Essay on Child Marriage and Why It Should Not Be Legalized: Argumentative Essay

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Were you ever dreaming about getting married at a very young age? Or did you remember if you ever had play-acted or pretend to be married with one of your childhood friends and acted like you guys were husband and wife. If your answer is never, you should know that you have live a very good and innocence life. I have recently done several research and done an in-depth reading on some articles regarding the subjects. Thus, I have learned more about the impacts of this issue on children’s lives. Marriage is a wonderful thing to do, but it should not be the ultimate dream for a little girl. Even with parental permission, minors should not be allowed to get married, as minors are likely to later regret the choice as adults. Thus, the banning of child marriage can address the issue regarding fundamental of human rights, child protection and child mental maturity.

Throughout the world, children have been married either with their own consent or being arranged by their families. Did you know that around 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children? How many times have you read the news about a child who barely reach the age of 15 has been married to a 60–70-year-old guys? According to UNICEF, approximately 12 million girls under 18 are married each year. This is not a small number for me, for you and for us.

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When you were a child, did you know about the things you need to do without being told by someone? Did you even know the basics of mathematics without the teachers’ guidance? As for me, no, I did not know about it if someone did not guide me. Then, imagine an innocent child, who need guidance the most, get married when they maybe did not even know what marriage is. Even myself as a young adult, I still cannot grasp the responsibility I need to do if I am going get married. Then, how can you expect a child, who still has a very limited way of thinking, who can barely grasp the idea of marriage and the responsibility that come with legal wedlock, to get married at a very young age?

A marriage without passion, love and intimacy may lead to unhappy marriage, and unhappy marriage will cause arguments, violence, and divorce.

As a university student and a young woman, I definitely do not support child marriage since I know that I have my own dreams that I’d like to achieve, to make it come true. In order for me to make it happen, I need educations. So, here I present my very first reason as to why I think child marriage should be banned is that child marriage is a violation of human rights. Actually, child marriage has violated several articles in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Child marriage often ends with one or both children to stop going to school. They need to make money to support themselves financially. Kids around them did not need to even worry about money. They cannot get educations, they need to work, and they also cannot socialize with kids around their age. These are some examples of human rights violation that happened in child marriage.

In addition, it is once stated in the Girls Not Bride website that when a child is married at a young age, they tend to be exposed towards violence and abandonment. As we had experienced being a child ourselves, I believe that at times we often did things without knowing the consequences of that actions. We might be spilling the drinks, make a mess around the house, does not tidying our bed after waking up, and many more. Yet, the worst we might be getting is just a scolding from our parents. But it might not be the same cases for the children that had been married. And it may be worst for those who have an abusive husband as their spouse. They might be getting beaten to death, injured severely due to the beating they are getting, and might even be exposed to sexual harassment. After hearing all this, don’t you feel sad thinking that your child or your siblings being beaten by their supposed to be loving husband and might not be able to see them after that? Don’t you feel the urge to stop all of these? Don’t you feel the need to protect those children and give them the best protection and education that exist on this world?

We know what needs to be done. Making it happen will require commitment and actions from all of us, working together. First and foremost, the government and policy maker should have taken different steps to prevent child marriage. The government should provide a support system for the girls, including hotlines and referrals to services that offer directs support. We can also petition the government to increase the minimum age for marriage to 18 years old. Once the minimum age has increased, it is necessary to continue our crusade against child marriage to raise awareness and to ensure the laws are being enforce. Parents and community leaders also responsible in child marriage. Thus, educating parents and community leaders regarding negative consequences of child marriage can make them change their perception about child marriage, speak up for girls’ right and encourage others to do the same. When a minimum age for marriage acts had been enforced, by right all people in society are required to follow and abide by the rules. The government can take an action towards those who contravene the rules that being set. On the official websites of UNICEF and Girls Not Bride, they also encourage the government to increase the minimum age for marriage as they stand with a belief that a child should not be married at a young age.

In conclusion of my essay, the banning of child marriage can address the issue regarding fundamental of human rights, child protection and child mental maturity. With each passing moment, progress that has been made for girls’ rights to say NO to child marriage is being undone due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. We are now faced with the reality that more girls will become child brides as a direct result of the pandemic. We must stop the clock and stop the setback so that girls can decide their own futures. I am convinced that every child deserves the opportunity to fully develop their potential. Society should support children so that they grow up to be healthy, happy, productive and responsible citizens.

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