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The Concept of Movement and Its Impact on the Modern World

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“Life requires movement'”- Aristotle. Movement doesn’t have to be moving from house to house or country to country. Movement can be as simple as changing schools or changing classes. Movement has been something that has been going on since the beginning of time. From the birds migrating to warm areas when it's cold in their current environment to people moving in order to get resources that their area lacks. Changing cultures, spreading ideas, and sharing resources are ways that movement has impacted our world.

Movement is not only subjected to humans. Animals move on a day to day basis. Whether it's just jumping from tree to tree to find more food or traveling to a new location for safety. A prime example of animals moving are the Monarch Butterflies. Each fall-winter these butterflies migrate to Mexico. However these butterflies aren't only special because they travel 3,000 miles and their wings are beautifully intriguing. It just so happens that these butterflies migrate to Mexico during Dia de los Muertos. A day that is celebrated by Hispanics in remembrance of their lost loved ones. These butterflies have now added a new meaning to Dia de los Muertos and they don’t even know it!. To the hispanics that celebrate this day, these butterflies now signify the souls of their loved one that have passed. How amazing is that? These butterflies don’t have the intention to come to Mexico and represent the loved ones of these people. They come to Mexico to escape the cold winters and to have a warm place to hibernate until nature tells them to migrate back. Before these butterflies became part of this culture, these hispanics would decorate their loved ones graves, dress up, decorate their ofrenda, and have a feast. However now they look forward to seeing these butterflies as it now signifies their loved one visiting them from the afterlife. These butterflies have modified a culture unintentionally knowing it.

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The movement of people influences African societies. The Aksum kingdom was trading gold in great quantities and making large exchanges, this had drastically changed the economies of many of the kingdom his caravan had passed, but what they did not realize is that his traders were not only expanding their wealth but the religious and ideological idea of the area the traders traveled too thus spreading the Islamic religion to Africa. In 750 A.D traders had started developing a trade route throughout Africa, this provided a route for the religion to spread into africa. Islam from the North into Arfica, this was a direct result of traders traveling and devolping these routes, then spreading the religon that they had brought back. This religion influenced African architecture and built religious statues. In Mali they build many mosques for the growing religions. Mansa Musa was one of the richest rulers ever, but this didn't make him greedy. He believed in religion and education. This caused him to build many schools and even a university, all of these schools brought lots of ideas and help focus on education and knowledge. Resources are not just money and wealth it is what you have and what is available to you, but in this it kind of is about money and wealth Masa Musa had resources. He had gold and respect from the people. That's why he just gave his gold away to people, who ask, and he gave it to tribes willingly and people, who moved here, because they wanted better resources. That is basically the American dream: people wanted better for there family and for better jobs and more money to provide for there family, witch is their resources. That why people came to America to have a better life for them and there children.

In conclusion, movement is important because without it, ideas would not have been spread. Cultures wouldn’t be adjusted for the better. Or the world would be segregated and no one would be brave enough to adventure out, but because movement has been going on for many years even in the smallest ways people are willing to move. No movement is not easy but it's worth it. Think about the places you have moved to, do you regret it? If so, why? If no, think about what made the move worth while. Remember movement doesn’t have to be global it could also be domestic.

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