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Executive summary

BP: The Deepwater Horizon Scandal is an issue that people call the worst environmental disaster in America. The start of this issue is on 20 April 2010. On that day, one situation that we can call a disaster for all communities living around the Gulf of Mexico. The disaster is known as the largest oil spill that happened in the ocean and the largest that occurred in the history of the petroleum industry. The oil spill has caused an explosion that involved eleven deaths. Besides that, too many barrels of crude oil had to be released or dumped in the Mexico Bay area. The dumping of the object was in the ocean for 87 days. This is not a short time and indirectly it has affected the whole marine life.

This disaster has been a big issue in America. To find the solution to this issue, many ethical issues happen. It involves the whole company, community, government, and other parties. This report will explain more about this organization. In addition, this report will make our team focus more on the research of BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal and will analyze and identify the ethical issues that arose in this project. This report will discuss more ethical awareness, awareness of stakeholders, ethical reasoning, ethical suggestions, and lastly, ethical decision-making.

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The first phase of this research refers to ethical awareness. In this part, the ethical problem that happened in this disaster will be identified and will be listed. Besides that, through the ethics issue, we will identify and decide whether the action from the parties involved is something that follows good ethics or it more refers to unethical action. This stage is important to make sure that the company operation follows the rules that are set up or not.

The second point in this report is about the awareness of stakeholders. Awareness can be defined as a perception or knowledge of a situation or a fact. It also concerns more about development in particular situations. An explanation in this section will let us know who the important stakeholders involved with the oil spills issue and ethical issues. This also will answer the question of why this issue is happening and why the parties need to be involved with unethical issues. Besides that, the challenges or barriers that happen to the stakeholders until they need to take those actions will be mentioned in the awareness of the stakeholders.

Next is about ethical reasoning. This section refers to ethical positions that can look from the affordability to access, identify, and develop an ethical argument. But, undeniably, not many people have this skill and do not know real ethics. The views and opinions about the ethical issues that happen in the cases of oil spills from all parties whether they are involved directly or not with this organization will recorded in this phase. From all the views, we will focus more on individuals or parties who have a strong argument and statement on the issue. This part will show which view is more ethical and which opinion supports the unethical action.

The solution, option, or alternatives for all the ethical and unethical issues will be stated in the part of the ethical suggestion. The ethical theories will apply in this stage. All the ethical suggestions will give an idea to people on how to solve the issue. At the same time, this will make them wake up and avoid doing unethical things. Think properly before deciding to take any action. That is why, people need to understand the real meaning of ethics management.

The last part of this report is, it mentions ethical decision-making. Decision-making refers to a mental process of choosing the best solution for an issue. In BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal issue, this decision-making will explain the best decision of solution that they can apply in their organization. Besides the decision-making, the justification for applying the moral principle in an organization that is faced with ethical issues will be discussed in this part.

This report is about the research of ethical issues that happen in BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal. This issue had a great impact on all communities around Mexico. All the studies of ethics management will be applied in this report. The appropriate theories of ethics will be relate to this issue.


Ethical reasoning

Ethical reasoning can be described as one process for an individual to view an ethical position. It is more about identifying, accessing, and developing those ethics. The aim of ethical reasoning is sometimes can unite an organization or people based on the view of stakeholders. Ethical reasoning also is the ability to examine moral issues and look back at the ethical history that once existed in an organization. From this, we can see many views and opinions about BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal. There is no denying that the views given are in favor of good ethics and some are in favor of bad ethics. Below is an explanation that will answer the question about the view of stakeholders about the ethical issue that happens in BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal.

· The view from the Federal Board

Once the issue of oil spills happens in the ocean around the Gulf of Mexico, the federal quickly takes action to investigate why this disaster happened. The federal also has given an opinion on this issue. From their investigation, they have found a few unethical issues happening in BP: Deepwater Horizon Scandal. The federal reported that this organization has something not good in their management. Federal research, mentions that the project does not have good safety. Investigation from the federal board on oil spill disasters concludes that one of the safety ditch devices under the ocean is not functioning well and has many failures of using it. The devices also are not tested well by the responsible parties. Because of this unethical problem, it show that they are not using utilitarianism in their management. Because of this problem, the explosion happened.

· The views from the US Chemical Safety Board

In the views who stakeholders that need to take full responsibility in this issue is Deepwater Horizon management and operation. The US Chemical Safety Board mentioned that there was nothing wrong with the main device that caused this disaster. The checking found that two problems were happening on the device. First, the battery of the device was dead and it could not continue the operation. Second is, the bent pipe was found on the device. This is because the board argues that, if the management takes action by doing well on the device or another system at the oil rig, this disaster can be avoided. About 172 million gallons of oil was dumped around the ocean. They also mention that this is the worst disaster about oil that happened in the history petroleum industry.

· Robert Bea, Prof of Engineering & Expert in Oil Pipelines, California University

A statement from Robert Bea is more to education view of engineering and expert in oil pipelines. DR Bea has been an experience in engineering for about 57 years. He has done so much research and investigation about the oil field. From the research that is made by DR Bea, preliminary findings of the investigation show that the accidents of oil spills and explosions is involved the wrong decision-making that will affect the safety of the community around the Gulf of Mexico. After the interview with workers from the oil industry and witnesses at the Deepwater Horizon, DR Bea said, actually this worst disaster could have been avoided from happen. He believes that the explosion happened because of seven failures. Among them are, improper well and cement design, they did not detect the warning signs, the water pressure barriers were not good, and the imperfect design and maintenance of the final line. In the report by DR Bea, he also states the operation of drilling and well completion of operations do not follow the right procedures that are set by the oil industry.

· National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Oil spills and explosions also have a big impact the marine life. NOAA said this disaster has caused thousands of marine life to be killed. Among them are mammalian and turtle sea. All of them may be infected or exposed to the oil dumping for 87 days. They state the, that unethical things, unethical actions, and wrong decision-making have changed marine life, and their habit also changed. The management of BP: Deepwater Horizon must take full responsibility for the harm made by their unethical decision.

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