Separations Morality from Politics by Machiavelli

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Morality?
  3. What is politics?
  4. Morality and Polities
  5. Can morality be separated from politics?
  6. Conclusion
  7. References


The focus of this essay will be to show the moral suggestion of separating morality from politics, shortly, Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli is best known for writing The Prince, was a 16th century Florentine philosopher known primarily for his political ideas the 'father of modern political theory” (Machiavelli , 2019).Approximately Machiavelli is the first one who separate moral from politics. Before him in Ancient Greece there was attempts to separate by Socrates and Plato. Niccolo Machiavelli is a great influence on many poloticians, philosophers, and leaders alike. His name has also come into Machiavellism meaning a brutal or realist view of something perhaps not the most moral of methods but it is effective. “Machiavellianism is a construct based on the writings of Machiavelli and describes individuals who are ambitious, strategic, capable of delaying gratification, manipulative, and amoral” (Lyons, 2019).Also, the researcher in this essay will explain what are the both concepts polities and morality, after that, according to Machiavelli goals important prince should be trying to get his goals , also he says that going on any path to achieve goals it is normal, Also, Machiavelli made a very strong case for morality to be separated from politics since history has shown that a good end has a way of justifying an evil means in governance. Taking a signal from Machiavellianism and the Nigerian political involvement from the independent era to the present time. Much emphasis will be put on proving answers to the following thought inciting questions which are at the base of Machiavellian political thought.

What is Morality?

principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and behaviour. The word carries the concepts of: such as moral responsibility, referring to our conscience, moral standards, with regard to behaviour; and a moral identity, or one who is capable of right or wrong action. Therefore, morality means rightness., virtue, and goodness. Ethical quality has become a complicated issue within the multi-cultural world we live in nowadays. Let's explore what ethical quality is, how it influences our behaviour, our conscience, our society, and our extreme fate (allaboutphilosophy, 2019).Ethnic (morality) explain that morality is the human attempt to define what is right and wrong about our actions and thoughts, and what is goodness and badness about our being who we are. However, the opposite of morality is immorality, which is actually the opposite of what is right or good( Jones, 2018).

What is politics?

Wherever you find individuals living together, you may find power relations: a certain individual or organization sees to it that another organization or individual carries out a certain activity that it something else would not carry out. The primary person has control. In order to create this clearer, fair envision simply are sitting on a couch at the, side for occasion, your partner (politicalscience, 2019).So what is politics ?the science of government; that portion of morals which has got to do with the direction and government of a country or state, the preservation of its security, peace, and prosperity, the defines of its presence and rights against outside control or colonialism, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the security of its citizens in their rights, with the conservation and improvement of their ethics (definitions, 2019).

Morality and Polities

Morals and politics are complex concepts, and there's a close relationship between them, which is revealed within the titles of the various studies that take after. Upon analysing the texts I chosen to raise a few reflections which will appear difficult, but I will make an exertion to present them clearly. Researchers, political scientists, philosophers claim that politics and morality are not connect because politics continuously persuaded to satisfies their possess needs and interests and uses most successful ways and implies, and the ethical satisfies the needs of most people. Based on the theory, able to say that the policy administering all public areas of life society a state. This could be considered a positive factor, that's the great policy side. However, In the modern world of the leading role play politics. Morality is formed under political impact which clears out a clear imprint onthe ethical sees ofeach person. Incase weconsiderthe policy positionsof great and evil, atthatpoint it means that diplomacy isthe art of arrangement. Since politicians ought to arrange. It is this brought them the intuitive for survival since or they try to compromise or diplomatic death. In our society, this instinct isn't work. However, there is some long conversation about morals in politics. Some scholars are accepting that's difficult to separate them and it would be really impulsive to do so, whereas there are others who accept that separation of morals from religion is necessary to ensure proper political growths and improvements. Between the political philosophers who were the authors of thought of separation of morals from politics in advanced political think about was the Italian political philosopher and politician, Machiavelli (Sherzai, 2014).According to Machiavelli, politics is fundamentally concerned with protecting and furthering the intrigued of the state. He attempted to arrange political activity in an independent domain, free from the obliges and confinements of ethical judgment. Here Machiavelli attempts to demonstrate the inconsistency between the requests of traditional ethical quality and power politics. It means that terms politics is generally concerned with arrangement of enactment in arrange to decide who will pick up most financially in any given society or organization, and as such political handle is generally characterized by strife of intrigued among diverse classes that make up the society. such the concept of morality and the creation of great life. Politics for me ought to be almost the collective choice of how the state ought to be composed with the point of bringing almost common happiness. But, the notion of morality may be a universal feature of human life. That is difficult to understand and literature. The complex nature of morality makes it helpless to conflicting analysis, positions and debatable issues which have remained uncertain. But be that because it may, a few working definitions have been given that might help one in having knowledge to what morality stands for The thought of morality is equally used to allude to a system of standards and judgment shared by social, devout and philosophical communities with common conviction of what constitute right and wrong. Machiavelli’s argument that morality and politics cannot exist within the same gathering. However, when analysing Machiavelli’s different concepts in profundity, one can conclude that maybe his proposed savagery and fiendish is fuelled by an ethical conclusion of sorts (Törnström).

