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Abortion and Roe V Wade Case

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Abortions should be provided for women. Not all women can pay for an abortion let alone a child, the government should be helping with these costs otherwise there could be an increase in poverty and abandoned children. With the pandemic abortions and birth control has become more essintal than most people may believe. Lots of women have to travel for abortions and the pandemic isn’t making that any easier. Roe vs. Wade shouldn't come to a stop, because it's their body their choice on what to do with it. At home abortions cannot and should not become more of a thing, it is dangerous for the mothers. Abortion needs to become something that is more available for the ones who need it.

The cost of getting an abortion is cheaper than it would be than actually having the child. This is why the government should be helping to pay for the one abortion than trying to help a family that couldn’t afford to have a baby but had no other choice because it was hard to come up with the abortion money on the spot. (No Author. 2020) Birth control contraceptives should be made affordable and easy to access. That way unwanted pregnancies can be eliminated. The federal government needs to give money back to the Title X family planning program in order to help the women that need it. (No Author. 2020) America has banned the government from helping to pay for any abortion functions. The government continues to not help any women including the poor who can't even afford to take care of their reproductive health. Due to covid, some women lost their jobs and no longer have child care making the process of getting an abortion or birth control ten times harder than it was previous to the pandemic. This makes it even more difficult for them to book appointments and pay for them. Back in time laws were passed that made it so there couldn’t be advertising birth control or abortions otherwise that could cause jail time or a hefty fine. (Thompson. 2019) Before they changed the law women who had money traveled to places like Britain just to get abortions done the correct way, instead of doing it themselves at home. (O´Grady. 2018)

Covid has made getting and receiving abortions and birth control even harder than it was before. Patients have been able to receive abortion pills throughout quarantine. The rate had gone up for pregnancies during Covid-19. (No Author. 2020) A lot of states have been banning and shutting down because of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, even abortion by pills has been banned. During the pandemic, women have been having a very hard time trying to get an abortion so they have started buying illegal abortion medication. (Tavernise. 2020) A lot of states have banned the procedure because it is not an emergency operation. They are more focused on fighting against the virus. There are seven states in the South and Midwest that have said the postponement is necessary in order to keep medical and protective equipment clean and ready. Abortion groups have been saying they are using the virus to make it harder to get abortions done. (Tavernise. 2020) The virus has caused women to wait in their cars before their appointments, in which there are sometimes protesters yell at them for what they are about to do. (Tavernise. 2020)

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Roe vs. Wade makes it possible for women to get abortions. Without it women would be doing abortions the wrong way and possibly hurting themselves. Since Trump took office he said he was going to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Mike Pence, the Vice President said Roe vs. Wade was an ash heap of history. Other countries that don't have anything like Roe vs. Wade, abortions are just completely banned. Pro-Choice people are nervous that if Roe vs. Wade gets overturned, things will look like some other countries. Antiabortion advocates see abortions like murder because to most of them that fetuses life begins the moment conception happens. Abortion right advocates believe that women have the right to do with their body what they want. Research has shown that even if abortions become illegal women will still do them, it won’t be as safe and illegal. (O´Grady. 2018) Roe vs. Wade makes it possible for women to have abortions but because of that states are making the restrictions of the time you can have an abortion even smaller. (O´Grady. 2018) Just because we have Roe vs. Wade dosen’t mean states can’t make the abortion process ten times harder. (O´Grady. 2018) . The people have a feeling that in the near future Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and they are preparing for doing everything they can before abortions are banned. By building this bigger clinic they are ready to help women from other states get an abortion and more than they could have before with their previous building. (Tavernise. 2019)

In order for some women to get an abortion they have to travel. It could only be a couple hours away but most women have to travel to completely different states. Most women cant travel right now due to the pandemic so getting birth control and abortions could be impossible. Abortion pills should be available through mail. Patients have to get the two drugs from a clinic, and then they just get sent home with it. Reproductive experts say the drug is safe and there is no reason why it can't be mailed. Currently 18 states have banned getting abortion medication through telemedicine. (No Author. 2020) Birth control should be prescribed for a year at a time. If they have had a Pap smear in the past, annual visits can be longer apart than they are right now. The pandemic has helped spread telemedicine for birth control. (No Author. 2020)

Women in Missuori have had to travel out of state for years in order to get an abortion without going through all the hoops and leaps of doing so. Women from Missouri traveled to Kansas for abortions and because of that nearly half of Kansas’s abortions came from Missouri. In Illinois 14 percent of their abortions came from Missouri. If women wanted abortions nonsurgical their doctors would recommend them to clinics in Illinios. Illinois became kind of the heart of abortion clinics down south. (Tavernise. 2019) When building new abortion clinics people are making sure they are placed in a great spot. They do this to make sure women feel safe, relax and be close to the clinic itself while having to wait for their appointment. They put it next to several hotels, a large shopping center, and a place with a bunch of food options. They built it there because they knew they would have women traveling from out of state. (Tavernise. 2019)

Back in the past in some places where abortion was illegal women would take abortions upon themselves and do them at home. This caused the rate of maternal deaths to go up because it wasn't a safe procedure. Women starting doing “underground” abortions and it caused 11 percent of maternal deaths in the 1920’s. After seeing those percentages, they legalized abortions, but only if you are in the first trimester. When that happened the percentage of maternal deaths went down dramatically. Now in the United States it is safer to have an abortion than to go through labor. Basically, no matter if abortion was illegal or legal it was always done. (Thompson. 2019) There are groups of women around the world that help other women get an abortion where it is illegal. In, El Salvidor abortions of any kind are illegal, they are so strict on it to the point where if even women miscarry they can be sentenced up to 30 years in prison. (O´Grady. 2018)

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