Benefits of Diversity in Organization to Lead the Success: Analytical essay

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Diversity in organizations represent to the equality in employees and also opportunities are given without any kind of gender bias, culture, age, language, regional bias. In organizations diversity is really essential because while working with different kinds of people at one place it helps to improve the company's name and fame by their various sort of modern and improvised thinking procedure. In every organization diversity is a most important factor for their success criteria. It has enormous benefits for every entity. A versatile organisation always hires people from different backgrounds at all levels who brings a dynamic knowledge of every field, a vast experience and expertise for their business which helps them to take all professional decisions. Human Resource of organisation keeps a focus on various parameters while hiring the staff with different age groups, both genders, skilled generation from overseas, disable people, Indigenous Australians and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds which helps to become a diversified organisation. Diversity plays an essential role that leads to success. For instance, in united states of America law was passed to encourage the diversity in workplace, corporate system encouraged the diversity in their workplaces and they made it mandatory.

Working environment diversity is currently something most organizations strive to accomplish because it helps to improve an organization's reputation and its growth internationally. While organization's goodwill and work environment consideration are certainly significant objectives worth seeking after, working environment decent variety has numerous other prompt and unmistakable advantages related legitimately to organization's main concern. Thus, workplace diversity is not just a politically correct fad - it is a serious competitive advantage. Companies with more diverse workplace outperform its competitors and achieve greater profits.

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Benefits of Diversity in Organisation to lead the Success

  1. Various experiences and thoughts-People come from different boundaries to work with different kinds of innovative thoughts and experience. Any issue, if observed in the organization, there will be alternative solutions to solve the issue. Employees where diversity would be high at workplace, worker will enjoy the maximum benefits of different perspectives, which is highly beneficial when it comes to planning and executing a business strategy.
  2. Enhanced Creative thinking – Diversity definitely provides workers a broad canvas to paint it with their creative thoughts. When different backgrounds people start working together on one project so everyone has different experience and different thinking process. Therefore, when everybody starts working on similar goal then they come up with various new and innovative ideas which improve the quality of work because in this situation manager can pick the best idea among them and can implement to get best result.
  3. Quick Solution for Problems - Employees from diverse backgrounds have different experiences and views, they have great exposure to solve various problems with their expertise and knowledge. They can use their technical mind set and innovative ideas to solve any issue easily and promptly because some people are expert in creating ideas for high production rate whereas few are good at implementing those ideas into business. Hence, due to diversified ideas, solution can be chosen easily that’s leads to success for an organisation.
  4. Better decision making - Researchers found that when diverse teams made a business decision, they outperformed individual decision-makers up to 87% of the time. When workers come up with different work culture and worldwide companies together, they join new team with great experience and a unique skill set from each other, they are well versed in decision making process and they do not take much time to approve an innovative solution to any problem which leads to the more informed advanced processes and results.
  5. Benefits for employees-Employees can be more benefited because when they work with the different culture people, they get great opportunities to learn other cultures which can be a new and exciting experience for them and could help them in their personal development.
  6. Help to raise the Revenue – Organisation earned great profits with the diverse workforce because their multiple skills help workplace to take better decisions that leads to better business results and reap more profits.

By diversity, organization can reach the different markets because clients will be increased in other demographics if their region person working in our organization. Diversity in organization always be benefited for their success by interacting different kinds of people at one place which leads to the organizational success.

In the context of the workplace, valuing diversity means creating a work environment that respects and includes difference, recognizing the unique contributions that individuals with many types of differences can make and maximizes the potential of all employees. Work diversity means employing people who may be different from each other and who don't come from the same background. The differences may be those of national origin, physical appearance, religion, education, age, gender, or sexual orientation but they work together for one goal of organisation and put their efforts to achieve it altogether.