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Can morality be separated from politics?

Niccolò Machiavelli clearly differentiate between moral and political and he believes in that moral avoidance is to get some of our goals (The prince).The view of the separation of ethics from politics is more explicitly associated with Machiavelli. He not only insists on this dichotomy but also recommends, in his concise and famous thesis named, The Prince, to the ruler or prince to trample upon every ethical consideration so as to fortify his power(islam, n.d.).

What is moral meaning? Moral is consisting from all those form which composed in the society. For instance, lying is a bad thing in a society but depends of Machiavelli and The prince book it is normal for prince to do lie with his nation, moreover this leads to make obvious break between moral and politics. Machiavelli advices the prince it is better his nation has fear from than they have love to him, because in fear usually people do less treason and coupe but in love there are many treason, coupe and apostate. Gathering love and fear together very difficult, that is why he advices prince to obligate his nation to have fear instead love for him. Machiavelli does not relate these things to morality, and that is not mean Machiavelli does not believe in moral but he attempts to differentiate between politics and moral. For Machiavelli separation between moral and politics based on that politics those works and do not have any relation with moral. What is moral principles for the prince? Which behaves should prince do for those works. Machiavelli says that going on any path to achieve goals it is normal, it means the moral substituted by goals. (Dara, 2019).However, These two contradicting camps are ably spoken to by the Aristotelian sees and the Machiavellian views. For Aristotle, the trademark of human actions counting politics is the interest of ethical ideals, which in turn will guarantee common happiness for the person and the society at large. But in differentiate to this, can be the Machiavellian advice to the “The Prince”, he saw the got to lift up the idea of morality in politics as superfluous, since both human nature and the instrument of politics don't warrant it. He exhorted rulers and imminent lawmakers against any thought of a conceivable put for morality in politics. Whatever position one might choose to require, the truth remains that there appears to be a conceivable relationship between morality and politics. Both morality and legislative issues offer assistance to direct and coordinate human behavior. As a controller morality is concerned with interpersonal relation and intuitive between individual and bunch, though politics directs relations between bunches, distinctive socio-political organizations and the state, with the control of state power as the centre. what affect would politics have on the lives of individuals living in a society when the key actor in politics have no moral qualms?

According to both Aristotle and Plato made no distinction between these two concepts in their moral and political thoughts. For them “ethics is at the same time politics” (OGBONNAYA OKOMBA, 2006).Aristotle said that problems of individual morality can’t be separated from the problems of political institutions and organizations. Aristotle’s view was teleological in that human actions ought be judged by their consequences. Also The idea here is not to discredit Machiavellian form of politics but rather to suggest that the game of politics will bring about more of common good if given moral backing. Therefore, politics should be viewed in terms of generating common happiness which will in turn bring about the good life we all desire. I believe politics should be for man and not man for politics(OGBONNAYA OKOMBA, 2006).Therefore, if morals is needed for the individuals, it can only be kept when the individuals feel that the government is, also steadfast and committed to the principles of morals. Something else, there will be no guarantee for the survival of morals in society, and in turn, survival of the government. However, Machiavelli argued that stresses on the need for the government to behave morally. “Just as good law is needed for the preservation of good morality; good morality is also necessary for the observance of law.”


conclusion, in this essay the researcher got that Machiavelli's argument that morality and politics cannot exist in the same forum. according to Machiavelli morality obstruction is to get some of goals. because the most important thing prince to do that it is achieve goals. Also the researcher believes that sometimes morality and politics are adapting together. For example, a country caused crisis (flood, famine, earthquake, volcano and immigration) there are some reasons for cooperation between countries, that is both morality and politics. Machiavelli believes that individuals should to do in the same time fears and loves prince. Another point, the conclusion of the claimants of this is that the principles of ethics should not be allowed to interfere in politics.


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