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Career has two meanings. Career is mostly used to refer to a chosen profession or employment, or an occupation. Career options encompass a wide variety of occupations from those needing rigorous preparation and schooling to those you can perform with just a high school diploma, ability to learn and work ethic. A profession may mean working as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, electrician, cashier, hairstylist, cashier, teacher.

In addition, career still has a dictionary term, too. It takes into consideration the employment achievements have made in working years and how to contribute in chosen profession. The submission consists of a listing of the various employers, positions and work done over a long period of time. When seen in this way, profession takes in all the steps involved in career growth. Whereas single occupation may consist of a number of options.

Career development is essential for the implementation of career planning. It refers to a set of programs designed to match an individual’s needs, abilities and goals with current or future opportunities in the organization. It is the process through which the action plans are implemented. Developmental activities include all of the off-the-job and on-the-job training techniques (Prajapati, 2020).

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According to Board of Governors, Missouri State University (2019), career development is an ongoing process consisting of four main recurring steps self- knowledge, exploration, decision-making, and action.

In this paper has mention, being specific in choosing profession, what is employee specific goal? Be a precise as possible. Answer who, what, when, where, and why the profession is chosen. Next, make sure it can be measure. This is important to make sure employee can reach the goals. In order to measure the goals, it should be attainable and realistic. If it isn’t, it will always remain a dream. While setting high standards is important, if the standards are unrealistic, then they probably will not be achieved. Set a deadline for achieving your goal. If your goal includes steps or milestones, make a timeframe for them as well. Again, be precise. If your deadline is a vague ‘sometime in the future’, then your goal may always remain a dream.

There are ten of elements in career development, in an observation-based study by Geri Polio (2018). First of all, individual career counselling. This can help to identify and align employee’s goals within a company career path. Second, individual development plan. The individual needs an experience, learning process and career path. Third, on-going training and development. The training enhances competencies plus development to overcome deficiencies. Fourth, tuition reimbursement. The individual needs to pay for academic to be prepared. Fifth, career development workshops. The personal SWOT analysis and transferable skill inventory. Sixth, in-depth orientation program. In need to clarify expectations, company roles and cultural norms. Seventh, the annual performance review needs to do consistently conducted, behavioral focused for meaningful outcomes. Next, the career information library needs to be done for on demanding resources, easy accessibility and focused on workplace readiness. Furthermore, the coaching and mentoring to build skill needed to do the job and organizational values, belief and attitude to success. Last but not least, the succession planning program must be accomplished to build strength the workforce and reinforce contingency plans.

In my reflection on the issues is how can I start my career after graduating. I am glad that I do research in this program, so that I will looking forward in my future. Before taking degree in education art and design, I started working at the Starbucks coffee. This is established company which is I can develop my career. In this company, I learned how to develop self- improvement, doing my task according to SOP. I learned how to serve the customer, way of communication among worker and employer. Therefore, I also coach and mentor new workers and learning Starbucks culture. With our partner organizations, our coffee and our consumers at our heart, we live these ideals and build a positive organizational culture by embracing all. By seeking to be the best in all that we do, we challenge the status quo and find new ways to expand our business. Being present, being linked, being dignified and showing respect. We are success motivated by humanity. I do apply this during my practical at school in hope my future I becoming better person and keep accomplished my goal of life.

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