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Audit: Definition, Importance And Objectives

Abstract We will talk about the definition of Audit and then will continue with it’s importance and objectives and then go to main research title which is “The Different Types Of Audit” and speak about everyone of them in details. the objectives of the audit...
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The Healthy Built Environments Program Audit And Audit Instruments

Audits-of-place provide valuable data that can bridge the divide between health determinants and the design of built environments. This report discusses the role of auditing in developing healthy and sustainable places. It begins with a case-study of the Healthy Built Environments Program (HBEP) audit tool...
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Knowledge Audit Review: Background And Approach

INTRODUCTION TO KNOWLEDGE AUDIT Currently all the organisations are adapting to knowledge management system and knowledge audit methodologies for the effective usage of knowledge in the growth of organisation. It also helps in effective decision making at the time of need. A knowledge audit is...
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Audit Expectations Gap

Introduction and breakdown of the theory Even though there are differences in the definition of the audit expectation gap, one can argue that the universal understanding of the expectation gap is that there are differences in what a user expects auditors to be responsible for...
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The Peculiarities Of Auditor Profession

Auditing as a profession is fundamental all around the world to many different stakeholders. It is a profession that also allows accountability to be taken on the true reflection of financial statements. Solicitors in the legal profession carry out work on behalf of the client...
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The Problem Of Pink Tax

Shampoo, conditioner, razor cartridges, razors, lotion, deodorant, body wash, shaving cream, shirts, pants, underwear, as well as hundreds of items more that women have to pay extra for. Gender-based price discrimination affects almost 50% of the world’s population. Also known as the pink tax, gender-based...
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Taxation: Types, Purpose And Importance

What is taxation and its purposes? Tax assessment alludes to the act of an administration gathering cash from its residents to pay for public administrations. Without tax collection, there would be no open libraries or parks. One of the most often discussed political themes is...
3 Pages 1212 Words

The Use Of Information Technology In Accounting

Importance of The Study This research derives its significance from the significant of the topic which is researches are still conducted on challenges on aspects affecting the adoption of IT needs more depth and diversity, and we are interested through this study to pay part...
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