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Lifespan Development and Personality Paper

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It is the Early Childhood. The reason why I have chosen this particular lifespan is because of its complexity and theory-based practice as well as practical to help young children get the best start in life. There are many different specialty services that all help to nourish the needs of the early childhood lifespan and this is so important for development. We gain knowledge and understanding of the developmental process and we further enhance our peripheral views of the factors that affect early childhood lifespan development and how to intervene appropriately-this is what intrigued me to choose this lifespan. I will provide an in-depth overview of the Developmental lifespan and developmental milestones of early childhood and look at the factors that affect lifespan development of the early childhood lifespan. I shall then discuss the theories of the development of the early childhood lifespan and from there I will discuss why this is important to know as health and social care professionals. We will then look at the services available to the early childhood lifespan across 5 examples which will include the public private and voluntary sector and why these are relevant and provide a brief overview of each service and how they interact with early childhood. Finally, I shall summarise what we have covered and learned about early childhood.

Early Childhood Lifespan Development is the process of natural growth and education in children. These Lifespan Developments include Physical, Emotional, Social, and Intellectual developments. It is also the concept of children progressing from one exclusive stage to another. On the other hand, Early childhood lifespan milestones are major life events in a Child`s development, that is an ability or skill children develop at a certain age or are expected to perform at that age. Like lifespan development, it includes the Physical, Emotional, Social, and Intellectual aspects.

Finally, the factors that affect development of the early childhood are problems that intervene with normal early childhood development.

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Lifespan Developments

Early childhood lifespan development is defined as the physical, Emotional, Social, and intellectual process of development between the ages of 0-8 Years of age. (FIND A BETTER DEFINITION)

Physical Developments in the Early Childhood

Enhanced Gross motor skills-these skills involve control of large muscle groups in the body to move around, for example, the muscles in the legs and back. These activities in early childhood demonstrate the development of gross motor skills, these include but are not limited to:

  • Walking.
  • Running.
  • Crawling.
  • Jumping.
  • Climbing.

Enhanced fine motor skills-these are skills that involve smaller muscle groups that require great coordination and manipulation. Some developmental examples of fine motor skills include but again not limited to:

  • Throwing a ball.
  • Catching a ball.
  • Squeezing a toy.
  • Picking up a pen.
  • Playing with Lego.

Balance and stabilization-young children in particular develop from 3 years upwards. Children can start to balance on 1 leg for about 5 seconds and learn to stabilize themselves. Some developmental examples of Balance and stabilization include:

  • Squatting.
  • Hanging.
  • Turning.
  • Twisting.
  • Stretching.

Emotional Developments in the Early Childhood

  • Increase of feelings and awareness of themselves-by at the age of 3-6 they start to develop strong emotions related to their environment such as being afraid of the dark and needing a light turned on.
  • Children around the age of 2 start to have strong feelings towards peers and other people-this can be jealous of other peers making them want to lash out.
  • Toddlers and 2-Year-olds start to become increasingly self-conscious-this can be starting to adopt feelings of shame, guilt, and pride.

Social Developments in the Early Childhood

  • Children between toddler and 2 years of age start to form relationships with their peers-an example of this would be in nursery during playtime where a child might copy another child`s action (for example picking the same color of a toy and one child throwing it in the air and the other child copies) and they laugh together through imitation of each other and shared ideas.
  • The self-control of their behavior and thoughts start to fine tune-they start to develop the ability to control bursts of tantrums by age 6 and start to develop a moral of what is right and wrong and the impact their actions and words have on peers.
  • By the ages 3-6, they start to adopt a theory of mind (ToM)(Brief explanation of the theory of mind resource)-this could be through imaginative role-play in nurseries as they explore and discover what is it like to be someone else or in their shoes.

Intellectual Developments in the Early Childhood

  • By age 2-3 Children have memorized around 40-600 words in their vocabulary.
  • Development of memory capacity-which allows them to retain more information and language (0-2 Years of age).
  • Development of the sensorimotor stage-within the first 2 years a child would fully develop reflexes and tries out new ways of play by manipulation of objects, and within this play explores trial and error learning curves-such as Lego bricks requiring certain manipulation to fit into one another.
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