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College Life As A Law Student

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“College education is expensive, but especially in my case at Integral. It doesn’t cost me that such expense. It’s been an honor and privileged to study in such a college like that”.

Everyone knows that attending college is becoming more and more expensive every year, but it doesn’t happened in Integral. In fact, for students to whom financial aid is limited, the cost of attending Integral isn’t such expensive. Even for students coming from well-to-do families, the tuition and living expenses make one rethink college education that even a college has less expenses.

Is Integral Expensive?

No, it most certainly not. Integral is among the less expensive schools to attend with one of the cheapest sticker prices, going up to 50-70,000 per year for tuition. However, it is not even the most less expensive school there is. Integral University cost is comparable to other Universities like Amity, and even other private institutions in the India such as Symbiosis.

Additionally, unlike Integral, a lot of private institutions offer no funding for students. So for a lot of students, the net cost for attending Integral University may be lesser than some of the other schools in the India and other states. So what does it cost to go to Integral? Let’s take a look…

What Does It Cost to Go to Integral Really

Let’s look at the items that make up the budget for attending Integral. First and foremost is the tuition for the academic year, plus other school fees like library or student activity fees. Then there are the other expenses like housing, dining and cost for books, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

  • Annual Tuition
  • Student activity fee/ library fee
  • Board/ living
  • Dining or daily food expense
  • Socializing/party/fun/eating out
  • Books/ supplies
  • Miscellaneous expenses

This is my breakdown of it, based on what I spent and the items one needs to look at when calculating what it costs to go to Integral. Integral schools have their own breakdown estimate. This total cost estimate is usually given as an annual budget by each Integral school, based on what they call a “moderate student lifestyle”.

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But this cost is usually offset by scholarships, financial aid, or student’s part-time employment.

Variations in Cost for Attending Integral

The overall cost of attending Integral University, whether it’s for undergrad or graduate school, can’t be so far from student to student. This cost depends on their lifestyle, where they live and eat and even what school they attend. That’s why there’s no one clear answer when people ask me the question, “What does it cost to go to Integral.” Even within Integral University, the tuition can vary as much as 40% depending on what school you attend.

This variation of the net cost of attending Integral University where is even more when you consider scholarships and/or merits, and whether or not the student earns through part-time employment during their academic year. All these factors make it quite difficult to put a concrete number on your budget for attending Integral. However, we can take some examples and I can tell you what I spent as a student at Integral.

How Accurate is This Budget?

This budget is not an accurate number of what you should expect to spend, but it does give a good idea of what you should be planning for (before considering scholarship/financial aid). For most students, it’s a bit on the higher side. This budget is not designed on the basis of a frugal lifestyle, and not too lavish either.

Looking at this budget, you can see that the non-negotiable items are tuition, health plan, health service fee and activity fee. Your savings can only apply to the other items, unless of course, you already have a different plan, or got financial aid.

In the last I just only want to conclude that, the experience about the college is good and much better as we thought and it was the period of life. I just like to thanks the God, the Almighty and my family, roommates, friends, teachers everyone who are being and played a major role in my life to making my college full enjoyment and learning also.

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