Language In Papua New Guinea

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A language is the method of communication which consist of a set of sounds and written symbols. It is used by the people around the world purposely for talking and writing. It makes the communication even more easier. Different countries all over the world have different languages, however in Papua New Guinea, we also have our own language or the mother tongue.

Papua New Guinea is a type of country located at the north of Australia, which is full of so many languages. Different tribes or villages in each particular province as their own language, which brings up to a total of almost eight hundred different languages. Papua New Guinea’s language make up about two-fifth of all those spoke in the world today. Although we are Papua New Guinean, but the languages make us unique in our own ways.

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However, in Papua New Guinea, each tribe have their own mother tongue and the way they belief. The mother tongue is spoken by different villages or tribes in different province, which makes their life even more easier. The mother tongue is there to make communication even more easier. However, it is also used in telling secret matters, like if they want to tell some secret which they do not want others to listen to what they are talking, then they can communicate using their mother tongue. Furthermore, mother tongues are sometimes used in ancestral worship, which is mostly communicate with the evil spirit when they are in need of something or when they are facing problem.

However, in spite of different languages, Papua New Guinea has three common different languages: English, Hiri Motu and Pidgin. The latter two somewhat based on English language. The most common or the popular language spoken by almost all Papua New Guineans is the Pidgin language. As we are going to the modern world or the information world, the mother tongue is sliding fading away and the Pidgin language is becoming the most communicable languages in our country. Currently, most of the children do not know their languages very much as compare with the past’s children. For example, most children currently living in towns or cities, most of them do not know their mother tongue very well instead they are familiar in speaking Pidgin and English. These are the main factors which result in mother tongue being fading away. Furthermore, we are trying to adapt with modern culture. One of the culture that all the Papua New Guineans are trying to adapt is the language. Mostly in urban areas, almost all the people has already practicing it.

[image: ]Papua New Guinea is Melanesian country renowned for its vast number of diverse languages. However, there is a grave risk that the majority of the languages are soon dying out, as has happened in countries such as South Africa, Ireland, Canada, China, and parts of India and the Americas. This is mostly result in a growing number of the country’s younger population speaking English as their second or even first languages. Therefore, there is a chance that these indigenous languages or the mother tongues may soon be lost as the year goes by.

Furthermore, according to a report by Paral Sampat, a research associated at the Worldwatch Institute, he said that nearly half of the world 6,800 living languages are spoken by much fewer than 2,500 people. He estimated that, at the current rate of decline, by the end of this century at least half of the world’s languages will have been forgotten and will disappear.

The wide diversity of languages in Papua New Guinea is something to be proud of as a nation, however, unless we are able to migrate and reduce the risks of extinction, we will lose a part of our identity. The ultimate and the reduce the risks of extinction, we will lose a part of our identity. The ultimate decision is in the hands of the government.

I believe that soon later, all the languages will be dying out and we will all be speaking English language only. In order to maintain our languages, we need to change our mindset with regards to educational policies and reintroduce the old system by which children use their indigenous languages or the mother tongue in the first few years of their basic education. We also need to establish effective organizations which works conserving and promoting our languages and our rich cultural diversity.

Furthermore, we must take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves fully of such history and be hold and confident in how we exert our influence in the digital era. Therefore, we must learn to take pride in our strengths and embrace the English languages, teach our own children our own native language. We must give in touch our own with native languages in order to maintain it as a proud Papua New Guinean.


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