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Can Power Exist without Conflict?

Frank Herbert’s once said, “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible” With examples such as Al Capone vs Bugs Moran to Hitler vs the allies, there has been conflict. What do both these examples have in common? The power they craved could not happen without conflict. My Name is Piper Rasborsek and I am a key speaker for this year’s 2020 Gold Coast Youth leader Summit. The topic this year is Truth, Conflict and Power. This...
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The Rise Of Social Power In Lord Of The Flies

There are powerful dictators throughout history for example Adolf Hitler who used his social power with violence, Julius Caesar who broke rules to gain all power for himself and Gaius Cassius who uses his manipulation to persuade people to follow his orders. All those dictators who rose to gain social power resembles the main antagonist from William Golding’s 1954 novel “Lord of the flies ''. In this paper were closing in a deeper understanding on Golding’s demonstration of gaining social...
4 Pages 1836 Words

How Leaders Positively & Negatively Affect Employees Voice Behavior

Employee voice behavior is generally defined as “pro motive behavior that emphasizes expression of constructive challenge intended to improve rather than merely criticize” (Van Dyne and LePine, 1998). The study of voice behavior examines the preference of staff and team members to speak up and contribute ideas to the team. Although researchers have argued that employees often carefully examine social contexts before speaking up to leaders, the role of leaders directly affect to receive attention. Through number of researches with...
1 Page 575 Words

Loyalty Ethical Dilemma Of Harry Markham

Harry Markham is a chartered financial analysist (CFA) that now works for Investment Consulting Associates (ICA), a firm which offers advice to pension funds, after earning his Master of Finance in 2004. Mr. Markham had an increasing concern over the valuation of public sector pension fund liabilities. Markham felt professionally conflicted as he prepared for a meeting with the board of trustees of a state pension fund. When he himself valued the labilities using the principles of valuation and financial...
2 Pages 749 Words

Why Malcolm X was Assassinated?

Fifty-five years on, concerns about why Malcolm X was killed by the Nation of Islam are still causing mistrust and tensions between law enforcement agencies and the Black community (Felber 2015). Malcolm X was an American Islamic preacher and human rights activist, assassinated on 21 February 1965. When Malcolm was six years old, his house was burned down, and his father died after being hit by a streetcar. Many suspects that the accidents were caused by white supremacists. After that,...
2 Pages 1081 Words

Serial Killer: Harold Shipman

Introduction Harold Frederick Shipman, known by his friends as Fred or Freddy was the son of Vera and Harold Shipman and was born on January the 14th 1946 in the city of Nottingham, England in a middle class working family. Just an average man, a pillar for the community, such a nice man, those were some of the phrases that people would use to describe the friendly family doctor; however, this so-called friendly will later on in life get the...
3 Pages 1460 Words

The Peculiarities Of Marcel Petiot As A Serial Killer

Serial killers have been around for thousands of years, as far back as ancient Rome. However, Herman Webster Mudgett, also known as H.H. Holmes, was believed to have been early America’s first serial killer. This event dates all the way back to 1861-1896. The definition of a serial killer according to the FBI is someone who commits at least 3 murders for over a month and has “cooling off” periods where they do not murder anyone in between. It is...
4 Pages 1840 Words

Albert Fish: Notorious Child Serial Killer

Early Life and Traumatic Childhood of Albert Fish The serial killer that I have chosen is Albert Fish, also known as “The Boogeyman,” and many other nicknames. Born on May 19, 1870, in Washington, D.C, United States. Growing up his name was actually Hamilton Howard, but he later changed it to Albert to honor one of his deceased siblings. Fish’s parents were Randall and Ellen Fish and had four children in total, Annie Fish, Edwin Fish, Walter Winchell Fish, and...
4 Pages 1898 Words

Gary Ridgway - A Serial Killer

A serial killer is often thought of as someone “who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern.” “Serial killers tend to be white, heterosexual males in their twenties or thirties who are sexually dysfunctional and have low self-esteem.” The requirement to be considered a serial killer is to have killed more than one person. Taking one’s life is a huge crime as each one makes a large difference in...
4 Pages 1775 Words

Edgar Allan Poe: Way Of Life

Edgar Allan Poe was a well renowned author who still influences many authors and movies today. Edgar Allan Poe was an author who lived in the 1800’s but only for a short time. In his lifetime both his parents died in 1811 leaving him as an orphan at the age of 3, he also married his cousin who was 13 at the time while he was 27. His life was ended abruptly due to a brain tumor and a case...
4 Pages 1671 Words

