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The Necessity Of DNA Confidentiality

The DNA of every individual is unique. Even identical twins have variations in their DNA that makes it unique. DNA can not only be used to identify a person but can also reveal medical issues and project potential health problems that may arise in the...
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Forensic DNA Analysis: Strengths And Limitations

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis is becoming more common in criminal investigations to characterize forensic biological specimen. This paper will examine mtDNA analysis in the forensic field, the expertise and training required and its strengths and limitations. The strengths of mtDNA analysis are the following: mtDNA...
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DNA Technology In Criminal Justice

DNA analysis is one of the greatest technical achievements for criminal investigation since the discovery of fingerprints. Methods of DNA profiling are firmly grounded in molecular technology. – Committee on DNA forensic science, National Academy of Sciences. For this project I chose to do DNA...
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Data Analysis In DNA Sequencing

Abstract In conceptual view of big data, some living data is selected and that data is called medical data, this data contains a crucial piece of details that used for analysis purpose, after performing such kind of analysis methods the biologists can easily know the...
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How DNA Clock Can Help Predict Your Lifespan

DNA is the inheritors and carriers of the organism. DNA plays a unique role in the flow and evolution of heredity. Originally DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is composed of three types of material. These are Phosphate, Deoxyribose sugar and 4 types of Nitrogen Alkaline. The Nitrogen...
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The Importance Of DNA Amplification And Analysis

The key goals in performing this study in-lab was to determine how PCR can be used to amplify desirable segments of DNA, examine how agarose gel electrophoresis can separate DNA fragments via size, and analyze DNA fragments on agarose gels to determine our PTC diplotypes....
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Quantum Mechanics: The Solution To DNA Mutation

Quantum mechanics is a dimension of science that describes the behavior of energy, waves, subatomic particles and the uncertainty principle mathematically. It was founded by a group of scientists in the 1920’s to uncover more about the physical properties of nature. One of the founders,...
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