Animal Cruelty In Australia: Reasons And Preventions

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There are many different forms of animal cruelty and it happens all over the world. Apparent and intentional acts of violence towards animals includes hitting, striking, killing, forcing an animal to fight and also chaining and tethering. Neglecting animals by not providing adequate food and water and any kind of psychological distress and or torture to an animal that is inhumane is wrong. Culling of native animals by shooting them and slaughtering animals by cutting their throats whilst still alive is also cruel as is animal testing in scinece labs.

There are many reasons why people hurt animals. A Group of teenagers may suddenly come across a stray dog and will start throwing rocks at it or kick it just to see how the dog reacts. Young children, teenagers and older adults, usually males, hurt animals because they think it's fun and they think it makes them tough in front of their peers. Other reasons that animals get hurt are things like religious sacrifice in some cultures, people with psychological disorders such as antisocial or psychopathic personality disorders are cruel to animals because of their mental state. Family pets may get hurt by the male in the cross fire of domestic violence against women and children in the family home. Some dog owners use their own dogs in dog fighting rings to earn money from it. Live animal transport is thought to be cruel due to the over stacking of animals in small and inadequate ventilated pens, cages and boxes. Chicken farmers don't clean the animals' enclosures properly, because it is too much work and animals are thought to not have feelings, leaving them to live in their own excrement, which causes harm to their feet and skin. A lot of animal cruelty is not reported but all animal cruetly is unacceptable.

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People abuse animals by being irresponsible pet owners and not abiding by the duty of care to their pet. People keep their pets locked in cars in hot weather with no windows down, starving their animals, dont provide vetinary services to sick or injured animals. Some people enjoy hurting animals by setting fire to them, kick them till they can't walk, lock them in places where they can't get out and some people put their animals in oil or places where they can’t breathe or tie their mouths up . Some pet owners leave their dogs chained up all day, every day without any relief off the chain, dogs were not born to be put on a chain. Necks slit, heads pulled off, cats thrown in bags and into water to drown, dogs hung by their own chain or leash, kangaroos mowed down by teenagers or druken drivers for fun, fish, dolphins, whales caught in nets or speared for their meat and other things. There are so many ways people like to be cruel to animals, too many to name.

In 2016, 1.34 million kangaroos were killed for the commercial industry for their skin and meat products. In 2009, 32,117 sheep died on the way to the Middle East via transportation by sea due to overcrowding, starvation, dehydration, distress and heat exhaustion. Over the past 30 years 2.5 million animals have died via the live export industry and many more suffered injury, illness and distress. There are trillions of animal deaths worldwide from cruelty. These are just some figures that I could fine, there would be many more unreported acts of animal cruelty in this country and the world.

The ways we can prevent animal cruelty is to be a responsible pet owner, stop someone when you witness animal cruelty, always report it when you see it, dont walk away from the hurt animal. Target repsonsible pet ownership and work with local councils. Community information and awareness and education. Animal welfare protests for live transport should be favoured by the public. Work with the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and donate to their cause. Abide by the Australian laws and more stricter laws need to be considered world wide.

In conslusion animal abuse is wrong but it is out there and is a crime. Animals can die and have tempromental and trust issues from this behaviour. Animals have feelings just like humans. Neglect, ignorance and improper care of animals needs to be dealt in the Australian courts.

The laws for animal abuse need to be taken into greater consideration and when considered the need to be used and treated properly. Abuse is one thing but to stop it we need to work together and report all of it. All animals should be respected.

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