Langston Hughes: A Cultural Era With A Brilliant Poet

Musical and artistic yet segregative describes the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance lasted from 1918-1930s in New York and the era was especially remembered for African Americans expressing themselves in new ways. The Great Migration was a significant event that set the tone for the future progressivism of the Harlem Renaissance. It was when African Americans moved from the south to the north. Limited economic opportunities and segregation laws against them was the main reason they wanted to move north....
5 Pages 2172 Words

Power And Inequality: Role Of Inequality In Increasing The Crime Rate

The increasing crime rate all across the world is a great concern for the legal authorities and also the researchers have identified numerous factors behind the increased crime rate. The major dimensions that are considered the real causes behind an increased crime rate includes poverty and inequality. But recently the numerous research studies have identified that inequality is considered to be the main driving factor behind increasing crime rate. This essay also argues that inequality contributes to crime rate as...
5 Pages 2168 Words

Author's Style Of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author, writer, pundit and proofreader most popular for suggestive short stories and ballads that caught the creative mind and enthusiasm of perusers around the globe. His innovative narrating and stories of riddle and awfulness brought forth the cutting edge criminologist story. Poe, as an essayist, artist, supervisor and a basic author affected American writing, however he likewise affected universal writing. He was one of the primary scholars to build up the class of both...
1 Page 660 Words

Influence Of Frederick Douglass On Slavery Awareness

Frederick Douglass was a man that was full of wise words and he once said, “if there is no struggle, there is no progress,” and that defines his life and importance. Frederick Douglass, born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, a former slave who escaped and later went on to become one of the leading African American leaders of his time, as he became a “famous intellectual who advised presidents, gave lectures, was an early supporter of women's rights”, and was an...
2 Pages 963 Words

Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass: Undeniable Humanity Of A Slave

Frederick Douglass was a prominent abolitionist, a powerful force for the movement through his speaking and writing. His short story, The Heroic Slave, in conjunction with his autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, help spread his ideals widely throughout the United States. In The Heroic Slave, Douglass writes about a white man who sees a slave toiling in the woods, and how this made him become an abolitionist. In chapter 10 of his autobiography, Douglass tells the story...
3 Pages 1428 Words

Malcolm X’s Role in the Black Community

Malcolm X was an African-American leader and a very prominent figure within the black community for things he accomplished during the civil rights movement. He pioneered the concepts of race pride and black nationalism in the 1960s.[footnoteRef:1] Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925, with his birth name of Malcolm Little. Even from a young age, Malcolm X went through hardships, which includes when his father died, and his mother was committed to a mental facility.[footnoteRef:2] Malcolm X’s parents...
5 Pages 2089 Words

Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass: Analysis

Introduction to Frederick Douglass's Narrative 'For my part, I should prefer death to hopeless bondage.' (Douglass, 93). Frederick Douglass is known as one of the most prominent abolitionist speakers and activists in history; furthermore, creating one of the most sought after novels, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, regarding his life as a slave. He advocated for human rights and the abolition of slavery, exemplifying the detrimental effects of slavery on a person as a whole during this...
6 Pages 2689 Words

Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass: Studying The Origins Of Slavery

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass was a heartfelt book of his enduring life. This book gave me a great appreciation for all Frederick has endured, all he overcame and lived through and for what he became. What an inspirational story that helps us all appreciate the life he lived and the impact he has had on millions of people. Douglass stood up for himself and his country to get slavery abolished. Douglass as a child in Maryland...
2 Pages 1059 Words

Alexander Hamilton And His Financial Plan

After the United State of America became independent on the 4th of July, one of the problems the new-born country was facing is the concerning financial situation. The federal government had received $54 million of debt as an aftermath of the Independence War fight with the British. With paper, cash issued becoming worthless and without foreign savings, the financial prospect of the nation was faint. George Washington, the first president of the United States of America saw the high need...
2 Pages 831 Words

Alexander Hamilton: The Making Of America

At this time, the 1750s-1800s, the United States was still very much a young, weak, and inexperienced nation. There are two major political parties wanting more power, the Federalists Party, and the Democratic-Republican Party. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party, which controlled congress and the rest of the national government from the beginning of the new nation after John Adams succeeded George Washington as president. The Federalists believed that their political party was the government and that...
2 Pages 890 Words

