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Essays on Constitutional Laws

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Collective Agreement And Its Features

Before we go into defusing the tensions between both parties, they must first understand what a Collective Agreement is. A Collective Agreement according to the (Labour Relations and disputes act, 1975), is made (in whatever way and in whatever form) between one or more organizations...
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China Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA)

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are treaties between two or more countries to promote trade without any hindrance, and thus to ensure smooth outflow of goods and service across the countries territory. There is a long history and theory behind the formation of FTAs. One of...
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The Colonial Prerequisites Of British Constitution

As Declared by Collymore v AG, the constitution declares supremacy of the law. However, when it comes to the Caribbean, we are in a peculiar situation; our laws are transcribed from Britain. Our constitutions are model after a variant of the Westminster system maintaining colonial...
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Commercial Law And Agreements

Hire purchase agreements are agreements whereby an owner of goods allows a person, the hirer, to hire goods from him for a specified time while paying the owner in scheduled instalments. The hirer has an option to buy the goods at the end of the...
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Paris Agreement: History And Effects

Abstract Climate Change has become one of the criticalities towards the sustainability our existence, with continuous increase in carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and lack of significant targets to tackle this global problem, The purpose of this paper is to deliberate on the Paris Accord,...
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The Peculiarities And Elements Of E-Contract Law

A contract is a written or verbal agreement in which responsibilities and duties of the involved parties are mentioned. Nowadays every business works on some contracts or agreements it became a necessary part of our life. Contracts help businesses to run smoothly without having any...
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Contracting & Construction Projects: Types And Differences

A contract in relation to capital projects functions as a legally binding, enforceable, and reciprocal commitment governing the collaboration between owner and contractor (Berends, 2015; Turner, 2003). A contract should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved as well as establish a...
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Psychological Aspects Of Contract Breach

When an individual joined an association, many papers has to signed by both of the employee and company and employee create desire for each other. On the same day they are additionally shaping another contract which is not visible and does not composed any paper....
3 Pages 1336 Words

Legal Contract: Case Study Of John And Span & Spic

Introduction The concern that requires being determined in the given case study of John is an issue of consumers’ satisfaction and consumers’ well-being at the lounge of business organizations through the legal and legitimate rules and regulations at any place of this globe. As the...
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