Arguments For and Against the Motto: Never Give Up

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The end has happened there is nothing to do. Or anything to be done. Lying there wondering what is there to be done, or anything at all to do in life anymore. Just me and life. thinking and thinking there is nothing to do everything is boredom. I'm completely alone full stop wishing there is something that I could do. only if there was someone so close to me to be here right now by my side to cheer me up and to always be there for me when I need them. One day I'm sure there will be that person but right now I need to think of the present and figure out what can be done now that I am alone and lonely.

Over the years and years, I've developed so much that I should be able to stay strong right now and survive without a friend and go for one day that someone will come here for me. I will stay strong and never give up for the person who is going to be here right by my side forever. I will never give up in what I believe and one day My wish will come to you that someone will be there for me and do all these hard times I've gone through by myself it would have all paid off. Now and I am stressed if I know it'll be the next day and I'll be ready for more than wealth and tough homework step-by-step getting closer to the one who I've been waiting for all this time.

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Now it is the next day. Getting happier and happier as each day goes past knowing that one day closer as time moves by I will see that person so I've been waiting for. But today I must work hard so in the end all this work will pay off. Today I'll keep on Persevering till the end. I will work so hard that I feel like I'm going to fall to the ground and die. But now I must get to work to make sure I've worked enough.

Over the days and days, it has been such a hard time having to be here all alone working harder and harder at each day goes past. I've been waiting and waiting and thinking about when will the day come when so it is there for me. feels like that's never going to happen should I give up now or keep on fighting for that person we're still to come. people say to fight for who you love and never give up but today right now this very moment I'm thinking that is nearly impossible to do that and so instead I will live like this. and work so hard has never been done. Now I will stay here and enjoy my life as much as I want.

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