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Mars Essay Examples

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The Effects Of Aerogel On Mars' Lives

Aerogels are a type of porous solids that are mostly known for their extreme low densities. This means that because they are open-porous, they are impermeable to gas. Aerogel was created by Dr. Samuel Stephens who discovered it between 1929 and 1930 (A, 2000). Aerogels...
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The Possibility Of A Space Colony Of Mars

Earth’s future has become increasingly unstable over the course of hundreds of years, not only do we face terrorism, climate change and catastrophic events but humans could also be wiped out in an instant by a meteor collision, says Steven Hawkins (Hoare, 2019). In order...
3 Pages 1458 Words

Astronomical Research On Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is an extremely cold desert world. It is covered in rusty red, iron-rich dust which is why it’s called the “Red Planet”. Mars travels around the Sun in an oval-shaped orbit which means the planet completes...
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Should We Continue Exploring Mars?

According to (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019) Research about mars and its possible life continues as signs of water indicate form of recent lively activity. If earth suddenly becomes uninhabitable mars is the easiest planet to access and live on. (Jones, CJ 2019) appointed that Mars is...
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Is Sending Humans To Mars Necessary?

Have you ever wanted to go to a different planet? Have you ever wondered if going to a different planet is even necessary at all? Throughout the 20th century, our views of life on another planet has changed drastically. This essay will argue that a...
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The Mission Of Mars Exploration

The exploration of Mars has been a long awaited mission. The effects however have been questioned for a very long time. Through my understanding of Martian Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. It...
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