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There are so many things that are yet to discover in this world and to be able to attain a full comprehension of those is through a research. A research can be classified into two types: qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative research is essential in the field of education for it is used in several cases. Through this type of research, things such as the effectiveness of a teacher, the student’s performance and growth, the student’s learning preferences, and other...
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Education Education for me is the most important part of a persons life. This is the part where we are absorbing every single learning that we need in order to have a better chance of getting a good work or a stable financial capabilities. In order to have that we need to have a good educational system and one of the things that can help improve it is by doing a quantitative research. By doing a quantitative research we will...
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The Importance of Quantitative Research in the field of Education, Business, Medical and Health Allied Services and Science and Technology Education is definitely the broadest concept in this world. Everything starts from here. In our curriculum, Practical Research is a core subject that each student, any strand, must take. Some students perceive this subject as something that is hard and complex. Some even question the significance of it. Research, particularly quantitative research, plays an essential role in the field of...
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Biology • Quantitative research is important in cell biology. It is use to make accurate measurements to test a hypothesis in order to compare experimental data with predictions generated by theoretical models. • Using quantitative research in biology had often revealed counterintuitive phenomena and insights while at the same time leading to novel research directions. This is of particular importance today, as experiments are becoming increasingly expensive and are rapidly accumulating vast amounts of data. • With our world facing...
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In our world today, many things come up which has no clear answer to how it came to be. The solution that we came up with, was conducting researches, to soothe our curiosity. Since then, researching has been one of the ways to solve our society’s wonders. Research has two kinds of approach: Qualitative and Quantitative. Qualitative researches refer to the meanings or concept definition rather than statistical counts, it may also be subjective as it seeks to understand human...
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In this exploration the researcher will utilize quantitative information examined in the research to gather numerous data from sources to find the general solution for the exploration. The Quantitative Approach as the name suggests, is concerned with quantitative data where data is collected from different sources, such as surveys and questionnaires. The qualitative approach is drawn from the constructivist examples; this approach focuses on the better understanding of reason, opinions and motivations. such as interviews and focus groups. In this...
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Introduction The assignment is focussed on the critical analysis and evaluation of the assigned research article on the basis of benefits components highlighted below, that is helpful to develop skills in reviewing secondary materials. Article from event sector is being analysed. Summary and critical evaluation of study Benefits of different research methods There are different kinds of research methods used widely by numerous researchers. These research methods vary in accordance with the research questions and the type of data that...
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A Qualitative study by Forte et al, (2015) on opportunity to involve men and families in chronic disease management in Chiapas, Mexico and a quantitative study by Goncalves et al, (2017) on knowledge of individuals with DM in the family health strategy in Brazil were selected. Both papers are taken from Latin American country, Brazil and Mexico which has the highest prevalence of diabetes than any other country in the region ( Chapa,2017 ; Telo et al,2016). In the United...
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