How Does Environment Influence Personality: Essay

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SUPEREGO is part of the personality that is later developed under the influence of the social environment that the individual lives with. It contains values and ideals. Basically, up to 6 years of age, we can say that our behaviors are affected by our family members. The first years of our life are a reflection of our parent’s behavior. But what happens next?! Our personality changes over time because we change the social environment. From a small environment like home surrounded by our loved ones, we go to a bigger one like school where we do not know anybody. In order for a child's personality to develop to its full potential, they need great support.

Contact with people and activities enables us to create our personality. For example, when we enter the first class, we are dealing with more people with different personalities. Different personalities, because every family has their own kind of learning and educating their child. School teaches us to think and see things from a different perspective, in our own perspective. This is why children in school are influenced by the social environment. They are not used to dealing with strangers.

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Parents should teach their children to get along with those children who behave in the same way as them, not with the ones who are a bad influence. Because any conflict or disagreement affects their personality. At that early age, if most of the time a child sees people fighting, they tend to be violent. They tend to copy everyone and want to be like adults. But why is that? Well, children at the age of 6 to 14 are not yet very self-conscious and mature. They can not differentiate good behavior from bad one and usually, they think that in this case, fighting is a normal thing to do in everyday life. As children, they understand the world through the sense. Everything they see, and everything they hear affects them the most.

It is the social environment that teaches them to have social attitudes and interests. If we ask children, what their personality is like, they would not know how to answer, because their personality is not fully developed and of course, maybe they do not know what personality means. Anyways, they still got time to understand their behaviors and change them, because as I mentioned before, personality can change over the years due to the environment.

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