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Speech about Bullying

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What is bullying? is when a person or a group of people tend to pick on someone who does not have the power to speak up for their self. ( article states that “bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power Imbalance”. Bullying does not have to be physically it can be words also. Criticizing as one of the ways of bullying in a mental way. Bullies are people who have problems in life so they think hurting someone physically or mentally can help them with their situation. I think bullies should be giving a chance before suspension because like I said bullies have problems in life. So before taking a big step like suspension we need to see the bullies problem to solve.

At first when I person is bullied that person does not trust their self nor love their self this leads to low self-esteem, the person who gets bullied does not know their self-worth. That person can achieve a lot in their life and become big but the bully stops all of that. Bullying can lead to self-harm and sometimes leads to suicide. (Scholarly articles) “States that 19% of Americans popularity gets bullied and 49.8% of Ireland gets bullied”. 90% of schools all around the world has people who get bullied every day. Most schools don’t handle these situations very seriously. Which is a very big problem for the students and the parents. This is a very big problem for parents because this may lead to losing their child.

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School should start to take actions of what’s happening around the School. And kids should not be scared to stand up to their self. Students should go inform an adult about this. Kids are the future of this world and bullying will stop kids from growing babies without loving their self and without self-esteem they will never see their self the way other people see them. Most adults see them bright and could make a change but due to bullying this could never happen.

Most people who get bullied don’t believe in their self but there are some people who get big because of bullying; bullying told them to know they’re worth and one of the people who got big by being bullied is Keaton Jones. This Website ( States That “Keaton Jones, A Tennessee middle school student who described the bullying he’s endured in a video that has gone viral.” Bullying does not stop a person succeeding in life that person needs to love their self the way they are, and the bullies need to talk to someone about their problems because it can be solved nothing is impossible!

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