Effects Of Loneliness On Humans

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At the beginning of the book Frankenstein, there was some foreshowing on how Victor dislikes ugly people. When Victor decided to create a monster out of dead human and animal parts he didn’t think about how hideous it would be. When he created the monster it was so ugly that he abandoned the monster which made the monster very lonely. The monster became evil after he was abandoned.

Dementia and depression are linked to loneliness. Being lonely can get worse over time and you can develop dementia. Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center in Chicago Wilson analyzed “823 adults over a four year time period to asses loneliness linked with dementia.” (Rush) Older people who feel lonely have an increased risk of developing dementia. Also, people who suffer from dementia have fewer connections to other brain cells. People living alone have a bigger risk of developing dementia because they have no interactions with the outside world. They also have a higher risk of a host of health problems along with cognitive problems. The health problems they can develop are high cholesterol, emotional distress, and diabetes. Also, life-threating cognitive problems include dementia, depression, problems swallowing, and problems balancing. People who feel lonely experience a decline 20 percent faster than those who do not feel lonely.

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Social interaction can greatly decrease the risk of dementia and health problems. Friendships involve mental stimulation that keeps the neurons in the brain busy. Friendships can relieve harmful stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve mental stability. Individuals who start to feel depressed to withdraw from social interactions. This increases isolation and leads to additional feelings of loneliness. Withdrawing yourself from social interaction can create a vicious circle with feeling lonely. As people age, they may lose higher brain functions such as brain memory and problem-solving skills. Social interactions and regular exercise and eating habits can contribute to overall better physical and mental health.

Animals can help with mental and physical health that comes along with loneliness. They inhabit human-like characteristics like compassion and showing gratitude. How dogs show affection and gratitude is they will jump into your arms and embrace you. Most people don’t like when dogs lick their face but that is also another way they show affection. They also help with social isolation like when you take them outdoors for walks and getting exercise. Numerous studies have shown that pet ownership is tied with lower degrees of loneliness. Most people that dont report themselves lonely were more likely to own pets. Pets also become accustomed to humans and can read their emotions and behaviors. So, when a pet senses you are lonely or sad they will give you more attention to make you happy again. How animals sense unhappiness and loneliness is they interpret your gestures, tone of voice, and body language. They can also look into your eyes and know your emotional state. Caring for an animal can also help you feel more secure and be more active. Playing with a pet can elevate your serotonin and dopamine levels which makes you calm and relaxed. Lawrance Robinson and Jeanne Segal stated, “Pet owners over the age of 69 make 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors than those without” (Robinson, Segal) While people with pets have better health benefits having a pet doesn’t necessarily mean only having a dog or cat. Even watching a fish aquarium can lower muscle tension and pulse rate.

In conclusion, people need to be prepared to get lonely as they age. Not many people realize that as they age friends and family go away. As individuals age, they need to stay active to avoid dementia and other health risks attached to loneliness. As people get older they need to focus on their health, be more creative, be appreciative, and maybe adopt a pet.

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