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In What Ways Can Social Media Affect an Individual?

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In our situation now, many of us rely on social media pages and websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more to connect with our family and friends and also to find something that we can do while staying at home. Many people are looking for the companionship of others online, looking for someone to support them, and finding platforms in social media to post and express their selves. Technologies and social media are evolving too quickly nowadays. This is used by all individuals around the world for entertainment, for fun, and even for communication. For all people, it is very common to use social media, particularly for those people who only stay at home. It is unfortunate to say so many people are so hooked and obsessed with using social websites. They do not understand that it has many drastic effects on their growth and lives.

Using social network in a good way can give us positive and good benefits, but if we use it in the wrong way, it can lead us to have more serious problems. There are some people who are using it finds comfort and joy, boost their self-worth, and release them from depression, stress and anxiety because they are connected to their families and friends, but so sad to say that there are some people also finds stress and depression in using social media because they’ve experienced bullying, bashing, or receiving negative comments about them. Meaning, this online platform can affect the mental and emotional health of an individual.

Like what I have said in the first part of this essay, many of us are using social networks for us to be connected with other people and have a social life even in an online way, but we need also to remember that online community should never replace the real-life connection of people. Even people are connected to their relatives and friends thru social media, it doesn't mean that we need to forget to be connected with others by in-person contact. Actually, social media can make people feel more alone and isolated that can cause depression and anxiety.

Social media has significant extreme effects, such as poor health, no social life, no physical activity, poor study habits, poor communication, anxiety, or depression. Social media can give many negatives effects on an individual, especially on the mental and emotional health of the person. Spending a lot of time on social media pushes an individual to experience disappointments, frustrations, sadness, or loneliness that can affect his life. Spending your whole day on social media is obviously not healthy. It can cause serious eye problems, it can cause headaches, it can change the mood, emotionally the person will not be fine and it can also make him/her to become more addicted to social media. Spending too much time on social media sites can affect our mood harmfully, and we are more likely to have poor mental health because of this. Many young people use social media in our time now as a medium for them to be welcomed, to be famous and to find love from their followers, or even to be updated in the life of someone. They have not understood that social media causes them to be nervous and frustrated because they are really concerned with it. Social media should not be used for a long time or hours, and we can only spend half an hour per day, if possible. So, moderation is all about it. Using it in mild can help avoid and prevent depression and anxiety from getting them.

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Another negative effect of it is an increased risk of having suicidal thoughts because of depression and anxiety that an individual got from using social media. It can also promote negative experiences, such as manipulation about how a person should feel insecure about how he looks and about what he has in his life. By seeing the posted and shared photos of other people's promotions, outing, travel and many more makes a person feel dissatisfaction. In social media, many people are experiencing the fear of missing out. They don’t want to not be updated about what is trending in social media. This fear can be experienced by having their social media engagement and addiction. The more they are using social media networks, the more they are to see that someone is having more fun than they are right now, and that is exactly what causes the fear of missing out.

Social media provides a higher standard of the appearance of an individual. Body image is also an issue for many people. Many people who are engaged in social media want to make their image based on what people's standards in social media. We'll find people who love to show that they wear designer clothes and show that they have perfect bodies if we look at these famous networks. Seeing such stunning pictures on social media, of course, makes them mindful of how they ought to look at their shared images differently. It’s sad to see that they are already worried about their body image in the younger age of those social media users, and they thought it was good and might help them, but they never realize that social media just gives and motivates them to have a negative body image.

Social networking sites are designed to draw our attention, hold us online, and have our screen checked for updates repeatedly. But social media use may trigger psychological cravings, just like a gambling compulsion or an addiction to nicotine, alcohol, or narcotics. It's how businesses make profits.

It is possible to characterize social media as being more addictive than vices such as cigarettes and alcohol. That’s why one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to minimize our time using social media. We can still use social media, but not to the extent that we will be addicted to it. Social media can still help us to find something that can help us to grow as an individual, but it can also lead us to have a life that is full of stress and problems.

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