The Aspects of Social Media Censorship

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Having social media can have many ethical and legal implications. Social media such as Facebook’s censorship has arisen on its users. Imagine having to follow certain rules in order to open a Facebook account and being monitored. Following the same information filtering and reporting requirements as the government commands.

Thousands and thousands of people use Facebook. Faebook is even in other countries because of the fact that it follows many rules that it is allowed to be used not only in the U.S. Facebook is the number one social media used and since they follow may laws and rules their censorship is a big thing for them. Many people tend to use this app more than any other and the second one most used is twitter. Like they say if you want people to hear you out post it on facebook or twitter.

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President Trump has many ideas for this nation. One of his speeches he brought out about how social media such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are bias against and suppression of conservative users. With Trump wanting our tales of Social media censorship and contact info has many pros and cons to it. In reality if things want to get changed there is many issues and laws to go through before anything is changed.

Many questions are being asked about how and why Trump is doing this. First of what legal issues arise through this new government policy?Are their any laws are compromised or broken? Are there any ethical issues arised? What about freedom rights being boken and which ones? How would all of this change business or even affect it? Would business be affected in profit of facebook and other search engines? Can it affect the legal system such as the court system here in the U.S.? Also what reactions would I make to these government demands and what compromises I would make to asure I am considering the government’s need for information and public rights. There is many issues and laws that I will be covering in order to explain better on how this issue that Trump brought out will help and affect all of us as citizens of the U.S.

First of what legal issues arise through this new government policy? There is many legal issues that will arise through this new government policy, one would be Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This act is inteded to protect interactive computer services from being sued over what others post. This section 230 was intended so that the internet can be free of political censorship. Other legal issues that arise through this new government policy is disrimination, copyright issues and privacy. Having these issues in social media make a huge difference.

Discrimination can be an issue in the form of people using trumps new policy and stating anything they want and discriminate others in any way they want through social media. Copyright issues apply as plagiarism,ownership, details of which should be set out in a contract and website stealing. Being copyrighted can pass so many bounderies and be iligal in so many ways. Privacy is the biggest legal issue with this new government policy. Privacy can affect people in so many ways. First it will disclose peoples information and that is something people feel like its private. Also, people will be exposed to what they say on their social media, the government will be able to see and delete anything they want.

Despite the legal issues there is ethical issues as well. There is many ethical issues, some of those ethical issues would be bullying, creepiness, and misinterpritations. These ethical issues can affect many in so many ways. Dispararging competitors in social networking is unethical because of the negative impacts. Also using Facebook in contests and other ways have the risk of exposing people’s secrets with no rewards. The biggest ethical issue of it all is bullying facebook has been used in many ways to bully others and in many cases the ones being bullied have too their own life away because of the bullying.

By Trump making these new policies it can affect business in so many ways. Facebook is a big social media where people tend to advertise their business. If this new policy remains in tact businesses might not want to promote their business on social media anymore because of their information being censored. If businesses start being censored even then they might loose profitibility in the fact that business owners do not want to promotetheir business on social media. Social media is used in many ways for business they tend to help get the message around the world and helps promote business in a matter of seconds. Soocial media is a big part of the economy.

This new policy wont only affect the businesses but it will affect the legal system, court system and others in so many ways. One way it can affect the legal system is by that the first amendment would be violated. How he first amendment would be violated would be by that haaving to give contact information and having censorship breaks the law. Also open questions raise concerns about if the government will be able to remove allegedly objectionable facebook comments without breaking first admendment protections.

A way that it would affect the court system would be by that courts are now using social media in so may ways to make their job easier. Having social media censored can prevent the courts from many thing and it can also prevent them from hanig their own social media page. Having social media becomes so easy for them to handle news and other important information people need to know about courts.

If I was a high raking executive at Facebook with decision making influence within the company what my reaction would be to the U.S. Government demands would be denied. I would deny those emands for the fact that many people would leave facebook because they wouldn ot want to expose themselves in that form especially with government. Also, I would probably accept them because in order to run a business rules have to be followed and if the government does not approve of this it would be taken down.

Some things I would propose as a compromise to make sure I am considering the Government’s need for information and the people’s rights would be fairness. By fairness I mean that the government should take in consderation that not many citizens want to have their social media be exposed to an etent where contact information is needed. I feel like everyone should be able to have a social media without havig to put their contact information. On the other hand how I would take the Government in concideration would be by that giving them the right to open up about politics and having a more open site about people opinions would be good to an exent. Any harm or any thing that puts someone’s life in danger wouldn’t be acceptable.

Over all putting so much effort in a situation like this can affect many things. Legal issues will be affected such as privacy which is every humans concern. Having their information disclosed wouldn’t be something people would like to happen to them.Another issue would be ethical issues. A major ethical issue with social media would be bullying. Bullying is a big issue for the faact that people have lost their lives because of it.

Not only will there be ethical or legal issues but bussinesses would be affected also. Trying to promote a business or make profit from using social media will not be much of a help for a businessif this new policy comes in tact. If a business is affected the legal and court system are affected as well. Having this new policy will affect many in many ways and if I would compromise something it would to ask for fairnes for every issue that will arise beause of this policy that Trump is talking about.


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