Essay on Organizational Structure and Design

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of organizational structure and design
  3. Organizational Design and Structure In this Discussion,
  4. Conclusion


Many people who work by themselves face many organizational issues because that person is in charge of his goal and solving the problems that make it complex to achieve this goal and decide the best decision and schedule activities in pursuit of his goal, If someone or more who want to share with him arises immediately the need of new types of decisions to make the atmosphere of the company between the people more healthy and efficiency, We must manage methods and tools that include completing that shared work in a coordinated way and effectively achieving goals, One of this creative roles is organizational structure.

The organizational structure is the general context that determines who in the organization has authority over who. Who in the organization is responsible to whom?

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Types of organizational structure and design

In many companies in the world we have two types of organizational structure;

Formal organizational structure; that reflects the formal organizational structure of the organization, in which it defines and divides business and activities, functional relationships, authority, and responsibility.

nonformal organizational structure; Which is created spontaneously as a result of the natural interaction between the individuals working in the organization.

Difference between the formal and nonformal organizational structure

  1. The informal organization consists in a spontaneous, unorganized manner through a group of people who gather at a specific location in the organization, while the formal organizational structure is formed in a planned and previously studied manner
  2. Personal relationships are the basis of the informal organizational structure, unlike the formal organizational structure that is determined by written principles and standards

Organizational Design and Structure In this Discussion,

Each organization has different types of organizational structure and design of it. For example, most of the organizations operating in the company world use one matrix, regional and project-based structure. The workgroup, design, responsibilities, and the many roles of different departments and functional members are represented by the organizational structure. Matrix organizational structure was applied so that many departments can work together closely, and different work teams can be expressed in order to accomplish the organizational objectives. In this secure, the authority was divided in terms of functional area and the project handled.

In such an organization, all the employees are responsible to their supervisor and this supervisor is responsible to his or her functional or project manager. The main responsibility of a functional manager is to look after the activities related to certain operations or functional areas for example marketing, accounts, production, supply chain, and so on. While the main responsibility of the project manager is to manage and control the several activities of a project.

Apart from all this, a horizontal structure can also be applied in the same organization which documents the immediate movement of the information in the organization in addition to a matrix structure. In matrix structures, different employees are selected based on their experience and abilities so that the efficiency of any work group can be improved, and efficiency can be enhanced. As in this structure, the employee reports directly to their functional or project managers, so this structure helps in enhancing the relationship and the communication between the manager and employees. A lot of interaction will be required between the employees and the supervisor or managers which will help in team development and so the relationship of the employees in the workplace is also enhanced.

In order to maintain and improve communication between the management and the manpower, the major role can be played by the organizational structure and design and it will improve the production and efficiency of the security. A better organizational culture and working environment can be created with the help of organizational structure which will help in enhancing production and creating a healthy business environment.


Organization design refers to the complete process of creating hierarchy in the structure of an organization and thereby determining the flow of responsibility and authority among its employees. It is also a major step toward the flow of information between the different levels of management.

A systematic operation is an integral part of an organization and Organizational structure is the key to it. Organizational structure is a hierarchy of people and their functions. The structure of an organization can be functional, organizational, divisional, and matrix, and it is shown similarly in the work culture of the organization.

Every organization needs a design and structure in order to operate systematically. Structure and design support the development of an organization while it progresses through and enhances its manpower. The structures and design may also grow over time.

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