Reflective Essay on My Childhood Memories about Christmas Vacation

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Out of all my childhood memories, a memory that always comes to my mind is my Christmas vacation to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This is a significant memory since it helps me remember a period where my relatives got together at a troublesome time. As well as seeing the environment in Honduras showed me to be grateful for all that I have.

Growing up my family tradition was always the same for winter break, the first couple of days was unwinding at home, watching ABC Family 25 days of Christmas, and on Christmas Eve we spend Christmas with my mom's side of the family. But when I was 10, weeks before winter break, my mom got terrible news of my grandfather being ill, so it changed our traditions. At that time I was cheerful in light of the fact that I was traveling with my favorite cousins to Honduras and I was going to see a new place.

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Upon arrival in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, I was very amazed at how green everything was and I felt super cool riding with my cousins in back of the truck. The first couple of days was reuniting with other family members and for the first time interacting with my dad's side of the family, meeting my grandpa and grandma. However, the lifestyle of Honduras was challenging for me because I was not used to showering only with cold water and there being a limit in how much water you can use for only that day. Also seeing children younger than me come to my grandparent's door trying to sell pancakes or offering to clean the house. It was sad to see how many children were already working and trying to provide for their family at such a small age because they can’t afford to attend a school. It taught me to be grateful to live in the United States because I can attend school and actually have a childhood playing with my friends, and not worrying about getting a job.

This vacation is a significant memory of mine because, on Christmas day, my mother and aunt helped the children living in front of my grandparent's house that we regularly saw on our vacation working. They both bought all of there pancakes they were selling that day and those children were extremely grateful because they got a day off with a gift of buying them pizza. Although these weren’t my actions of kindness for them I was glad to see my mom and aunt helping them out and seeing the children not asking for materialistic things, but instead asking for food.

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