Workplace diversity speakers mostly accept the fact that there are more similarities among employees than there are differences; however, despite the many common attributes’ employees share, there still exist cultural differences. Culture is defined as a set of values, practices, traditions or beliefs a group shares, whether due to age, race or ethnicity, religion or gender. Other factors that contribute to workplace diversity and cultural differences in the workplace are differences attributable to work styles, education or disability.

As we know diversity has multiple benefits to business although still it face enormous drawback because high level of diversity effect the business environment and to control Australia has a controlling body called “DCA – Diversity Council Australia”it is the independent not-for-profit organisation leading diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They provide unique research, inspiring events and programs, curated resources and expert advice across all diversity dimensions to a community of member organisations. DCA running with over 600 team members, mostly are Australia’s business diversity leaders and top employers like ANZ Bank, AMP, BHP, Boral, Coles, IBM Australia, Myer, Orica, Rio Tinto and Westpac. This organisationis estimated to employ approx. 2 million Australians, that shows 15% of the total workforce. They motivate flexible working and aim to create a work environment where all employees are valued, and can contribute, regardless of gender, age, culture, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, Indigeneity, family and caring responsibilities or religion.

We can discuss few factors which affect organisation success due to diversity as below -

Ethnicity -Ethnicity or Cultural tradition are the main examples of cultural differences in the workplace, specifically where communication, language barriers impact the business productivity. In a globalized economy, cultural sensitivity is really important because that gives ample benefit to organisation. Understanding and knowing about cultural differences is a crucial skill and once organisation learn to deal with it so they can help to navigate many complex interactions. Many times, overseas companies face failure due to cultural misunderstandings so its beneficial to learn any target audience culture first before to deal with them so that it can be fruitful as per expectations when planning to do business across borders. This includes basic customs, mannerisms and gestures. For instant, if an advertising company presenting its new product in the market so their presentations ofideas, languageand actions all should be similar with the target audience because only then they would feel more connected with advertised product.Therefore, its mandatory to know customers background to get success.

Individual differences due to Language and Personal Background – One of the main disadvantages of cultural diversity is language because it has seen several times that employees feels anxious to express their ideas and innovative thoughts with their colleagues due to language barriers and that’s the reason to follow a standard business language as English to overcome this problem. Social segregation often occurs when speakers of two languages work together and face different challenges due to communication gap. Language barriers are generally temporary in nature (most immigrants eventually learn the language of the country they move to), but the resultant segregation can endure, As a result of this phenomenon, many governments around the world has made a mandatory requisite for prospective immigrants to learn their country's official language first before to move in those countries.

Different Background - Where an employee lives or has lived can contribute to cultural differences in the workplace. Many people would agree that there is a distinct difference between the employee from a small town and the employee from a large metropolis. Sydney, for example, is known for its fast pace and the hectic speed of business transactions. Conversely, an employee from a small, Cains town may not approach her job duties with the same haste as someone who is employed by the same company from a large city where there’s a sense of urgency attached to every job task.

Different Traditions and Business Etiquette –Every country follows different business etiquettes which is essential to know prior to start any business contract with new foreign country. Gestures that are common in one country, like kissing people when meet on the cheek, making eye to eye contact and shaking hands firmly, may be taken as offensive or unusual by foreign clients or business partners. It is really difficult to deal with different cultures but with adequate research and various online learning tools it has becomes so easy to deal with overseas clients now a days. For example, People who are working in a multinational company, are likely to encounter many differences, which initially they find difficult but later on they become comfortable with international business etiquette. Moreover, Canadians and Americans often use first names, even when dealing with new people while many Asian countries, they always address a person formally by adding Mr. or Ms. before their surname. So, there are multiple traditions in business which get impacted with diversity at workplace.

Legislation, codes of practice and national standards can be used to further the development of a diversity policy and then implement it in a systematic and tangible manner. It can be used to focus on cultures, beliefs and traditions and practices. This in turn will pave the way for productive diversity and it will help to develop culturally appropriate communication skills. These skills will be useful while relating to people who are from diverse backgrounds. Moreover legislation, codes of practice and national standards can be used to develop high level research and analytical skills that will be useful to review business needs and to determine how divert approaches apply under different situations and circumstances.

