Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the Assigned Research Article on the Basis of Benefits Components

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The assignment is focussed on the critical analysis and evaluation of the assigned research article on the basis of benefits components highlighted below, that is helpful to develop skills in reviewing secondary materials. Article from event sector is being analysed.

Summary and critical evaluation of study

Benefits of different research methods

There are different kinds of research methods used widely by numerous researchers. These research methods vary in accordance with the research questions and the type of data that is involved to be analysed in the research (Bryman & Bell, 2015). The two most widely used research methods are quantitative research methods and qualitative research methods. The benefits of quantitative research methods are that it provides a solution to analyse the data gathered in a numeric form such as close-ended questions surveyed from participants based on Likert scaling systems, or the data gathered in time series format (Smith, 2015). It helps to analyse the mean, median, standard deviation, and the general descriptive statistics such as normality of the data. In the detailed format, quantities research methods are used to express the cause and relationship among the variables by different statistical tests such as correlation, regression, ANOVA, ARIMA, that helps to also to analyse the preference trends, groups and as well as demographics (Rowley, 2014).

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On the other hand, there are qualitative research method benefits of this method that it helps to analyse research questions that are associated with human behaviour, attitudes, emotions, and personal characteristics (Taylor, 2015). It also helps to conduct interview analysis as well as content analysis to study further questions related to human desires, routines, and needs. In the article; “Mental Accounting and Festival Visitors’ Expenditures: An Exploration for New Factors” the researchers Mosely & Chancellor (2012) have studied the theoretical concept of mental accounting with an aim to analyse if budgeting practices of festival visitors impacts expenditures or not. So in order to determine budgeting practices and impacts, researchers have used the qualitative method.

Benefits of Methodologies and designs

There are different kinds of research designs that researcher follows to bring accuracy and reliability in the findings with respect to the type of questions and their responses. The major research designs that are followed by expert researchers are descriptive research design and exploratory research design (Lewis, 2015). The benefits of exploratory research design involve the increased understanding to the researcher to draw on definite conclusions. It helps the researcher to identify the possible causes, symptoms, and signs of people towards a specific decision. In this research also with an aim to identify the impact of budgeting practices of festival visitors on expenditures, the researcher has found exploratory findings following the exploratory research design (Hallinger, 2018). In this research, the researchers have conducted the survey in National Maple Syrup Festival in Medora, Indiana, it was mainly performed with the research instruments that are available in different varieties to select among, based on the type of research, the most research instruments are interviews, questionnaire base don rating scales such as LIKERT, and observation charts. In this research, Mosely & Chancellor (2012) have utilised the questionnaire comprised of 26 questions that are divided into four major parts which include motivations, satisfactions, behaviour of expenditure, and characteristics of visitors (Rowley, 2014). These instruments can be considered as helpful because it helped the investigators to generate complete profile of attendees of the festival (Bryman & Bell, 2015). The scale that has been used is rating scale from rate 1 to 7 ranging from very unlikely to very likely respectively. The major of designing an appropriate research methodology is to bring validity, reliability, and accuracy in results to be generalised and used for further researches (Hallinger, 2018).

Research approaches also plays an important part to bring accuracy in findings and is the main component of research methodology, the main approaches are inductive and deductive research approach, the major difference in between the approaches is,; deductive approach is objected to testing theories that have been already studied by the researchers and the inductive approach is aimed to analysed and mainly concerned with the creation of new idea resulted from the analysis of data (Smith, 2015). The deductive research normally starts with the formulations of hypothesis, on the other hand, inductive research approach begins for narrowing down the scope of the study.

Suitability to questions and scenario

However, in this research, Mosely & Chancellor (2012) have used inductive research method and narrowed down the research to focus only on impacts on expenditures by budgeting practices of visitors. The study has been limited to the four segments only based on 26 questions in total (Hallinger, 2018). The inductive research approach has helped researchers to contrast and compare its own findings with the already presently conducted researches in the discipline studied in literature review section. It can be evaluated that researcher has implemented best research approach that suited to the research questions and explored a new idea in mental accounting to answer 26 specific research questions (Taylor, 2015).

Data analysis

It is vital to adopt appropriate data analysis technique to ensure the quality of results in terms of dependability, accuracy, and utilisation for further research. This is mainly performed in statistical soft wares such as SPSS, STATA, etc (Bryman & Bell, 2015). In this research Mosely & Chancellor (2012) have applied descriptive statistics; its implementation can be evaluated with regards to the suitability of the data and questions, descriptive statistics is mainly performed to analyse and determine patterns and themes founded on comparable topographies and ideas in the data (Lewis, 2015). It has remarkably publicized the demographic outline, motivations, and patterns of visitor’s behaviour of the regular visitor to the “National Maple Syrup Festival”, with the accurate and definite percentages enhancing reliability by numeric evidence.


To summarise the above article it can be said that the appropriateness of the research methods, approaches, designs, and instruments have been contributing to the fruitful findings of the study and has built an in-depth idea of association among the variables and this phenomenon predictably may lead to druthers development of theoretical model.


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