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Essay About Effects of Computers on Society

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Computers are normally utilized in numerous zones. It is a significant utility for individuals, particularly the individuals who run associations, industry, and so on. In this day and age nearly all that you know runs or made by computers. Vehicles and planes were designed on computers, traffic signals are controlled by computers, most restorative gear use computers and space investigation was begun with computers. The vast majority of the occupations today require the utilization of computers. These mechanical minds had an immense effect on our general society. It would be hard on the off chance that we didn’t have the computers around.

Everybody realizes this is the time of computer and dominant part of individuals is utilizing computer. Advancement of science and innovation has direct impact on our day-by-day life just as in our public activity. Computer innovation has made communication from one piece of the world to the next in a fraction of second. They can see the exchanges in a single piece of the world while remaining in the other part. Computers advancement is one of the best logical accomplishments of the twentieth century. Computers are utilized in different fields just as in teaching and learning.

Impact of Computers on Different Fields

Impact on Education

The education is one noteworthy zone where computers are assuming a significant job. By utilizing computers teachers, students, researchers and school organization get benefits. Educators utilize a computer to look into on instructing materials to expand their insight with the goal that it tends to be passed intuitively and effectively to students. Students use computers to peruse the Internet to search for data. Numerous sites give online instruction. In online framework, students can get to class notes, submit assignments and furthermore join a dialog bunch with different students. The computer-based training (CBT) or presentation is also known as computer-aided instruction (CAI). Edutainment is another kind of CBT. Edutainment consolidates the training with excitement. These software products are utilized to show students in an engaging and energizing way. Researchers utilize a computer for gathering and handling information. School organization utilizes computers for an authoritative reason like, record keeping, library the board, result handling, archive printing and so forth to ensure that whole task runs easily.

Impact on Banking

The computer is considered as the operational hub of the advanced banking frameworks everywhere throughout the world. It controls the whole financial framework that additionally incorporates ‘Electronic Banking Service’. The administrations given by innovation are: automated teller machine (ATM), electronic fund transfer, pay by telephone framework, cheque deposit, direct deposit, personal computer banking/Internet banking.

Impact on Health Care

These days’ computers are being utilized in pretty much every region of the medical fields, for example, laboratories, pharmacy, scanning, monitoring, researchers, telemedicine, etc. In the hospital, computers are used in the different medical units such as ICU (Intensive Care Unit), ECG (electrocardiograph), operation theater, recovery room, medical ward, etc. Most of the medical equipment are used to monitor the patient continuously are computerized. Computer equipment monitors the changes of heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, breathing and brain activity of the patient. Computerized alarming devices activates in case of any emergency. Another utilization of the computer in the medical field is telemedicine. In telemedicine, the services of medical care centers can be accessed by using computer video conferencing. Also, during the training, doctors use computer aided surgery to learn surgical techniques. Doctors use computers to diagnose disease and for many other purposes in medical care.

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Impact on Entertainment

The computer is likewise assuming significant job for the entertainment of individuals. Presently, a computer has turned into a need of people for entertainment. For example, computers can be utilized for playing games, watching films, listening music and so on.

Impact on Communication

Computer technology has been one of the widely used media for communications. Computer technology in communication is used to share data or messages through the Internet. Using Computers to exchange message throughout the world is quick, reliable and cheap. People use social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitters etc. to communicate with friends and family.

Effect on Health

Research shows that people spending more time on computers are likely to have some side effects on health. Their participation is less in physical activities when someone spends a lot of time on a computer which can cause health issues like eye problems, back strains, weight gain, mental stress and anxiety when unable to complete work on time. Common health issues caused by overuse of Computers are visual fatigue, blurred vision, eyes burning, headaches and change in eyeglass prescription.

Exposure to Adult Content

The Internet is full of both good and evils things. Children and teenagers are vulnerable to finding adult materials on the Internet very easily. They can be exposed to pornography which can affect their view towards sex. Children that have access to the Internet can involve in different types of drugs also.

Fraud and Piracy

Since computers are used in almost every field, people usually don’t have a second thought about providing their personal information on the Internet to anyone. This might increase the chances of Internet frauds and cybercrimes like phishing, hacking, identity theft etc. Another major issue is Piracy, created by computer technology and the Internet. Software, movie piracy, and plagiarism have increased to a great extent.


Computers helped us step into what’s to come. Organizations and entertainment utilize them to make benefits, education utilizes them to help instruct students better, and medicine utilizes computers in various ways. Indeed, even we are playing computer games, we are viewing the most recent movies, or we are researching about on a topic for exposition on computer, we are influenced by the computer. Computers totally changed the world and it continues evolving. Everybody was affected by this surprising gadget. One thing is sure: without computers, we are not anyplace near where we are today!


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