Narrative Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse

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Nursing is a vocation I learned to appreciate and respect from a younger age as my grandmother and aunties were part of this workforce. I got to witness how the roles of nurses can be demanding and hectic on some occasions but satisfying and heartwarming on others. One who aspires to be a nurse has to be caring, compassionate, courageous, especially in tough scenarios, empathetic, and possession and demonstration of good people skills along with the zeal to learn and endeavor to improve themselves. Attention to detail and forward-thinking without prejudice are crucial as well. I believe I possess all these qualities and will strive to sustain and enrich myself on every occasion.

Currently, I study Access to Nursing with Midwifery. The units I am studying comprise of Health Psychology, Maths, Mental health and illness, and Human Physiology among others. In Health Psychology I studied the main duties of healthcare professions which are promoting healthcare, averting sickness, and caring for sick people. Different forms of administering medication include the Medical and Biosocialpsycho models. The Medical model is a conventional way medication is administered and portrays the individual as a victim whereas the BPS model is a new and improved way of treating individuals because it considers the social and the mental aspects of one’s lifestyle plus the individual has a part to play in their health. Nurses play crucial roles in this for example using motivational interviewing so the patients would open up more about themselves hence easier to find the course of sickness and find suitable treatment for the patients.

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All this has enriched my insight as well as enhanced my interest in studying Adult nursing at University.

During the summer, I had a work experience placement at a mental surgery shadowing a Psychiatrist. I noticed that it wasn’t always easy to talk to patients as some were uncooperative. So the doctor told me it was important to be empathetic and patient with them so as to let them open up. I was also advised that the Nursing Career is just the beginning and that it would take years of dedication and commitment to achieve a band 9 but it would be all worth it in the end.

This made me appreciate healthcare professionals even more satisfying and fulfilling.

I also worked part-time as a waitress in a high-end hotel. This improved my organization and communication skills because my post required patience, politeness, and more attention to detail with the customers and colleagues. I also learned how to handle stressful scenarios.

Recently, I started volunteering at Newham Hospital as a patient champion. My responsibilities include raising patients' concerns during brief meetings so they feel more welcomed and comfortable in the hospital. This has allowed me to attain a key communal communication ability and beneficial teamwork skills. In addition, being able to harmonize my studies as well as hobbies has surely proved to show my exemplary time management skills and dedication to not only do well in college but also to encourage and motivate others to reach out to others in the same way.

I am a disciplined person and I always find time for my diverse interests like skateboarding, gardening as well and swimming. Outside College, I hike around the Olympic Park so as to clear my head and get fresh air simultaneously. I like reading so as to widen my thinking capacity. I enjoy socializing with people and exchanging ideas and opinions on current events like Brexit and learning more about their cultures.

Adult nursing is the course I think will give me an outstanding learning experience. After graduating, I hope to further my study in cardiology. I am profoundly fascinated by nursing and I look forward to a great rewarding career.

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