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Colonization Of Space: Should Humans Colonize Mars?

The extinction of humanity is imminent, our planet is gradually becoming contaminated and slowly we are approaching the absolute end of existence, unless we expand our borders and move towards space, many scientists consider that the colonization of space is a Desirable and perhaps inevitable...
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The Peculiarities Of Space Mission To Mars

As the global population explosively grows over the past decades, the exhaustion of energy has become a hot topic among scientists. Thus, scientists started to care about the potential colonial life on another planet, the Mars. Whether there exists a biological or microbial life on...
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Should We Send Humans To Mars?

Going to Mars is a SERIOUS topic. Space experts throughout the world are debating whether or not we humans should go to Mars. We think it’s a bad idea to go to Mars. It’s very dangerous, for example, and it’s a waste of money. So,...
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Should We Colonize Mars?

I chose this topic because we had watched a video in class by Elon Musk on colonizing mars and I took an interest to it since.By the end of this you will have an idea if you think we should or should not colonize Mars....
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Insect Life On Mars

Can life really exist anywhere else in the universe other than Earth? Does this presence of life prove the existence of aliens? Till now, Mars is the only planet which has shown some kind of signs of possibility of the existence of life on it....
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The Dangers Of Mars Colonization

Mars, the fourth planet, smallest, from the Sun. Mars is named following after the Roman god Aris, god of war. Mars has a reddish color so it is commonly called the “ Red Planet” Mars is made out of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, water...
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Mars: We Are Not Ready For Colonization

‘Can I get two tickets to Mars?’ This might sound ridiculous right now, but it might be our reality in the near future. Whether humans should or should not colonize Mars is a big debate, and we should care about it because we all live...
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The Peculiarities Of Crop Cultivation On Mars

The success of humans on Mars will largely depend on the growth of plants as a food source and as such, one must determine whether this is possible given the harsh Martian environment. In this essay I will discuss the potential problems to cultivating crops...
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Human Settlement On Mars Opportunity

Going to Mars would be fun and all, but how would you feel leaving your whole entire life behind, and everyone you love. We are trying to populate Mars with humans by the year 2023 and a lot of people seem excited about it. But...
2 Pages 772 Words

The Ambition To Put A Man On Mars

Introduction The aim of this comprehensive and compiled document is to firstly, fulfill the requirements of the given brief as well as to go above and beyond. Secondly, the aim is to inform and educate individuals on surrounding matters regarding the space race in the...
4 Pages 1968 Words

The Technologies Used By NASA To Explore Mars

Abstract 20th century, our life on other planets has drastically changed we see ourselves to proceed towards reaching different planets and hold the key to discovery life outside of earth. This research paper comprises the technologies that we ever imagined it comprise of rover that...
3 Pages 1155 Words

What Is Peculiar About Journey To Mars?

When you were small, you might have dreamt of moving to Mars. You were not alone by the way. Many people shared that dream along with many international organizations such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). We...
2 Pages 1126 Words

Essential Aspects Of Manned Missions To Mars

Introduction to the NASA Mars Mission The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 under section 435 mandated NASA with partnering with an independent body in preparation for a manned mission to Mars. The duty is to assess the kind of technology...
4 Pages 2045 Words

What Will Mars Colony Look Like

Regolith Compaction According to [12], Martian colonies will be ideally constructed using primarily locally sourced materials, primarily regolith. The results presented demonstrate the viability of building material composed of compressed simulated Martian soil. It was found that Martian soil simulant Mars-1a could be directly compressed...
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The Construction Of Mars Colony

As a consolidation of renewed interest in space exploration and to a lesser degree, concerns with climate change, the proposed exploration and colonisation of Mars has produced recent technological breakthroughs within the space transport and colony construction sectors. A large portion of the body of...
3 Pages 1497 Words

The Features Of Mars Global Surveyors

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed a spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) and launched on November 7, 1996 for studying Mars’s surface. It accomplished its primary mission on January 2001 and was continuing its third mission after extension. It was working perfect for 9 years, 52...
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Is Colonising Mars A Good Idea?

Mars is a planet in our Solar System, just like Earth, Mars orbits the Sun. It’s estimated orbit speed is around 86430 km/h. It’s surface area is roughly 144798500 km2 and its mass is 6.4171×1023 kg, which is 10 times less than Earth’s mass. If...
2 Pages 910 Words

Mars Exploration: Benefits And Risks

Introduction There are both benefits and risks of exploring mars, but the risks most certainly outweigh the benefits. It would be very expensive, there are many hazardous possibilities for a human body in space, Mars could be a very unsafe planet, and the risk of...
2 Pages 930 Words

The Search For Evidence Of Life On Mars

Introduction For many years now, people have theorized how and when all life on Earth can no longer be sustained. Whether it is the theory that Earth itself will explode or that the conditions on Earth will become too extreme to support life or any...
3 Pages 1582 Words

Intellectual Property Rights On Colonization Of Mars

The Role of IP Laws in aiding Colonization of Mars The Intellectual Property Rights, as defined by the World Trade Organisation, means rights that a person has over “creations of his mind”. Thus, IP Laws ensure the protection of enforcement of these rights over one’s...
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Why Is Mars Considered To Be A Second Earth?

Mars is the next Earth. We have a lot of work to get it there, though. Mars climate is terrible and devastating. One word that describes Mars is freezing. In the summer on a warm day, the temperature may not be warmer than -20 degrees...
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The Obstacles To Overcome On Mars For Habitat

Mars can be considered the future of Earth. Humans have been slowly destroying the Earth with bad habits created over time like trash pollution and global warming. Pollution is accumulating all around the world and many things like global warming is worsening, as a result,...
5 Pages 2241 Words

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Moving To Mars

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on another planet? Well science is just starting to maybe make your dreams come true. However, there is a debate about whether or not we should colonize mars. In my opinion I believe we...
1 Page 582 Words

What Is Needed For Colonization Of Mars?

Introduction With the Earths ever expanding population, the thought of colonisation of other planets has been in the public eye for the last decade. This debate revolves around Mars, the second closest planet to Earth, where there is talk of life being able to prosper....
3 Pages 1175 Words
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