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Growing of Adventure Tourism and Sports in India

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Tourism remains as the most trending topic across the world. With contribution of over 9% of GDP globally to finding at least 1 out of 11 people working in tourism sector, it is indeed one of the rising challenges that individuals are taking up. The Indian youth is all set to shatter the myths around travel getting their backpack on and exploring the wild. And this is not just limited to the early 20s and 30s but for the people also reaching their 40s and 50s.

Adventure tourism, although not defined under the UNWTO literature yet, essentially involves a trip that includes physical activities, exploring the natural environment and a cultural immersion! People are more than ready to cut out from their usual lifestyle and wonder across the wild. This helps them unplug, seek the inner monk and of course get a mental retreat considering the mental health hazards that exist into the lives of people today.

Let’s talk about numbers now. With over 1,322 million departures in 2017, the international tourism grew at a rate of about 7% globally, as per UNWTO. As per the ATTA reports of 2016, the travel and tourism was responsible for about 10% of global GDP with a creation of almost 10% of the jobs around the world. As for 2018, the trends have been soaring high with a considerable growth in global economy, creation of jobs and revenues.

Given that 2019 is already experiencing a rise in adventure tourism, solo travels and experiential traveling, there is only going to be a steady rise in numbers ahead. If Visa estimates are to be believed, almost 280 million households will carry their passports for their travels by 2025, meaning an emerging rise in international travels globally.

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The funda about Adventure traveling is simple. People, especially the Generation Z, is keen to explore the unexplored, meet the quest for adventure and go on thrilling experiences that serves their need of self-realization and peace attainment. Needless to say that this shall involve a lot of blogging, Youtube videos, instagram pictures and postcards (the next big travel trend!)!

The travelers are today focused on key aspects of exploring new places. It is about indulging into activities like trekking, hiking, adventure sports, photography, etc. The desire to complete the bucket list of activities will make people take at least two holiday trips in a year. And the number is higher for the solo travelers than the traditional formats of packaged tours. Itineraries will involve more of early bookings around international travel destinations with cluster of Indian travelers willingly taking 15 days of break from their regular life and go exploring.

2019 is the time when luxury holidays will take a back seat and more number of people will embark on a journey to seek close to nature experiences. The rejuvenation of body, mind and soul with the thrill to find alternatives where the quest can be served for longer, there will be growth of more travel friendly jobs, blogging and tourism activities.

For the travel passionate hippies, independent individuals and explorers it’s a perfect time to take that off-road traveling experiences and find something new. Offbeat travel experiences are here to stay!

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