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Make Recycling Mandatory to Help the Environment: Persuasive Speech

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Even though you may think this speech is rubbish. Please don`t throw it away. Recycle it instead. Did you know that the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle is enough to power a light bulb for up to 4 hours? That`s a lot of energy saved! Recycling has been around us for many years although the amount of waste on the planet is accumulating every day, which can be minimized if the majority of people begin to recycle. I would like you to join those individuals and activists who are speaking out about recycling. The environment is suffering as a result of all the pollution and waste produced by humans. Therefore, recycling should be mandatory.

We can save money and resources by recycling. Recycling reduces the number of resources such as metal, glass, paper, and plastic that are wasted and sent into landfills. This allows businesses to rely less on raw resources, which take more energy to produce. While landfill capacity may appear to be plenty, you would not feel the same if a new landfill was built in your neighborhood. Some people believe that burying waste will cause it to decompose on the earth. While this may occur, the absence of water, air, and light in a sealed landfill prevent the rubbish from properly decomposing. Every day, brand-new items are used, but all that is required is to place them in a recycling bin or bag, which might result in many products being reused. This would benefit the environment while also saving a significant amount of money. People that refuse to recycle are not interested in conserving energy on the globe.

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Recycling is important because it saves energy and protects natural resources. Take paper for instance. Paper originates from trees. Now imagine a forest with half the amount of these trees. Every year, almost 4 billion trees are felled for wood and paper products. Recycling paper items such as books and newspapers would enable more trees to be preserved in the world. Recycling items, from trees to minerals to marine resources, is critical to preserving natural resources. Natural resources are deteriorating quickly, owing to an increase in the usage of consumable items and packaging

In comparison to incineration and landfilling, recycling generates cash to help pay for itself. The more people that recycle, the less expensive it becomes. Others, on the other hand, may counter that we recycle as much as we can. Many easily recyclable products are still being discarded. Glass containers are not recycled in 73% of cases, magazines are not recycled in 77% of cases, and plastic soda and milk bottles are not recycled in 66% of cases. They set a goal of 50 percent for recycling; many municipalities recycle 40 percent or more, which is commendable but insufficient. Do most areas have less than twenty years of landfill capacity who wants to live next to a new landfill? Landfills are responsible for 57 percent of all methane emissions one of the most potent causes of global warming. About 23 of the operating landfills do not have liners to protect groundwater and drinking water sources which is bad for the environment. Some may argue that recycling doesn`t save trees or other natural resources and that recycling only saves non-renewable resources, but by recycling you are reducing the demand for raw materials especially as the world`s demand for new stuff has led to more of the poorest and# most vulnerable people being displaced from their homes.

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