It is an offence in Australia to discriminate people on the basis of their age, disability,race, sex. Gender identity and sexual orientation in public life including education and employment as per -Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Sex Discrimination Act 1984. If someone believe that he has been unlawfully discriminated then he can lodge a complaint with the commission. Similarly, each state and territory has also enacted anti-discrimination legislation. Individuals can lodge complaints about discrimination, harassment and bullying at the state and territory level depending upon the circumstances of the complaint with the relevant agency in that state or territory.

Queensland has Zero tolerance Policy for bullying and harassment whether at work or in routine life.

Zero tolerance makes every business successful. This means creating an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and insights of people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation or disability. Queensland government has made strict laws to address various discrimination due to any reasons and Queenslanders have equal rights for doing business and jobs irrespective of their various diversity and follow are the legislation which government follow to control this problem.

  • Gender equity
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People with disability
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse groups
  • Young people
  • e-diverse workplaces
  • • LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer+)

Case Study Answers

Question-1 Why should ABC analyse existing practices in relation to diversity?

ABC should analyse existing practices in relation to diversity because neither company mission nor the current operational plan contains any detail for the implementation of the diversity which implies that all the benefits of the diversity that have been mentioned will not be reaped by the company so they should carefully examine their existing practices in accordance with diversity.

Question-2 Explain the benefits of diversity in ABC and how diversity relates to achievement of business objectives?

Following are the benefits of diversity in ABC: -

1) High degree of profitability: -

Representatives who communicate in various dialects or originate from abroad have exceptional aptitudes and encounters. Representatives from multiple foundations can present new arrangements and points of view that were beforehand obscure. When working with various groups, be that as it may, it is imperative to organize the representatives' government assistance through legitimate pay and human services. These guarantees representatives feel sure about the organization, paying little heed to their experiences.

2) Exchange of assortments, thoughts, and collaboration

Every individual from the group contributes various thoughts and one of a kind critical thinking viewpoint. By having numerous personalities at the table, organization workers can tackle issues all the more rapidly and proficiently.

3) Learning and development

Being presented to new societies, thoughts, and points of view can possibly change the manner in which representatives think, work together with each other, and even influence one's feelings of compassion. To be fruitful, an organization ought to endeavour to interest various populaces and situations. This social introduction considers wide-running customers and a superior open door for the organization to be effective.

4) Effective correspondence

Clients who communicate with delegates from his/her topographical zone or social childhood will cause the client to feel increasingly good with the agent and the organization itself.

5) Diverse experience

A various blend of abilities and encounters helps colleagues become progressively responsive and adjust to changing conditions without any problem.

By Following ways diversity relates to achievement of business objectives-

1) Various sentiment and viewpoints

Representatives with various foundations and encounters will unite an assortment of viewpoints, accordingly inspiring elective arrangements and approaches while talking about a point or issue. Whenever oversaw well, the qualities and best bits of knowledge of each individual can be saddled to elevate profitability and convey better outcomes.

2) Unity of assorted qualities

Decent variety likewise presents the chance to join specific qualities to the upside of the association. As each individual has various abilities and has fluctuating qualities, these can be joined for more noteworthy execution and profitability. Specialized attributes in a single individual can be merged with the administration qualities of another, and the business quality of one more.

3) The planning advantages

There is additionally a favourable functional position of having a different workforce. As people have special time responsibilities, having a changed gathering guarantees that work undertakings can be satisfied consistently throughout the year.

4) Makes organization appealing

From the commercial centre point of view, an organization that advances working environment decent variety and a comprehensive workplace adds to its appealing quality as a business. A working environment that is available to investigate new thoughts and styles is particularly engaging for the bold receptive representatives of Generation Y. If an association makes it realized that they centre around what people can bring to the table more than the up-and-comer's financial foundation, ethnicity, and so forth, they are bound to pull in various scope of candidates.

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