Alexander The Great: Legendary Conqueror And Military Leader

The topic left a long-lasting impression on me because of his acts as his life goes on. Some of these impressions were most felt by me was when the class was watching the video on Alexander’s life. Where is the start, he was the most loved person by everyone, but as time passes, he becomes the ruler that nobody likes. Such acts of killing his close ones would not be considered as traits of a well-militarized ruler. According to information...
1 Page 591 Words

The Life Of Rosa Parks By Douglas Brinkley

Rosa Parks by Douglas Brinkley is a compelling autobiography that portrays the life of Rosa Parks from her early childhood to the start of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee Alabama, and lived in Montgomery most of her life after her parents separated. Growing up in Montgomery was hard for African Americans like Rosa. Her childhood taught her racial discrimination at an early age as she was constantly exposed to racial inequality....
2 Pages 834 Words

Alexander The Great: The Philosopher King And Propator

Introduction to Alexander the Great as a Philosopher King Throughout all of history, there have been leaders whose influences have been so impactful that their name and all that it encompasses will never be forgotten. Such leaders include the powerful Macedonian ruler, Alexander the Great. Alexander was known for being both an intellectual and a powerful king. In fact, he was taught by the famous philosopher, Aristotle; the student of another well-known philosopher, Plato. While both Aristotle and Plato contributed...
5 Pages 2085 Words

Mahatma Gandhi: The Primary Leader Of Independence Movement In India

If I could invite any historical figure to come and have dinner with me, my choice would be to invite the great Mahatma Gandhi. He was the reason a whole nation stood up against a fierce ruler with an iron fist, and dared to fight back, and reclaim what was truly theirs. A nation that felt pressured, and with the feeling of no escape, but given a chance to break free, all because of him, Mahatma Gandhi. A man daring...
1 Page 545 Words

How Alexander The Great Conquered The Persian Empire

The reasons why Alexander decided to go on a conquest of the Persian Empire. Another motivating factor that could have influenced, and motivated Alexander was that he was motivated for religious reasons. As mentioned previously, when the Persians had managed to force their way into Athens, they had razed the Acropolis of Athens which contained very sacred temples to the Greeks. Many of the Greeks were extremely angered at this and there is an example within Alexander’s conquest that could...
5 Pages 2496 Words

The Power Of One: Harriet Tubman

Ever wondered how living life as enslaved being was. Well, you shouldn’t wonder; we are so lucky that we have rights that weren't even considered back in the day. I don’t think any of us realize how lucky we are we take everything for granted but we don’t even appreciate the people who got us our rights, these people risked everything just to make sure we won't have to suffer the same consequences they went through. slavery is by far...
1 Page 431 Words

Greatest Of World Conquerors: Alexander The Great Leadership

The reign of Alexander the III as king of Macedon (336 to 323 BC) overthrew the Persian empire, carried Macedonian arms through his ruthless acts of having one ideology, to conquer, India and built the fundamentals during the Hellenistic period of territorial kingdoms. His phenomenal success had many defining factors as to why and how he was ‘Great’, however his ruthlessness almost ultimately determined his success. Alexander’s logical way of thinking and unique planning strategies revolved around his ruthless leadership...
2 Pages 813 Words

Rosa Parks: Pioneer Of The Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks, conceived in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913, in was brought up in a time during which isolation was ordinary and dark concealment was a lifestyle. She lived with relatives in Montgomery, where she completed secondary school in 1933 and proceeded with her training at Alabama State College. She wedded her significant other, Raymond Parks, a hairstylist, in 1932. She functioned as an agent, a protection sales rep, and a tailor's collaborator at a retail establishment. She was...
3 Pages 1416 Words

Life Of Mahatma Gandhi By Louis Fischer

Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi led India's independence movement in the 1930s and 40s, facing down the British colonialists with stirring speeches and non-violent protest. As a result of this, he's often named among the 20th century's most important figures and remains revered in India as a father of the nation, so with this in mind, it is no wonder that he has appeared in many books of a biographical nature. As Louis Fischer’s 7th non-fictional book, The Life of Mahatma Gandhi...
3 Pages 1223 Words

Harriet Tubman: Fearless Freedom Fighter

What is freedom? Sometimes we take freedom for granted. Freedom means “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” Sometimes it is hard for us to picture not having freedom. Harriet Tubman was a woman that had to fight for her own freedom; it wasn’t just handed to her the day she was born. Harriet Tubman was the most influential person in the abolitionist movement. She fought hard every day to keep...
2 Pages 982 Words
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