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Positive reinforcement at home and school – good or bad? There are plenty of factors contributing to the education of a child. Family disputes, bullying, and learning disabilities are just some of the issues children are faced with, even from a very young age. Discipline, however, could be a major contributing factor to the behavior of a child. Furthermore, how exactly does discipline affect a child’s education Throughout the school system in the U.S., teachers working with students, even with...
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Introduction and Thesis Various type of behaviors will be performed by the secondary school student in the classroom and these behaviors can be explained by developmental theories, such as Piaget’s cognitive development theory and Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. All this behavior can cause positive and negative impact in the classroom. Majority of the students often perform a negative behavior which lack of motivation, lose focus and lose track of the purpose being at school mainly because of the transition from...
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1. Human resource development. Human resource development includes the training of an employee after he/she has been hired by providing opportunities such as employee training, employee career development, coaching, mentoring and succession planning for learning new skills, knowledge and abilities that are both beneficial to the individual and also to the organization. Types of Human Resource Development On the job training which involves impacting knowledge and skills to an employee to perform a task while still performing that same task....
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Present article demonstrates a viable method of modification of mango wood (MW) through reactive reinforcement of polyacrylonitrile (PAN). Reactive reinforcement of PAN was conducted through sewlling of MW planks (moisture content: 12.5%) into methanolic solution of acrylonitrile (AN, 20-60%,v/v) supplemented with 2,2-azobisisobutyronitrile (1.0% w/v) at 30 ± 10C over 48h followed by curing of planks at 80 ± 10C over subsequent 3h.This has afforded a series of wood polymer composites (WPCs) with PAN loading (%) in the range of 5.5...
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Inverse reinforcement learning is the problem of making an agent learn reward function by observing an expert agent with a given policy or behavior. RL problems give a powerful solution for sequential problems by making use of agents with a given reward function to find a policy by interacting with the environment. However, one major drawback of RL problems is the assumption that a good reward function – which is a succinct representation of designer’s intention- is given. But, identifying...
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Topic Background/Introduction: This paper studies the effect over pleasure centers on an organism’s behavior, specifically the outcome if the organism can stimulate them on command. The specific stated topic is “reinforcing function of the electrical stimulation”, which essentially means that instead of using electric impulse to study what it triggers (movement, emotion, reaction), this is using electric impulse to study reward and punishment perception. Hypothesis: The hypothesis, although never directly stated, appears to be that electric stimulation via the use...
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Operant conditioning is one of the theories of learning founded by a famous American psychologist Skinner, but the real founder of the theory is Edward Thorndike. Operant conditioning is a process that attempts to modify behaviour through rewards (reinforcement) or through consequences (punishment). Reinforcement defined as an increase in a good behaviour after the reward and praise, and the reinforcement divided into two types: positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is the positive results given to the...
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