Dire Situation of Women in Argentina

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“In 2016 alone, 254 Argentine women died from gender-based violence… that amounts to one woman killed every 34 hours” (Andres). This is called a femicide; femicide is when you target females specifically and hurt them for their gender. People in Argentina do this because there is nothing to stop them, no consequences. They say that it is allowed because the law says they can as long as the women live. We need to solve this problem in Argentina by enforcing the law so that it says you can’t injure women at all or else you will have a large possibility of jail time.

This all started because in Argentine, specifically, because the males and people who were in power at the time, treated women as if they were lesser people. So now in Argentina, people are still treating women like they are worthless and bring nothing to society, which is a violation of the human rights in their own constitution. In only the year 2015 there was a “reported 235 femicides, but only seven convictions” (Roth). This is saying that in a whole year, there are 235 different women that were abused, 235 different men abusing them, and only 7 of those men got what they deserved: to go to jail. As of now in Argentina, there are women protesting in the street wanting to get the justice that they know and do deserve for themselves and everyone affected by this. What is going on right now is a major violation of human rights everywhere and it needs to be stopped, there is no reason to be abusing women and girls.

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There needs to be a solution to this problem and the only one that women there have thought of is when they go out in the streets and protest for their rights, and it isn't effective as much as it could be. They are asking for their own rights that everybody should deserve. “They also demanded a clampdown on free lawyers for victims of domestic abuse” (Newbery). They are asking and protesting for all these things, but the problem isn't going away. There is another solution that could work and that is to change the law that says their rights. The rights that are in place now in Argentine state that “There is a 2009 law setting forth comprehensive measures to prevent and punish violence against women” (Roth). This law isn't being as effective as it needs to be, and it why we should change it to something more effective, an example is something that says, if you are to injure or kill a female, you will be punished and have a large possibility of jail time. This would prove to be very effective because in Argentine people are doing all the time because of the low consequences that they have, if you were to change that, men would stop abusing girls.

That is one idea that they could put in place in Argentina, to improve the lives of their citizens. It agrees with their beliefs, and would only need to be enforced by the officials and the government in Argentina. There are always positives to anything, and for this particular idea, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The positives are that girls will feel safe while leaving their homes, women will be able to go places without needing a man by her side and no one will feel the need to have to be cautious of everywhere they go. As it also says in an article titled ‘Argentine Movement Mobilized to Fight Violence Against Women’, by Luis Andre, “fewer than 40% of those abused sought the help of any sort. So, if the people there were to enforce this law for their citizens everyone would benefit and women especially would feel better about telling people what was going on”. The only downside to enforcing this law would be if it didn't work, in which case the girls could get even more assaulted, and it would cause an outrage again. Although as you can see, the positives are far greater than the negatives, that is why we need to put this law in place.

The state now in Argentine is unbearable, and a terrible living condition for the women specifically, and there is a way to change that. All we would need to do is enforce a law that already exists to make sure that people who are abusing women, go to jail and have consequences. The only downside to this being done is that if it doesn’t work women could be targeted even more than they were before. Although that is a possibility, there is still the high chance that it will work and then people in Argentine can feel free and not have their own Human Rights violated every day. It even says that in a survey of 59,000 people, “79 percent have been touched inappropriately on public transportation, and 20 percent have been raped” (Dolven). This is terrible for the young girls that live there also and f we are to put this law in motion than it would be so much better for the citizens. Once this law is implemented the lives of everyone in the country will be greatly increased, because they are finally getting rid of all the gender-biased abuse in Argentina.

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