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Keeping Your Faith Strong In George Herbert’s Poem The Flower

‘The Flower’ by George Herbert is an enthusiastic, jubilant poem in which a special picture of the metaphysical life is broaden with peace of mind and sophistication that easily come into sight. Herbert’s poem reflects his own relationship with God that is repeatedly unsettled, many...
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What Does Faith Mean?

Everyone needs faith; it binds people together through all the tragic times in their lives. Yet, with faith, comes doubt. It can either push someone away or connect them closer to God. In Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel, “Persepolis,” she uses plot, setting, and character to...
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Undoubted Faith In Allah

The Quran is the only Book in this world which is free of errors as well as the only Book that can guide us towards Allah since guidance is the most precious blessings of Allah. Allah has mentioned five characteristics of successful people in the...
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Dependence Of Faith After A Death Experience

Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine crisis of faith of people whom have lost a loved one. Do people more likely turn to faith in a time of loss? Why did they seek faith in the time of their distress? What was...
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Without Faith There Is Death

When one lives by their faith it takes something incredibly drastic to lose what they believe in. In a world without faith or hope, life becomes a disaster. In the camp of Auschwitz, as Jews begin to lose faith, they become miserable or completely alone....
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Importance Of Faith And History In The Novel Silence

In 17th Century Japan, Christians were beaten, mocked, scorned, and murdered for their faith. For us as Americans, we do not have to worry about being killed or beaten for our faith due to the First Amendment. In the novel Silence by Shūsaku Endō, he...
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Faith And Religion In The Children Of Men

In a world where there is no promise for the future of mankind, citizens question the existence of God and purpose of life as human race is on the verge of extinction. With no childbirths for almost 25 years, the world has fallen into a...
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Faith And Struggle Of Life

Faith can be influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, the religions we grew up with, particular things we believe in, and all of them define us based on the degree of our confidence in faith. Founded on all these fragments of our life...
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