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As the CPU is determined as the brain or the heart of a computer or a laptop, almost every technological, electrical, or software company manufactures its own CPUs and distributes them on the market. Although there are several companies that produce CPUs, no others can be compared to the CPUs innovated by AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA which are the top three semiconductor and electrical companies with both quality and functions. There are many CPUs with different skills and abilities that are the best and in high demand of them, here are short explanations about a few CPUs from Intel and ADM that are currently decided as the best handling CPU with higher ability by users throughout the world:

  1. Ryzen 9 5900X. This is the CPU produced by AMD company. It brings the largest gen-on-gen jump in a single performance in years. This latest CPU is not only just a stronger processor across the board. It is one of the unbelievably wonderful processors suitable for gaming, and as it works full stop, a new motherboard will not be needed, just a nice perk.
  2. Ryzen 9 3950X. This is a high-end CPU produced by AMD company, and it is the new one and recently chosen as the best high-end CPU among users. It is the highest-performance powerhouse in the RYZEN 3000 series. Apart from high-end gaming, this CPU model blasts via processing tasks as well. The cost of this Ryzen 9 3959X high-end CPU is higher, yet it is worth using as it can go toe-to-toe HEDT processors for a mainstream processor and if the user needs its level of performance for your work.
  3. Core i5-10600K. This is currently the best VR CPU invented by Intel. This CPU model is one of Intel’s hyper-threading technologies lacking PCle 4.0 support and has greater power consumption. Yet, it makes up for those in spades. Apart from hyper-threading, it also sends very high multi-core performance in addition to improving single-core performance and also has great thermal function to keep pesky heat down.
  4. Ryzen 5 3600X. This CPU model is produced by AMD company and assumed as one of the current best mid-range CPUs by users around the world. It has more threads than the Core i5-9600K model from Intel. This mid-range graphics card transmits a satisfied and high multi-threading performance. Moreover, it takes the budget-minded performance stage to a new level with increasing instruction per clock performance and higher clock speed while remaining at the same price point and also stays combative in the most intense single-threaded applications.

Recent CPU Architecture Design

Ant-32 is a recently used processor or CPU architecture that is designed specifically to address the pedagogical needs of machine architecture, assembly language programming, compilers, operating systems, and VLSI design and its implementation as well. Many years ago, before Ant-32 is innovated, people designed a simple eight-bit CPU architecture called Ant-8, which is applied in both introductory machine architecture courses and introductory programming courses nowadays. It has been achieved and is now applied at various other institutions. Furthermore, its small size and utter simplicity make it easy to be used, while providing the capacity of running applications and an actual perception of a machine architecture. But unfortunately, it is too simple and also small, it is not suitable to be used for high-level courses like OS, complex, advanced machine language architecture, and compilers. So, manufacturers decided to invent a higher CPU architecture named 32-bit, which can be used across a larger range of more complicated machine language cases by using the knowledge of 8-bit processors.

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The core of the 32-bit architecture is a kind of straight-forward three-address RISC design, impacted strongly by the MIPS architecture design, in a nutshell, Ant-32 is a 32-bit processor that supports 32-bit words, addresses, and 8-bit bytes. And as all the instructions are only one word wide, they must be arranged on word boundaries. For all instructions, the high-order 8 bits of an instruction describes the opcode, and there are altogether 62 instructions, involving four optional instructions. And there are 64 general-purpose registers in total, and their fields in the instruction are only 8-bits wide, but it allows for future expansion. Virtual memory is made through a TLB-based MMU. What is more, this 32-bit processor has not only supervisor but also user modes, but it has instructions and registers which can be used when the processor is in supervisor mode only, and it clarifies 8 special-purpose registers used for exception handling. An unusual addition to the architecture is 8 cycle and event counters. These involve a cumulative CPU cycle counter, a CPU cycle counter only for supervisor mode, and counters for TLB misses, IRQs, exceptions, memory loads, and then stores. Because of having functions and features that are mentioned above, they will be very useful for instrumenting and measuring the performance of certain software prepared for the processor or CPU. And to be concluded, the Ant-32 CPU architecture design is elegant and very easy for understanding. And it is invented to supply all of the essential and important functionality of a real processor.

Future of the CPU

The future of the CPU is expected to be updated with different and exciting features and functions which can provide an incredible and most updated performance to the users. The famous CPU-producing companies claim that future CPUs or processors will see a decrease in size but an increase in power by growing the number of cores that will support computers to be faster and better in ability. And the future CPU technology is assumed to be mainly focused on two key areas - quantum computing and graphene computing, which seems more realistic than the other kinds. In the future, there will be arguably more revolutionary changes on the horizon for CPUs or processors. Many companies are centering on changing the approach for future processors and trying to delineate new and totally different kinds of CPUs on the market as soon as possible.


The central processing unit (CPU) has experienced many difficulties and transformations to become what it looks like nowadays. The very first major challenge it faced is dating back to the early years of the 2000s when the competition for performance was in full swing between Intel and AMD. At first, those two companies struggled to high the clock speed. But according to the physics law, this rapid growth only lasted for quite a while and was doomed to come to an end. Due to Moore’s law, the number of transistors on a chip needed to be doubled every 24 months. And the processors had to become smaller to assist a greater number of transistors, which would exactly mean better abilities. The consequent anyway increase in temperature would need massive cooling, so the challenge for speed ended up being the fight against the physics laws. Therefore, the manufacturers tried to find the solution and they finally decided to introduce the multiple-core chips in which each core had the exact same clock speed instead of increasing the clock speed. And because of that, computers could become more effective and efficient in carrying out multiple tasks or functions at the same time. But the problem is that the more cores you have, the harder it is to operate them, and it is also very difficult to come up with an appropriate code that would work well with all the cores together. So, the manufacturers have also developed a 150 GHz single-core unit that would be a perfect machine. But the silicon chips however can’t be clocked up fast due to the principle of physics. After passing time over time, the CPUs which have been used today could be successfully distributed on the market, and they are widely used by users around the world in high demand. Moreover, the new CPU which has better quality and performance than the current one is predicted to be attainable in the future market very soon.

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