Argumentative Essay on Capitalism and Nature

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Jake Sully, a paralyzed marine, fights against his own army to later become the leader of an entire planet. After his arrival on Pandora, he was given an objective to learn the Na'Vi people and in return, he will get his legs. By the end of the movie, Jake does not agree with the plan and fights against his own people despite his own personal gain. Just like James Cameron's last big hit ‘Titanic', he uses Jake's mental, emotional, and physical challenges to capture his audience. Cameron puts his main characters through these challenges to take his viewers on a journey worth talking about.

The Journey that James Cameron takes his audience on is reflected throughout the films Avatar and Titanic. For example, Jake Sully is Cameron's main character just like the main character in Titanic. James Cameron has them begin the story at the bottom of the totem pole. The main characters in Cameron's films must overcome the mental challenge of being accepted. In Avatar this is used by introducing Jake Sully as a paralyzed formal marine amongst other healthy war heroes. James Cameron says, 'You have to take them (the audience) on a journey. And then you have to make it excruciating somehow.' When Jake is told he'll get his legs back if he completes his mission, Jake is then motivated to walk again. This gives the audience a reason to root for Jake and the 'journey' begins. Viewers are more likely to want to see the underdog win so if Cameron can get the viewer to follow Jake: he can get the viewer to watch the entire movie. James Cameron has Jake go through this mental challenge to get his viewers attached to him.

Cameron is developing a round character in Jake because the viewers are attached and excited to see Jake infiltrate the Na'vi people's tribe. However, it wouldn't be a James Cameron film without a relationship between two characters; in this film, it happens to be a relationship between a man and an avatar. Jake falls in love with Natiri, and the audience now falls in love with the emotional attraction between Neytiri and Jake. The love affair between these two characters is the formula used by James Cameron to pull the strings of the audience's heart as in his film Titanic. In the scenes where Jake must tell Natiri his true intentions of becoming a part of the Na’Vi people. While at the same time trying to save the Na’Vi people from being killed by Jake's commander and the firing squad. James Cameron is taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster because the viewer does not know what side to believe in.

The mental and emotional journey of the roller coaster that James Cameron takes his viewers on would be useless if the characters did not relate physically. James Cameron develops Jake from being just a 'jarhead' marine to sacrificing his own life for the Na'vi people regardless of his own personal gain. Jake first is presented as just a regular marine 'disrespecting' the forest, nearly getting killed. Only to infiltrate the Na'Vi people's tribe. But, at the end of the film, he is nurturing the forest and now protecting it from the very people who sent him out to destroy it. This is a classic technique used by Cameron with his main characters because by the end of the film. The audience has completely bought into Jake Sully. Just like in The Titanic, Jack was clearly the main character that the whole world bought into. James Cameron must end his films with a final fight for survival which is in both Titanic and Avatar. Interestingly enough both main characters die yet their 'energy' is transferred from one character to the next. This transformation of energy must happen so that the main character fulfills the role intended by James Cameron.

James Cameron uses challenges that are strategic to the development of his main character Jake: like the way he develops Jack in the film Titanic. In Titanic Jack is a nobody at the beginning of the film who meets a woman and later sacrifices his life to save her. The same sequence of events is being used in Avatar; these chronological events are also what has grabbed the attention of the world. Also, the unpredictable suspense between challenges and the connection between characters like Jake and Jack. The same method is reflected in the movie Avatar; Jake comes from being just a paralyzed marine to Jake, the savior of the people which is purposely structured to engage the audience. Jake challenges mentally, emotionally, and physically equipping him with all the right qualities of the perfect protagonist.

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In particular, it is a parable of the conquest of the Americas’ indigenous peoples by white Europeans, except that this time the indigenes come out on top and it is the white Europeans and their lackeys who are led away in chains at the end of the story. The allusion here is not to history itself, however, but to the Hollywood version of history that was popularized by the Westerns of the first half of the last century. This version of history is what Avatar is at pains to repudiate and, as others have noticed, this is hardly an idea original to Cameron. Almost exactly the same plot and themes were used by Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves in 1992, though a lingering attachment to mimetic principles on Costner’s part made that Oscar-winning triumph turn out not so well for the Indians. At least his Lakota Sioux were something like what we might imagine real Indians of the late nineteenth century to be. In Avatar, by contrast, the gentle blue simian-yet-high-tech Pandorans are unashamedly utopian, as obvious in their fantastical and manufactured quality as the 3D glasses that allow you to pretend that you are present in their world, rather than entertaining them as guests in yours.

The name “Pandora,” by the way, is almost as lame as that (“unobtainium”) which Cameron gives to the Pandoran version of gold or diamonds — the lure that attracts the film’s greedy Earthlings thither. But why should he bother trying to disguise these hokey elements any more than he does the other examples of the film’s artifice? Its artifice is its raison d’être and what allows Cameron himself to claim, preposterously, that he was making a movie about the Earth. Not the Earth Earth, that is, but his improved version of it. “And if you have to go four and a half light-years to another made-up planet to appreciate the miracle of a world we have right here,” he says, “well, ya know what, that’s the wonder of cinema right there. That’s the magic.” Pandora, that is, equals Earth, but with the addition of magic — Earth re-imagined by a superior creator as a habitation much to be preferred to the tired old original by the vast throngs who have bought tickets in order to experience it.

