Fate of Poseidon: Descriptive Essay

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Everything started with 'Master Erebus' the lord of Trenches when he trespassed against his siblings by entering the god's chamber without the ruler of the god's assent so far as that is concerned and intentionally taking the cutting edge of Olympus without considering the results because of a demonstration of his disloyalty, he left Mount Olympus on the blocks of franticness, Zeus was crushed when he entered the chamber and found that the sharp edge was gone and he could hardly imagine how it occurred. Zeus held a gathering with all the Olympian divine beings worried that issue and Erebus simply act like he knew nothing at all and delighted in what he had created upon Greece. The reality stays unsolved as the divine force of the channel's stayed silent by not spilling out anything. Gehenna thinks that it's bizarre why somebody would simply take the weapon that finished the extraordinary war between the divine beings and the titans, something that had neither rhyme nor reason. Poseidon moved toward Ares and asked him for what valid reason Athena looked so stressed and the war god reacted that the two are associating the god with the channel. Poseidon had no clue about what was going in by any means, he got dubious also cause he asked why Erebus would submit such a transgression, something was not including, the primary night, the cutting edge vanishes, the following day, an Olympian god acts abnormally after accepting the news, Ares and Athena declining to step down on their words Zeus despite everything making some hard memories finding who the genuine backstabber behind everything is, uninformed that the deceiver is Erebus 'directly in front of him.

The divine force of the channels chuckled and grasped on what he achieved, the giggling of prevailing in his conspiring plan and getting the consideration of Zeus, appreciating the enduring he had created he said to himself 'everything has worked out in a good way as per my arrangements' with a grin all over. Zeus infuriated got up and defamed the God of channels and requested that he take the sharp edge back to his ownership, Erbus with a grin all over answered ' My cousin, Tick tock...tick tock...Life is checking down on your endless clock' and snickered. This goaded Zeus significantly further, along these lines prompting Zeus to request that Poseidon exile Erebus from the channels. A few centuries passed and Erebus was getting eager and needed to deliver his retribution on his cousins individually. He had intended to initially look for his vengeance on Poseidon as Poseidon was exceptionally near him as of now. During the hundreds of years Erbus spent in expulsion he picked up prominence among the animals down beneath so much that he had made a military, a military that in his brain was going to assume control over the 3 domains of the world, behind this plot was his consultant a channel sorceress named Vida. Vida had persuaded Erbus to develop this disdain inside himself to abhor every one of his cousins and the inclination to manage all domains. One day Erbus called upon his Commander Herluin to exhort an assault on Poseidon to pick up his consideration regarding the call upon a war, a war was the main thing confining Erebus to be liberated from his expulsion. Herluin got together his military of mermen mermaids and channel beasts to assault in little bunches. The God of the channel's goal was to chafe Poseidon to where he would need to fight back taking into consideration Erebus to be discharged from his expulsion. Erebus told his counsel Vida 'My cousin Poseidon is the most effortless objective for us, he has a short personality meaning he will fight back faster than any of my different cousins' exploiting Poseidon's shortcoming.

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Erebus' point was legitimized and after a few assaults, Poseidon his military were en route to guard against Erebus' malignant activities, Erbus after hearing this news prepared to fight and revealed to Vida the magician to provide a reason to feel ambiguous about vortexes Poseidon's way to disorientate him. Erebus himself called upon the channel evil spirit, Halvaka, Half snake, and Half Hydra. Both Erebus and Poseidon's armed forces met and an extraordinary fight came in progress The channel beasts, and Erebus armed force debilitated Poseidon and his military beyond what he could deal with, numerous lives were lost before Poseidon decide to give up, and as a trophy, Erebus affixed and took Poseidon's trident, ridiculed Poseidon on his destruction and let him know 'Every single beneficial thing reach a conclusion, Even the blessings that God sends' Erebus sent his triumph to the divine forces of Olympus as a message signifying 'the torment and enduring is just the start of what's despite everything traveled their direction' Erebus and Vida had started to talk about their second arrangement of assault upon Greece however they didn't see from the outset that somebody had caught each expression of what their arrangements are until Set detected somebody's quality inside the lord of death's burial chamber and he figured out how to get the interloper, it was the goddess Athena and Thanatos wasn't anticipating such an amazement by any means, the goddess realizes that she was correct the whole including the lord of war and the divine force of death comprehends what's going to occur on the off chance that he let Lebuin walk free thus he had no real option except to kill Lebuin, he needed to escape and illuminate Zeus God regarding all Gods of Erebus' misleading upon Greece and the agony he had fashioned up Mount Olympus because of his joke of Poseidon.

To maneuver down the circumstance, Zeus called upon the chambers of divine beings and mentioned them to help him

' My dear siblings and sisters, the opportunity has arrived, to put our disparities and inclination aside and stop this before more disarray is the reason, I request that all of you go along with me to haggle for our sibling', Ares, the divine force of war said 'WE SHOULD KILL HIM AND TEAR HIM INTO PIECES FOR HIS BETRAYAL, WE SHOULD NOT BE DOING NEGOTIATIONS,' Zeus said ' Ares my sibling if we pick to deliver retribution it would not be beneficial for us or anybody, at present mollusk down and we have to sit for exchanges' Zeus continued to call for dealings with Erebus permitting him to visit Mount Olympus alongside just his magician Vida, however, Zeus had different plans in his psyche for how to manage Erebus. Zeus and the chamber of divine beings haggled with Erebus and his magician Vida on terms to discharge Poseidon from being a hostage. Erebus needed to administer every one of the 3 domains to take the position of a Titan, Zeus plan comprised him from the outset concurred on his terms and afterward catching him later on, so Zeus concurred with Erebus. After the arrival of Poseidon, Zeus requested for both Erebus and Vida to be caught and introduced in front of the considerable number of divine forces of Olympus, while the divine forces of Olympus anticipated him, the ruler of the dead 'Hades' anticipated to take his spirit to damnation and consume it including all the transgressions it holds. Zeus made a guarantee that he and his siblings will be prepared and arranged for whatever Erebus will attempt to toss at them later on ahead.

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