Informative Speech about Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder

Nature, or disposition and genetics, have been demonstrated to be a major factor in the development of some mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder. An individual is four to six times more likely to develop bipolar disorder if there is a family history of this illness. In recent years, biological factors have attracted more attention, with many headlines on newly discovered genes for every behavior. Therefore, nature affects behavior.

However, although the importance of genetic factors cannot be denied the development of bipolar disorder is not entirely genetic. For example, if an identical twin develops bipolar disorder, research shows the other twin only has a 50% chance of also developing this illness despite the fact that both share their genes. This exhibits that while nature plays an important role, it is not the only contributing factor.

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Key point: While nature or genetics, has proven to be an important factor in the development of bipolar disorder, the development of this condition is not entirely genetic. (Moore, 2003)

Biological Factors

The symptoms of an individual with bipolar disorder include the following.

    • People with bipolar disorder generally have problems with their moods, experiencing extreme highs and lows known as mania or hypomania, respectively.
    • An individual with bipolar disorder may also develop problems with perception and thinking such as psychosis.
    • They think of things that are not true otherwise known as delusions and hear or see things that are not physically present (hallucinations).

Getting help

Medication is a key part of staying well for many people with bipolar disorder

There is a vast number of medications that are effective for treating bipolar disorder. Some work by preventing the extreme high or lows caused by this illness, otherwise known as mood stabilizers which mostly needs to be taken daily for a long period of time.

Finding the most suitable medication for an individual with bipolar disorder may take time because different medications suit different people.

In addition, psychological treatments such as talking therapies, which help you deal with depression and provide advice on how to improve relationships have proven to be effective.

Lastly, lifestyle advice such as regular exercises, planning activities you enjoy giving you a sense of achievement, and advice on improving your diet and getting more sleep.


The likelihood that a person develops bipolar disorder partly depends on the environment (Nurture). When a genetic variant exhibits the possibility of developing bipolar disorder, this information can be implemented in directing positive behavior such that the condition may develop with less severity or not develop at all.

A neuroscientist, James Fallon, who found out he had bipolar disorder, stated that he believes growing up in a nurturing environment helped him in becoming a well-mannered adult, and this may have been effective at preventing him from fully developing the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

According to researchers at the University of Liverpool, while a family history of bipolar disorder was the second strongest predictor of mental illness, the strongest predictor was life events and experiences, such as childhood trauma. Therefore, this supports the notion that nurture also plays a significant role in the development of bipolar disorder. (Moore, 2003)

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