The conflict of “By any means necessary” civilization was born from the human need to evolve from savages. Throughout history humans have deemed our great civilization as what separated us from savages, but as Mark Twain once said, “The only very marked difference between the average civilized man, and the average savage is that one is gilded and the other is painted”. Humans' evolution from savage three has been taught and argued throughout history and even within the pages of history books as a race humans develop into superior beings because of two human brains with opposable thumbs. Our brains give us the ability to think and think least to create advantageous advancements leading us to be stronger healthier and smarter. When examining avatars the same can be said about the native humanoid creatures of an alien Bone called Pandora. So what is the criticism I believe Cameron makes and its relation to the remark made by Twain? It’s simple the civilized man is driven by capitalism. Avatar is about itself the experience of wanting to feel red avatar is a critique of capitalism in morality. How are you the avatar is about capitalism and James Cameron‘s critique of human morality in relation to capitalism. A critical synopsis of the fields is dry and evidence from the film supplies characters and events making a case that the field is simply about the movie-watching experience. Behind the brilliant special effects and sub-par backstory, there’s a theme that can be taken away by viewers. Dinar VR race of blue giant humanoid creatures that inhabit Pandora. Vision Cameron and his team of developers do a remarkable job making the navvy as realistic as the human act is. The race lives in harmony with its majestic natural surroundings. Culturally their beliefs values in customs resemble those of Native Americans. Their value for life and the gifts provided by nature through their ritual processes are stunningly demonstrated visually throughout the field. Cameron employs intertextuality by drawing from the stories of Pocahontas in colonialism rather than redeveloping the background story for Avatar. The reason why the humans travel like used to Pandora is because a “corporation discovers a valuable element on Pandora that is sought out Harley on earth. This element of obtaining you plays too significant role as the commodity fairies in the good or resources trade it in the market for profit. the commodity fetishism behind obtaining him is its effect on the interactions between the three divisions of characters within the film the Navy the human corporation members and the humans defending the Navy. The corporation is obsessed with the input ducks in the pond of time and not how they gather up at 10 AM to fix the knob. Cameron uses obtaining you as a resource that creates capital. Throughout the film, the camera conveys the amount of money spent by the corporation. In the capitalistic prices, the corporation is a privately owned entity. They find it technology needed by the research team in order to create Navi bodies from the combination of humans in Navvy DNA. Due to the expenses behind developing and creating these bodies, Jake’s girl is brought into the film as a replacement for his deceased brother. The Corporation also funds military-grade protection. Lastly, the corporation finds it to school for both Navia and humans in order to promote acculturation. Capitalism is well-written throughout the film. Cameron's exam is human morality and his relationship with capitalism. Capitalism has many criticisms due to human interpretation. The film doesn’t promote anti-capitalism ideals due to the fact it doesn’t offer other alternatives outside of nature.

The film critiques the concept of capitalism using the interactions between the three divisions of characters. The camera critiques the negative aspects of capitalism using the corporation in the field. The modern-day world is dominated by the need to gain will create profits and increase margins. No pros in stores of venture not hoping to excel in each of these areas. Since the start of goods and services for currency exchange capitalism has ruled in itself in the heart of this process but at what cost? The interpretation can be made of the human desire for wealth also bruises ruthlessness and creates the mindset of by any means necessary. Cameron shows that the negative cost of capitalism has been limited by Miranda. Cameron articulates this dilemma by creating advantages and disadvantages between the three divisions. Did Naby physically or far more superior to the humans? Humans are also on their planet which is poisonous for humans naturally. Did you say banners for the Navy is that they are from the Palmatier civilization of humans always relying on the natural resources found within the forest in their natural connection with all elements found with nature? Having limited technological advancements in comparison to corporations. The corporation's advantage is the weapons of technological advancements. As for humans helping the Navy their advantage is the access to this technology but their access is limited. Morality prevents capitalistic pressures from reaching the vomit by any means necessary room but avatar reflects what happens when a man does reach that realm.

Throughout the film, the corporation devises plans for obtaining them from under the knobby tree at first it is by peaceful means to Jake Scully. Is Jake breaking down due to tomorrow's conflict here miss that Naby will not move from their land and the corporation moves in state to be by any means necessary mindset. In the visually impressive yet tragic display of brutality, the corporation decides they’re forecasting profits are worth more than the lives of the night. By any means necessary they launch a strike against the defense is Naby destroying their home causing them to evacuate and achieving the corporation's primary goal. Is the film about itself? In a sense, its visual effects do increase as The movie progresses but an underlying theme is never love. Cameron doesn’t spoonfeed the film stains or his argument instead he gives the viewers the gift of interpreting their own message from the film. This process makes the film a visual artwork as well as an entertaining film to watch. Cameron‘s ability to convey the right amount of flight allows the viewer to have free will to interpret concepts. In the end, this might have led to the success and criticism of the film not only in America but also across the world. By using narrative analysis viewers are able to read between the lines of the film by using stimuli throughout the film to create their own experience and gain a deeper understanding of the field. This is done remarkably well, especially in demonstrating critiques of capitalism. As of you previously through Avatar, viewers can use narrative analysis to understand Cameron’s criticism.

The surface of Avatar is borrowed from other takes films. This allows Cameron to convey his critique of capitalism in morality during the rest of the field. On a deeper level, Avatar does a tasteful job articulating the dilemma behind capitalism. As the film draws to a close in the crate his role with the times is taken away first is that capitalism is evil and the cause of injustice. I would argue that this is incorrect when capitalism is used negatively it’s a villain. Cameron‘s critique of creative capitalism leads to the reality that whoever is practicing it controls whether it’s negative or positive. Civilized man practicing positive capitalism allows forward to stand for noble causes. We lead better lives now than royalty in the past because of capitalism. When civilized man believes that they are above savages allowing them to capitalistically do as they wish then it becomes an evil represented by the corporation. Capitalism should never be late by any means necessary.

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