Cause and Effect Essay on a Co-worker

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Co-workers are defined as an individual who is associated with one another in a professional setting. Co-workers at work place influenced by different events that occurs within the organization such as socialization, shared task, and work problems. Nowadays organizations encourage their employees to be friends with their co-workers and mostly they prefer situational friendships that relationship must be related to the day-to-day organization's activities and not to the other out of an organization

An employee is a person who is hired in the organization to perform prescribed activity.

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Friend refers to an individual with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

Creating strong relationships can be an effective way to enhance overall job satisfaction and engagement at work although most professionals place clear boundaries on the extent of their working relationships and avoid becoming too close with co-workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you're thinking of creating friendships with your co-workers it may be better to consider the various pros and cons of doing so.

The following are the importance of workplace friendship at both individual and organizational levels

It creates effective communication, and the success of the organization depends on the employees' ability to communicate with one another and clients alike fostering friendships with your co-workers can offer a chance for you to develop your communication skills. if there is better communication between employees and their co-workers the work becomes simple, this is because co-workers have a tendency to help each other hence it reduces stress among employees, also apart from that an employee can express his or her fellow co-workers so that they can help him or her, by doing it reduces stress, and hence a person can feel comfortable at workplace

Increase support and cooperation, if there is support among co-workers both through words and action by defending the members when they are attacked by outsiders or when they face problems this will demonstrate loyalty among co-workers, also management emphasizes cooperation among co-workers through the formation of various groups (teamwork), Therefore there is a need to pool talents, knowledge or power in order to complete a job, in such instances, management will rely on the use of formal groups. Hence they can perform their particular task in an effective and efficient manner.

Enhancing performance and productivity, your workplace friendship may offer more trust, improved communication, enhanced collaboration, and a better rate of activities. Each of these advantages can combine to help you and your Collagenous produce higher quality work on a regular business. This is especially true in a team environment. In which co-workers on one another to achieve the objectives set out for them. Friendship can allow professionals to develop a higher level of responsibility towards one another.

Enhancing job commitment and satisfaction, if you are happy with the colleagues you interact with every day, that happiness translates to an overall improved sense of job satisfaction and commitment, having friends at work who support you enriches your experience and gives you a sense of belonging and positivity that can make for a great work environment, through encouragement confidence, trust, respect, and critical feedback among employees or co-workers who are knowledgeable and believable about what they are talking about and due to that it will lead to successful organization.

Apart from the importance of being friends at the workplace also there are adverse consequences

Risk to favoritism, the relationship between employees and coworkers can build favoritism at the workplace, especially if an employee demonstrates favoritism towards his or her friends in the sense of neglecting the needs of other workers can build a difficult work atmosphere, due to favoritism some of the employees may feel inferior rather than other, the basis on our opinion about employees being friends with their co-workers can lead to facilitate a bad feeling over the other and reduce the morale of work at workplace.

Failure to report unethical behavior and relationship between employee and co-workers lead to the increase of unethical behavior within an organization this is due to the fact that employees will have a tendency to cover up for each other hence unethical behavior such as absenteeism continue to increase within an organization hence poor performance within an organization. For instance, in the claim of sexual harassment, an employer needs this report to effect prompt and remedial action due to the relationship then slacking-off emerges.

Unhealthy competition, also due to the employee becoming a friend with his co-workers may lead to the emergence of unhealthy competition within the organization and among the individual employees for example when one employee is promoted to the highest position rather than his fellow coworkers it leads to his fellow collide to create a competitive environment so that to be promoted to the highest ranks of an organization

Therefore, sharing too much can make others undervalue your position and think less of you. Having close friends at work can make you happier, more productive, and less likely to quit. Sometimes it is nice to gain the insight of a co-worker about a personal problem. As a result, it is hard to determine where to draw the line with organizational friendships, and keep your relationship professional and neutral; you can also prevent potential accusations of harassment or inappropriate behavior.


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