest part of the Pacific World War they started the biggest attacks and conquered most places around Asia, the biggest attack japan had was with America the Pearl Harbor Attack. These are the World War in the Pacific started and why Japan lost the war in the pacific.


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