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Child and Adult Interaction: Discursive Essay

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The way a teacher interacts with a student is important in every child’s life. Teachers have to be willing to be fair and to show equality, not just one kid should get something over another student. It’s either all or none of the students. Having a respectful tone of voice allows the child to be able to trust you as their teacher. Building a bond helps communicate with a child that the teacher is there to teach them and to be as helpful as they can. A child and adult interaction are important because it's how the child develops. From personal experience when being in a classroom a child looks up to you as the adult they will listen and do what you tell them if it’s in a respectful tone. Most children repeat what they hear adults say and will communicate that back the same way it was spoken. When I become a teacher I can see myself talking in respectful language and having someone on one time with some of the kids to see how they are learning in my class.

When being a teacher you are a positive role model for kids. Dressing professionally sends a message to the students that the way you dress influences your character. When dressing professionally it demonstrates the way you view your job and how others will see you. Ethical practices influence an individual’s behavior and allow them to make better choices for themselves. Ethics in education set important standards for a child demonstrating what’s acceptable and what’s not in a child’s everyday life as they learn responsibility or gain maturity. Interning at an elementary school for a year I was told to dress comfortably in some jeans that were not ripped and a regular shirt. I noticed lately teachers are not dressing professionally they are wearing clothing that they would wear outside with friends or family. In my career, I would like to dress professionally since it shows how I view my work and how my kids look at me as being all business-like.

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Communicating with a child allows them to have the opportunity to practice learning from those around them who are using respectful language. Making them respectful and responsible children. Effective communication allows people to become better thinkers and help them understand one another better. Having better communication skills allows a child to have a conversation with the teacher to express how they are feeling. This communication demonstrates a teacher and student bond with one another allowing for the child to grow as an individual with the help of a professional. Reflecting on the past from 2018 to now being a teacher assistant I had to learn how to talk to my mentor to create a bond with her in case anything was wrong or I needed help understanding an assignment. Coming up with a lesson plan and having to work on the teacher’s schedule I had to demonstrate effective communication to get tasks done.

Effective teaching involves understanding how students learn, and process information and what helps exceed their expectations to make them better learners. To maximize student teaching a teacher should first get to know their students by doing an activity that involves their names and fun facts about them. If the child has a question try to listen and understand the child’s needs. Expectations of a teacher include having clear expectations of what you want the child to get done and at what time. The expectations should be fair teachers should not have favorites every child should be getting equal opportunities. Teachers should have a positive attitude when going to work a child can tell or feel the vibes the teacher gives off whether they are angry or happy it’s written all over their face. Patience is the key and number one skill a teacher needs if they want to work with kids from 6 weeks to 14 years of age. Children will drive you crazy but that’s the point of being a teacher you have to be able to control how you feel toward one child while still controlling the rest of the class. The lesson plans take lots of time and should not be an overnight thing. Lesson plans should be thorough allowing the child to have a clear understanding of the lesson plans and skills necessary to complete the work. Some important teaching strategy are having a discussion that incorporates real-life events into their knowledge. There should be debates where the child feels one part of a discussion is wrong while there’s a right. Envisioning my life as a teacher I can see myself developing the necessary skills to teach second graders. Working all year with kids teaches them important lessons that they’ll need in life to help them grow and become better human beings.

Multiculturalism in a classroom benefits a child. Having the experience of being around different ethnic groups allows the child to build the necessary skills of accepting everyone. This reminds me of something I learned in education in a diverse society that culture is adaptive, culture is changing, culture is shared, and culture is learned. A child learns from the people they are around when developing life skills and getting to know each one based on their background. Being exposed to culture allows for a child to be able to identify with their identity and who they are as a person. The nine cultural identifiers are religion, exceptionality, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, and location. Teachers have to be able to influence other cultural ideas while respecting the different cultures in their classrooms. In the future, having the personal experience and learning the necessary skills to being a teacher I have been able to further understand what makes a good teacher. Taking these classes also helps me understand my identity and be accepting of other cultures.

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