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Reasons Attributing To Semester Failure

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Achieving success in university education needs commitment and dedication towards lecture attendance, approaching assignments in time and intensive reading for exams. Falling short of the highlighted elements may lead to a total failure in the semester, consequently repeating the unit or the course in the worst scenario. Pursuing success in the university or college is challenging since the student is entitled to freedom, limiting pressure posted by the learning institutions as evident in elementary schools and high schools. In the essay, I will examine the three key factors that may lead to my failure in this semester.

Three key factors may contribute to my semester failure and the worst extent, the repeat of the entire semester. These factors include laziness, overconfidence, and peer pressure. Laziness is evident in attending classes, completing assignments and reading for exams. Being lazy will refrain me from taking the necessary efforts to pursuing success in the present semester. Overconfidence might affect me based on my experience. I have been passing exams in the past semester, therefore, going with such a notion, I will be overconfident in performing equally well this semester. Such confidence will lower my passion for studying hard. The last factor is peer influence, not all students are in pursuit of success, and rather some simply want to be accredited pass. Peer influence might flare me from the right path to engage in drugs and crime, thus expelling my vision for education. Of the three factors, laziness will contribute most to my failure because, even under peer influence and overconfidence, a hardworking student can still excel.

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I was given activity by the organization I work with to collect the relevant evidence on the factors demeaning the success of the company in the delivery of services to the community. Working closely with the local communities to enhance healthy living, I was to inquire why the organization’s fast food’s sale is reducing over time. I was to complete the task in one week. Due to laziness, I postponed the task to the very last day of one week. On my side, this was a great failure, as the report I gave the company was not a real presentation of the facts on the ground. I only sampled five families out of the expected fifty. To the community, I failed in addressing their health concerns on fast food.

Based on the previous assignment I did, the performance was not good. The tutor commented that “you can do better than this,” the comment has been an alarm to me that I am falling short of what I used to be. Failing has never been part of me. I have realized that I am becoming lazy in school work and that I need to make the necessary changes to correct the situation.

To conclude, failing should never be a case in the institution of higher learning. Securing a chance to study in colleges means that the student is capable of doing better in the courses they enroll. Laziness, overconfidence and peer pressure are key factors derailing the success of the student in the institutions of higher learning. The students should focus on their objectives in colleges and stick to their mission to achieve success.

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