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Impact of Nelson Mandela on Development of South Africa: Analytical Essay

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How Nelson Mandela became leader and how did he change the thinking of the people that thinks that the black people is different to the other culture Nelson Mandela was fighting for this right and to think that we are the same humans no one in this world has been left out. Nelson Mendela was the first black president of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was born in Rolihlahla Mandela on 18 of July 1918 in Mvezo. He is a descendant of a temblor royal family. He was the first family who came to school. He is served as a local chief and councillor to the king. His devout Christian mother enrolled him in Methodist school, that the school give his english name which is “NELSON”. His father is the leader of the tribe one which leads him to become a leader he followed his father advocacy. Father's death when he was 12 years old, Mandela was brought him to the center tendu monarchy to be raised by the king region to know him that he is a new leader of this organisation. He is living in the royal family and expose Mandela the powerful example of black leadership that remain the source of influence though his life. Mandela attended the Fort Hare University College and studied law Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. This school is only for the black students this has the frequent target of racism. In 1944 He join the African National Congress and anti colonialists political party to empower the black the black population living under impressive under the oppressive wide authority. He also launch the Defiance Campaign in 1952 this serious of nonviolent direct action the united of black and Indian and communist collilunios. The party that he belong to is swiftly crack down on their efforts during Mandela and Mandela been banned to ANZ and before along his campaign had died out. In 1956 Mandela and a hundred Fifty five college tried for treason trial he been convinced that a paratied will not fall without army resistance. He was captured August 1962 and charge of conficiency he receive a life sentence. In Robben Island Nelson Mandela remain the symbol of black South African resistance but Mandela got arrested and he spent 25 years in jail. While his in jail for 5 years his also changed in sabotage prison and violent conficurcy he sent the life in prison and barely escaped the death penalty.

Nelson mendela is a kind of leader that fights for the right of every person, especially a wide variety of cultures to one. Nelson mendela wins thus all the people now is treating them the same as other but there's some people that still not treat them right but it lessens because of mandela. Nelson Mandela was the great leadership you can take other personality but defending on the nation we can go to. We all have different opinions cause each and everyone have the right to say our opinion. But Nelson Mandela even if across the world Mandela shows a great leader. Mandela been ask this question how did you learn a great leader? He answer that question “he would go to his father to tribal meetings and he also remember two things to that meeting that they we’re always sit in a circle and the second on is his father was the last one to speak. He also say that you need to learn how to listen to other people to let them advice you for what is good for you. The skill is it give them the feeling that they been heard what you say and the people feel that they contributed something on the community. The skill is really to keep your opinion to yourself If you agree with somebody don’t just say yes, if you have an opinion then say it, if you disagree with somebody if you don’t like their opinion just say here’s my opinion. This how great leader is him. This is the characteristic that Mandela a great leader. The leadership style that he was using is the demogractic cause his is fighting for the right. He is also fighting for Forgiveness Is Key To Focusing Forward because some of us if we did wrong to others they are not forgiving this person even if he/she apologizing for what he did. This kind of leadership he is forgives everyone because he is realising what wrong he did. So that even if he goes to jail for a very long time he dont kept the anger in his heart.

He managed the conflict by South Africa provides a distinctive chance to study the process of person-to-person inversion, restitution, and reconciliation. White individuals had to begin the restitution process, relinquishing their political authority and some financial power. This is why nelson mandela are fighting for their rights because they cant get the same treat like the white people get because they think that they are different to us. Mandela was trying to comprehend what motivated individuals, inmates and wardens alike. To give the solution of this conflict he actually learned the white Afrikaans ' language for reading their books, listening to jail wardens ' life tales, and helping them achieve an education. Some african’s people had a long suffer because of this kind of treatment which is not right that why mandela change this kind of thinking the black afrikaners should have the same treatment as they treat the white afrikaners many white people feared them for their lives and property which is for the black afrikaners with the arrival of a black government. During the colonialism period, the commission investigated crimes committed by blacks and whites. Leaders such as Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, acknowledged for upholding moral principles, monitored this committee. To overcome their desire for justice and take advantage of the historic opportunity to overcome partners of retribution, of black people were challenged the commision supplied individuals with civil and criminals amnesty in exchange for full confession of the truth. All of this conflict is being resolved by nelson mendela. This has been proven because like all of the black people now is like treating them the same treat as they treat in white people. So now because of nelson mandela the black people now can go out and can go around. Unlike before the black people feels like that they were not belong because of their skins

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D) Conclude the case study with a closing statement which clearly shows an evaluation of how effective they were as a leader. Support your evaluation with the role of support people in their tenure, outcomes of conflict resolution and approaches to conflict resolution. (approx. 250 words)

Nelson Mandela we all know that Mandela was in the prison before for 27 years in prison t and this is a kind of challenging for him but this 27 years in prison it actually help him to create his character of leadership qualities that we know when he came out from the prison when we him walking out from the jail we can see his calmness his forgiveness this things that he learn in prison when he was there that was combined with his full heart he also accepted what he done wrong. Nelson Mandela ha a capacity to project certain elements of leadership of the intelligence of calmness that Mandela has. Obama and Nelson has a similarity of calmness but the differences between them is Mandela he earn it he achieved this kind of stuff of calmness through all of those he experienced in the prison and the things that he learn in the prison is he realise that he is ever going to Unite South Africa and be a leader of white and black Afrikaans and he has to understand the language of Afrikaner he has to understand what makes them happy and satisfied for his service. He learn Afrikaans in prison but in the prison he didn’t just learn Afrikaans he also learn about Afrikaner history he learn all of this to be right leadership for the Afrikaans. Even if the sport that the Afrikaner want he learn about this about the rugby sport. The great tribute to his leadership is so many people would say that it’s amazing he is not bitter or angry even if he live life in prison for 27 years. He realises that he could not show that feeling. How can the people see his leadership if he show the bitterness of his past. he said that “he said that I can not ever show that cause I’ll never achieve harmony I’ll never achieve reconciliation if I show anything like anger. Nelson Mandela is a south cross of the world and Havel. And also Nelson Mandela learn his leadership is from his father that is way to the great leader because of his father. Nelson Mandela been inspired by his father to be the great leader. Also Nelson Mandela show his good leadership by showing his care about the black africans he know that we have all right to live in this world so mandela show that to the people who trust Nelson. Nelson Mandela also motivate him to the people who believe in him that he can do what he want to happen. He has a was of peace, cause he want the peace of mind and to be like this first thing you gonna do is to be honest for yourself cause if we gonna do this we can never have a big impact to the society if you have never change yourself. He is also With his smile, he had a strong presence and disarming enemies. Also He showed the world what forgiveness looks like, he show this because when he go out to prison he forgive the world. He was positive, thinking about what could be cause the positivity that he can fix what is happening in their country like his dream that it should treat them equally. He was a visionary and could see the big picture, He can see what is gonna be good for each one of them. He is focus on what is his goals like his goals is to be all of them to be fair. He had the very remarkable endurance because of what he did in his country. He is so humble cause

He is doing better than everyone else he is always being good at everyone cause his priority is the people around him before himself. He was full of hope, not hate cause he has trust in himself that he can do what everyone wants. He is always being patience even if he always fail but he doesn't want to give up because of the people who trust him so much, trust that they will experience the same respect that they want to get.

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