Essay on Children with Bipolar Disorder: Case Study of Mike Tyson

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Michael Gerard Tyson was born in 1966 in the Brooklyn area of New York City USA, He is a retired boxer, former 2-time undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, and is still the youngest heavyweight world champion in history. He became heavyweight champion at 20 years of age, and he held the title for many years before he lost his first fight to Buster Douglas. (Larry Sloman 13 Nov. 2013) Although he was one of the world's most feared men and nicknamed the 'worst' man on the planet. Mike was easily led astray and suffered from drug alcohol and sex addictions, in 1992 he was charged with rape and convicted to 6 years in prison. Nowadays Mike is aware of his faults and failures and works very hard to fight his demons but in the early part of his career, when he was in his prime, was very often out of control and partied heavily and often found himself in trouble with the authorities and the boxing board of control. (Maureen Callahan October 27, 2013) When Mike was a champ, everyone wanted to party and hang out with him. He became addicted to various drugs, sex, and alcohol. He was struggling with his addictions for many years. I think Mike's childhood struggles, his fame, and his drug addictions have all played their part in Mike becoming diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (J.L. Seto April 23, 2020) bipolar disorder is unusual shifts in mood, energy, and concentration. A person can experience feeling extremely excited, happy, or extremely depressive and emotional. These feelings can change rapidly. Bipolar disorder could run in your family and can start in your early childhood or young adulthood. (Jabeen Begum October 7, 2021) Mike was suffering from manic depression due to endless fights by damaging his brain, including impulse control and attention problems. Mike Tysons suffered most of his life with mental health because of his addictions but he couldn't see this for himself. (J.L. Seto April 23, 2020)

Mental health it's our feelings, our thinking, our emotions, and our moves. Feeling down, angry, and stressed is a normal part of our lives. Just like feeling happy, confident, and carefree sometimes. We have positive and negative emotions that come and go depending on what's happening around us. These are everyday feelings. Stress, grief, and depression are examples of negative effects on your mental health. (Tracy Nixon January 6, 2019) Good mental health means experiencing negative emotions and it's not always about being happy. When you feel like this it's good to take a break and do something that you enjoy doing most and what makes you happy. Negative thoughts can take your energy away. Sometimes warming feelings are brought on because of the things in our lives. This happens for no reason at all sometimes. It's very good to understand your mental health and how to cope with yourself on bad days. Your mental health is important because your mental state controls your responsiveness and your body functions. (Caitlyn 15 May 2019) Mental well-being is how individuals can cope with any pressure of everyday life and can work productively. Feelings are positive and happy. (Mental Health Foundation 20 July 2015) Some mental well-being examples are a healthy diet, good problem-solving skills, success carrier, enough money, and can easily cope with anything in their life. Everyone can be anxious, angry, fearless, worried, angry, and sad, sometimes these emotions can exist till we feel hopeless. We may have difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or making decisions. Our physical concentration and our behavior also can change. When this happens, we may experience mental ill health and if these symptoms impact our daily life, then this should be addressed. (Taryn Ozorio 24 Jan. 2011) There are so many places where we can go for some help. Talk to your doctor, or friends, speak to family members, or access specialist resources online. (NHS 11 April 2019) Mental ill health is when something in the brain isn't working properly. Several things can be happening inside the brain. A person who experiences mental ill-health can struggle to live a successful life and every day is a battle for them. Mental ill health can start in early adulthood. This can happen because of poor physical health, loss of earnings, losing a job, and taking drugs and alcohol. Without treatment, people can draw out of society. (The Recovery Village September 9, 2020) It is important to tackle your symptoms of mental ill health early because they can turn to mental distress and the consequences can be severe. Mental ill health could be an invisible problem. Talking about it helps us to see our problems clearly. (NHS 11 April 2019) The most common form of mental ill health is such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychosis. (Mayo Clinic staff June 8, 2019)

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Finding out what means mental ill health are, makes me understand better why Mike Tyson has been behaving aggressively and wasting his life on drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes and lost all his hard-earned money. He said himself that he was 'so sick', and he has been hiding his mental illness most of his life. (Jene Lavender 22 July 2020) Mike Tyson's mental illness is bipolar disorder. (Adam Hamdani 18 March 2020) Bipolar disorder is unusual shifts in mood, energy, and concentration. A person can experience feeling extremely excited, happy, or extremely depressive and emotional. These feelings can change rapidly. Bipolar disorder could run in your family and can start in your early childhood or young adulthood. (Jabeen Begum October 7, 2021) This mental illness can be mixed with social, biological, or environmental factors. (NHS 14 March 2019) When Mike Tyson was a child he always was abused by his mother and never felt safe in his own house. (Peter Heller, 1995) When he threw his money away and gets high from drugs and behaves wild he was an extremely happy mood but when the wild parties were over, he goes to a dark and miserable place. (J.L Seto April 23, 2020)

Biological factors can be genetic and passed from one generation to the next. Just like you get your eye color from your parents, height, or any health condition you can pass mental illness too. If in your family history have any mental disorder more likely you can heritage that too. It's just a condition just like any other and can be treated successfully of course if the person who suffers is willing to do so. (Lee Ellis 2018)

Social and physical factors can be your lifestyle how you live and behave and could be your race, religion, family, and environment. Using drugs and too much alcohol can affect your brain and can lead you to depression and no willingness to do anything. (David Mechanic, Donna D. McAlpine 15 April 2002) Children who experience more abuse and neglect are more at risk of mental ill health. When a child grows up in an environment where there's abuse and neglect, their brain is shaped by those experiences. Over time the child gets mental health problems in the future. Well-being is created over time and maintained through our everyday experiences and our everyday relationship. This nature of our development shapes the way we think and feel about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. (Charlotte Cecil March 17, 2021) This is why Mike Tyson struggled to live a normal life. He wanted to be a street gay from the age of 11 and rob houses. Mike had little respect for women because his mother never worked, never cared for their children, and was a prostitute who brought a new man every night to their house. He always was abused by his mother or strangers and never felt safe in his own house. Mike stopped going to school at the age of 13 because he was a troubled child and had already been arrested 38 times. (Peter Heller, 1995)

Economic factors are your income, your job, and your education. Living in poverty you can start to experience feeling low because without money you can't pay the rent or feed the family, hard to find a job if you live in a poor country. All these problems can lead to depression and later to mental illness. Even if you have too much money this can lead you to mental illness by using drugs or alcohol and living an unhealthy lifestyle. (Adam Felman April 13, 2020) Like Mike Tyson, His childhood is a massive effect on his life till now, he has no education, and he never attended school so he can't read or write. His family was living in poverty, when he was a child every night, he went to bed starving, there was no food at home. (Johnell Gipson May 9, 2021) When Mike Tyson become famous and got so much money, he didn't know how to handle that because he never had anything before. All his money went to drugs, sex, and cars and even he bought a tiger. He was a big party animal who like to spend money and he didn't care how much cost anything. (J.L Seto April 23, 2020)

It's important to have positive mental health at any stage of your life. If your mental health is in a good place likely you will handle your stress or any problems easier and can make better choices in your life. With positive mental health, you can get more confidence and reach your goals faster. (Melinda Smith August 2021) Today Mike Tyson is 55 years old and finally clean from drugs and alcohol. He is in a better place, in mind, and health. His wife and his children inspired him to change his life around and become a better person. All his life he was dying inside; he couldn't speak to anyone to get the help that he needed. When Mike was a young adult there was no support for mental health. (Mike Tyson Jan. 3, 2014)

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