Reflections on How New Zealand's Film Industry Promotes Tourism

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New Zealand is a well-known global film and television production leader, and also a gathering place for International Film and television talents, where the most talented producers, directors and special effects artists in the world gather.

At the same time, it also has a profound local film and television culture and distinctive characteristics. With the efforts of local filmmakers, stories on the stage of New Zealand are increasingly entering the vision of global audiences.

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According to New Zealand media reports, recently, the New Zealand government announced that it would allocate $300 million to the development of New Zealand's film industry. Among them, US $1.8 million was used to supplement the budget of the film industry in 2016-2017, US $6.4 million was used for domestic films in New Zealand, and US $220 million was used to support international film and television production. Behind this investment, in addition to the development of the film industry, the government of New Zealand is also hiding its ambition to build a large film tourism industry by taking advantage of the screen.

“This great investment will continue to make New Zealand famous as a movie destination”, - Maggie Bailey, Minister of Art and Cultural Heritage of New Zealand, said in announcing the budget. However, the development of the film and television industry is not the only goal for the New Zealand government to invest this huge amount of money. Simon Bridges, New Zealand's Economic Development Minister, said that New Zealand is the world's leader in film and television tourism, and the determination of a $300 million budget will continue to maintain a strong momentum in this area. In order to benefit from the $300 million fund, filmmakers will build studios on New Zealand land and purchase the products they need to make films, because these conditions will allow them to apply for fund support. “We will do a good job in the surrounding work of fund distribution to ensure that New Zealand can benefit from it”.

According to statistics, since 2014, the New Zealand government has subsidized the production of about 50 international film products. Simon bridges believes that without the government's strong financial support, there would not be so many overseas production companies choosing to make films in New Zealand. The presence of international film production teams feeds back the development of New Zealand's local film industry. At present, there are 14000 people in New Zealand who work in the film industry, and the total economic value created last year is about 3.3 billion US dollars. Since 2014, as many as 23 domestic films have been funded by the government. “The policy of subsidizing domestic and overseas films has been developed hand in hand”, -Maggie Bailey said.

For the tourism industry, the role played by the film industry is obvious. According to the survey, 18% of foreign tourists visiting New Zealand said they came here because they watched Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit'. Journalists are also one of them. When I went to New Zealand in 2016, I was impressed by the perfect combination of tourism and film industry here. This country with the slogan of '100% pure New Zealand' has a natural and strange scenery. However, before Peter Jackson chose to shoot ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ here, New Zealand was not a popular destination for foreign tourists.

Take Hobbiton, one of the shooting studios of the Hobbit people, as an example. In 2013, its population in the Matamata area of New Zealand's North Island was only 13000, less than the total number of sheep raised on the local farms. Now it has become a tourist attraction of New Zealand, attracting a large number of tourists from Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. In recent years, this scenic spot attracts nearly 300000 tourists every year, which is increasing year by year. Hobitton's guide told reporters that Peter Jackson was the hero of the local people and he created the tourism miracle here. From Matamata in the North Island to Greenock and Jianzhen in the South Island, with the theme of 'Middle Earth World' in the film, the tourism routes are constantly developed, the facilities and equipment of the tourist attractions are constantly improved, and derivatives are innovated New Zealand's strange scenery and complete tourism facilities make tourists love it more. Film and tourism perfectly support each other and form a virtuous circle.

Not only that, the development of film industry has obviously promoted the science and technology industry. According to Simon bridges, artificial intelligence and robot products used in film making are even more used in health and other fields.

Why develop the film industry in New Zealand? What are its advantages? I think in the following aspects:

  • Talents: New Zealand talents gather, including Oscar winning directors, actors, playwrights, special effects artists, digital animation makers and fashion designers, all of whom are the world's leading invited industries. New Zealand film crews are also favored by the world's largest production companies for their expertise and optimism.
  • Scenery: New Zealand has a breathtaking scenery, its natural scenery and city center live next to each other, and has world-class film and television resources. There are many kinds of sceneries for the movie, from majestic mountains, glaciers and primitive forests, to picturesque beaches, lakes and desert like sands. This makes it a hot spot for filmmakers and TV ad crews.
  • Technology: filmmakers around the world are using cutting-edge post production and special effects technology developed in New Zealand. With its outstanding performance in many films, Vita Digital has become a leader in film and television production, including: ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, ‘King Kong’, ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ’The Hobbit’.
  • Innovation: through divergent thinking, New Zealand companies have found new solutions to common problems in film production. They invented a unique seamless polycarbonate mesh and made a modern version of the chain armor. SHOTOVER Camera Systems, based in Queenstown, has designed and produced a new generation of world leading aerial cameras, which will be widely used in New Zealand's major production films and television and film production sites around the world.
  • Quality: the all-round production ability, coupled with highly skilled, well-trained and experienced staff favored by global filmmakers, endows New Zealand with all the elements needed to produce high-quality films.

It is New Zealand's long-standing emphasis on innovation and the spirit of discontent with the status quo that gave birth to such achievements. New Zealand filmmakers are known for their professionalism and creativity. New Zealand film companies are also renowned for their top post production and visual effects.

The development of China's film industry has driven a series of industries, promoted economic growth, expanded its popularity and strengthened the vigorous development of tourism. With the development of New Zealand's film industry, the film industry continues to be popularized and expanded, reaching the goal of being visible to the whole people regardless of status or origin. We should create conditions for social welfare. The development of the film industry can promote the communication between China and other countries, whether from the political system, the national system, or our socialist ideology, will be improved. As one of New Zealand's labor leaders said, “I hope New Zealand will be a fair, just, clean, green and intelligent country”. I have the same wish.

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