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The Cloning Of Bacteria

Enterococci are facultative anaerobic and Gram-positive bacteria often forming normal fecal flora of humans. However, these bacteria are increasingly appearing as primary pathogens among patients with compromised immune systems (Hemalatha, Bhaskaran, Sowmiya, & Anusheela Howlader, 2017). This manifestation is believed to be due to its...
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Cloning Extinct Animals And Animals For Food: For And Against

Clones are living organisms that are genetically identical to another organism. Although cloning can be seen in nature (e.g. twins and organisms that reproduce asexually), it is possible for scientists to clone animals. The personality of the clones, however, is not the same as the...
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Ethical Principles Of Organ Donation

In 1954, the first successful transplant in a human was performed (Prabhu, 2019). It was a kidney that was given from one twin to another (Prabhu, 2019). Since then, technology has branched to include lots of different procedures. With the advancement of technology comes the...
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Is Euthanasia Everybody’s Right?

INTRODUCTION Numerous discussions over euthanasia have been going since ages among wellbeing experts. Euthanasia word originates from Greek and also widely known as willful extermination which means great passing or makes a finish of life effortless, shorting life in remarkable condition. Person’s perspective toward euthanasia...
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Cloning: Pros And Cons

What is cloning? There are 3 main types of cloning (Genetics Generation, n.d), Reproductive, Gene and therapeutic cloning. Gene cloning is when a copy of DNA is inserted into a vector which is then able to be copied by the host, therapeutic cloning is when...
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The Ethics Of Euthanasia: Active And Passive Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the process of deliberately ending someone’s life in order to calm uncontrollable suffering. This usually applies to people who are in a coma or paralyzed and are on life support. Mercy killing, doctor-assisted suicide, dying with nobility, a good death, are some of...
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Argument Against Euthanasia Based On Kant Contentions

Introduction Euthanasia, a common term used for assisted death, refers to the process where a person’s life is taken so as to end their pain and suffering. The term is derived from the Greek word meaning good death (Patil, 2013). The moral consequences attached to...
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The Right To Die And Euthanasia

Imagine, you have just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. The doctor tells you that you have less than six months to live and that your time remaining will be extremely painful and you will likely encounter severe seizures and horrific bouts of daily...
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Euthanasia Extreme Question Of Moral Judgment

Imagine you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness with excruciating side effects. You are unable to eat, sleep, or walk without overwhelming pain. The doctors say you have under six months left to live and you know that you will spend that time suffering....
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