Suicide And Suicidal Thoughts: Symptoms And Sauses

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Many people believe that individuals who are deeply depressed or even moderately depressed commit suicide. According to the Bjceap Organization (Arnold, 2017), 60 percent of people believe that victims of suicide are led by only deeply depressed feelings. The reason why people believe that depression is the reason why people commit suicide is that individuals usually show symptoms of depression such as sadness and, hopelessness. These symptoms are obvious when it comes to the reasons that they have passed. Such as a person who has been hurt physically and mentally. For example, someone who was raped will have issues all their life because their innocence was taken from them. It will haunt them, give them nightmares, and leave them with strong anxiety issues. A problem like that easily leads someone into depression especially if they have nobody there to help them out. They give up on everybody including themselves. The only solution visible to them is to commit suicide because they don’t have to deal with that pain. So, the myth that only depressed people commit suicide is a tough subject to contradict but not necessarily true. People have their reasons on why it is that they took their life, and if there is no explanation one doesn’t really know. It could land both ways like, if the person is depressed and is struggling mentally, or they are angry and are having issues towards someone who they hate. For example, a school shooter has not gone to shoot up a school for being depressed but it could be anger and they have issues so they commit a crime and don’t want to face their consequences so they take their own life.

Suicide is when an individual ends their own life because that individual does not think they belong in this life. According to the World Health Organization, approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide (Nordquvist, 2011). Something important to know is that depression is not the only cause of why individuals commit suicide. There are varying factors that lead people to commit suicide besides depression, factors such as stress, terrorist agendas, mental disorders, and illness that also cause suicidal tendencies.

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Stress is when the body denies any changes in a person's life, such as physical, mental, and emotional responses to external factors. Stress is a feeling that occurs in everyone’s lives, but some people cope with it differently depending on the situation. Many people suffer from stress due to the environment they inhabit or their mental state. Stress usually is naturally involved in someone’s career, A career that is often known to be stressful is law enforcement. A police officer suffers from stress every day of their career. Officers run into many situations that may cause unstable mental states, such as seeing corpses, arresting criminals, or even being in life-threatening situations. According to Violanti (2004), most police officers grow old into retirement and become alcoholics or suffer trauma from stressful career-related moments that they do not know how to cope with, so their lifespan after retirement is very short and limited. Violanti (2004) also asserts that it is statistically proven that an officer passes away 3 to 6 years following a trauma dependent upon the officer’s ability to handle stress. There have been cases where the stress is too hard for them to cope with on a daily basis, and the officer may become an alcoholic and commit suicide from not being in a stable mental state (Violanti, 2004). Stress is an awful feeling for many, especially those who find themselves dealing with financial issues or even divorce. In some cases, individuals who have lost their job from getting fired or laid off in a period of their life when income is needed most leads to increased stress. They cannot afford to pay their mortgage, car payments, or feed their families. That can lead to divorce and escalate downhill until one hits what they consider “rock bottom”. The person is unable to find a solution or a way out of their problems because their life is full of so much negativity, problems, and stress. This may lead one to abuse drugs and alcohol while becoming abusive towards themselves or others. As this level of stress peaks, an individual may make the choice to end their own life. Stress can be harmful, and it may not lead to suicide, but individuals may be unable to find an easy fix and ultimately suffer until making the choice to commit suicide.

Suicide does not only come from depression or stress, but the self-harm may arise through religious beliefs or even brainwash that allows the individual to become a hero through death. In Islamic countries, there have been countless murders in recent wars over the past few decades, including deaths of both bad people and innocent individuals who die so that Islamic extremists can get their point proven or display acts of pure evil. These attacks are carried through by using suicide bombers. A suicide bomber is when an individual straps bombs to themselves or is behind the wheel of a vehicle full of explosives. It is their goal to cause destruction and take as many lives as they can or take one in particular not caring who is in the way, it could be children, infants, or adults. According to Farmer (2012), these attacks are mainly carried on by adult males or sometimes kids. People often wonder why these extremists would end their lives to harm others. A major reason behind that is that most of these Islamic extremists believe in suicide bombing as martyrdom and expect rewards in the afterlife, as is specified in the Quran. According to Chow (2010), male martyrs will receive 72 virgin maidens in paradise as a reward for their sacrifice. On the other hand, female martyrs are promised to find a single husband in paradise. A woman who had multiple husbands in life would be able to choose the best one as her eternal spouse in the afterlife. Kids are used in these evil methods as they are viewed as less suspicious and could get through checkpoints easier. Victoroff (2009) states that these kids are picked up off the streets as young as ten years of age and are brainwashed by their handlers. Furthermore, Farmer (2012) details an Afghan boy who was rescued moments before he carried on an attack had mentioned: “the mission was simply that he would run to the Americans and set off the bomb touching only two wires and that he would survive the explosion” (Farmer, 2012, p. 397). These kids are told that carrying on these assaults would get their parents into paradise, and the kids would not die but only the people around them. Another case is where kids are easily brainwashed.

A mental disorder is broadly defined as a clinically significant behavior or psychological syndrome. Many people around the world suffer from a mental disorders. There are many mental disorders, some mental disorders that are often recognized are anxieties, eating habits, and so on. One of the most common disorders people hear about is schizophrenia. Baldessarini (2006) states that schizophrenia is a long-term disorder, some of the symptoms include breakdowns, emotional outbursts, abnormal behaviors, inappropriate actions, and fantasy. When a person suffers from schizophrenia, it is hard because the person can be expressing several behaviors at once. According to Baldessarini (2006), schizophrenia can lead a person to commit suicide because they are out of touch with reality and have a negative aspect of behavior that many consider as psychotic. Bipolar is another disorder that negatively impacts people because a person can be happy one moment, and the next moment, that person may be sad or mad. A person who suffers from bipolar may commit suicide simply due to forgetting to take prescribed medications, which may create an increased state of mental instability and lead to suicide. Mental disorders are not the only conditions that can cause a person to end their life, as illnesses may also play a role. When a person is diagnosed with a sickness, the first thing that the person thinks about is death. Cancer is a sickness that can kill a person in less than six months. It is rare if a person is a survivor of cancer, as cancer is a disease that destroys the body. People who have cancer may experience feelings of hopelessness because they believe their life will end soon. Lynee (2018) states suicide is most common among individuals in the first three months after being diagnosed with cancer. The reasoning is because the person does not want to suffer from the pain of the disease or want to go through chemotherapy to combat the disease. This experience is the same with a person who gets diagnosed with a brain tumor, as they often have no hope in life and commit suicide because the doctor tells the person they will not make it more than six months. Having a mental disorder or an illness is difficult due to struggling with suicidal ideations or actually attempting suicide as a means to deal with deathly diagnoses.

Overall, suicide is a tremendous issue around the world that needs to be discussed more often because suicide does not only affect deeply depressed people. Suicidal tendencies can affect anyone who feels hopeless in this world. All individuals deal with various types of problems in their personal lives, but when suicidal thoughts occur within the mind, they can lead to death. Stress is a problem that all people encounter and suffer. Stress also leads to suicide because individuals see no solution to the problems that they are forced to face. When a person has a mental disorder, it is hard to find the proper treatment and many times the help fails to reach the individual and inspire that person to not continue with their life. illnesses affect may lead individuals to commit suicide because the doctors usually give the patient a timeline of fewer than six months to live. Ultimately, there are many factors that lead to suicide.

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