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William Zinsser Expository Essay

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In the memoir Boy by Roald Dahl, he uses advice from another text called How To Write a Memoir. In Boy Roald Dahl tells stories that have stuck with him since childhood and into adulthood. Well, what does this book have to do with “How to Write a Memoir”?In How To Write a Memoir William Zinsser talks about different writing techniques that you should use while writing your own text. William Zinsser the author of How To Write a Memoir said you should use three different writing techniques while writing your memoir. The main rules are Be yourself, Think Small, and Speak Freely. Well, how do these all relate back to Boy well the next paragraph will tell you Boy relates to Speak Freely.

The boy uses cuss words and other words that are not good words for kids. Even though Roald Dahl knew that kids would read it he didn’t care he just wrote how he talked. He did not censor any words and kept it the way he liked it. This supports speaking freely because the purpose of “Speak Freely” is just to write the way you talk and that Boy uses other advice like “Think Small” and “Be Yourself” This paragraph can prove that Boy relates to “Be Yourself”. The book tells a large number of disturbing stories like how Roald Dahl Got beat by his headmaster or how he almost lost his nose and way more stories but that doesn’t matter what matters is that Roald Dahl just does writing the way he likes and does not hesitate about it. In his memoir, he explains most of these traumatic moments in detail. This shows that he is following “Be Yourself” because in How to Write a Memoir Zinsser says,” When you write your own history don’t try to be a “writer”. ” [How To Write a Memoir, Pg 2 ] This proves that Boy Follows The rule be yourself because in Boy Roald Dahl does not try to be a children's writer he just writes like the book is his diary.

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The boy follows the advice “Think small” because on page 1 of Boy, Roald Dahl talks about how each story in the book is small to him but important. This shows that he is following the advice because he uses stories that are small to him but made a big impact. Zinsser also says on page 1 that he did not have to search for any of these stories they just popped into his mind when he started writing. This proves that Boy follows the rule think small because in How to Write a Memoir William Zinsser says,” Take Whatever memory calling; your subconscious” (How To Write a Memoir 7). Zinsser also says,” Tackle your life in easily manageable chunks.”(How To Write a Memoir 7). This proves that Boy followed the advice because the book is slipped up into different parts and each one of the parts is memories Roald Dahl also says,” I didn’t have to search for any of them. All I had to do was skim them off the top of my consciousness and write them down.” (Boy Pg1). So in conclusion Boy Follows thinks small because all these things are present in the text.

In conclusion, Boy Follows every Rule given by Zinsser. Roald Dahl Follows, Think small, Be yourself, and Speak freely. Boy uses Zinsser’s rules to express the purpose of the text. So in conclusion Boy Follows each one of Zinsser’s rules.

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